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[Official Thread] Janice Wu Qian 吴倩


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Chinese name: 吴倩 / Wu Qian

English name: Janice Wu
Birth Date: Sept 26, 1992

Nationality: Chinese

Height: 166 cm

Weight: 45kg

Occupation: Actress, Singer


TV Dramas: 


Le Coup de Foundre

The Brightest Star In The Sky 夜空中最闪亮的星



Skate into Love 冰糖炖雪梨

Black Lighthouse 黑色灯塔



Additional Links

Janice Wu Weibo

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I'm currently watching Skate Into Love and only for her. She is such a versatile actress, and I love her readiness to look "unglamorous" if the part calls for it. I may even give Brightest Star another go just for her. 

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3 minutes ago, angelangie said:


yes when an artist do not have any idol package they always perform the best

THIS! So very much this! One thing C and K Dramas tend to have in common is promoting "pretty" over professional, and most of my faves across East Asian entertainment are those who are committed to their craft ahead of their "looks". I'm very glad that my introduction to Wu Qian was in Le Coup de Foudre which is not simply one omy favourite C Dramas, it's one of my favourite Dramas, period. 

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14 minutes ago, angelangie said:


dont go for those Rom-com that tends to have high school love....or some other romance feeling.....


if u try others like 'Under the Power' and so on....u will see more that not all are like that :)

Actually, Under the Power is on my watchlist. I mostly watch fluff these days by deliberate choice. The world is increasingly dark and miserable and fluff Dramas, when done well, can be like cotton candy. I know there are a lot of really good intense Dramas available but as I get older, I'm looking for something to unwind and relax too. Mental stimulation and emotional challenges are supplied in abundance by real life. 

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I shipped her so much with Leo Luo, they have such a great chemistry!!! We need a drama with them as the main characters until the last episode!!! 

I remembered her on My Sunshine, OMO they were so cute and lovely!!!





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