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Guest chocolate//

She's korean.

I'm sure there are some MALE celebs in hollywood o_0'

She's not Korean -_-. She's half Thai and half Hmong. Her last name is supposed to be spelt 'Xiong'.

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Oh! I know! That one girl from Disney Channel! I forgot her name =\


haha I'm so dumb. Right up there ^ Brenda X]

And I was about to put up Margaret Cho...but she's already here :]

So many asian celebs in Hollywood now! Now all there needs to be is more Asian-American singers I guess XDD Bi is making it!

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Guest My Sweet September

why are all the asian actresses/models portrayed as so...slutty? haha i dunno. just look at most of the pictures..

I think that's just the Hollywood industry in general ;)

Yay Asians.

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