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6 hours ago, /\mirmz/\ said:

Yeah Im here right now it's not really an active chatroom but it works. Plus it's just called chatroom cuz I couldn't think of a title. XD


U have YT acc?

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hewo yall im looking for some nice peeps to chat with besides mirmz and i need some funny stuff causeim going threw somethig with a boy and hes making me feel bad about myself but not the point im also lookin for song ideas i want to write a song my first one :wub: i love singing so if u have an idea tell meh 

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4 hours ago, /\mirmz/\ said:

wut no thx 


no thank u i'd perfer not to


no offense hijau 


Nope. S/he missed Sejabin i guess. 

7 minutes ago, oh-no-i-lost-him said:





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