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  1. Same here. So unnecessary. It would be so much more enjoyable if they follow the book. I still am going to watch for the main leads. Skip all sub plot with the supporting couples.
  2. Ep. 26 is fantastic with the victory kiss. I read the novel and did not notice much but the drama brings out this scene perfectly. Love the main couple.
  3. So do I. I so love the written story and the leads (Zhang Xin Cheng and Wu Qian) so of course I am hooked into this comedy and a bit drama. Very impressed with the actor who plays Yu Yan. He is exactly as in the novel.
  4. ep. 7 already. Looking forward to 8 and 9. Love all characters especially Janince Wu. Badass
  5. I am only up to ep. 2 now. Wait for 3 today. So far I like it but I like the book more. Wish I have not read the book because I find the series drop a lot of what I like in the book. Tang Xue is more devil in the book. Janice Wu is once again can act.
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