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  1. You do not know how many times I have gone back and rewatch this drama again and again. Especially the last episode, honestly I watch it one everyday. So heart warming drama. I have watched every Janice Wu dramas and this drama cements her as my current most favourite actress.
  2. Thank you for creating a Janice Wu's thread. She is my only favourite actress . I watched nearly all of her dramas and she never disappoints me.
  3. Watched 35 last night. After watching the wedding and their family life, I can not help but think they are dating or else they are a really good actor and actress. What's a journey we take with Jan Mo and Qiao Yi. This is my most favourite drama of all time. Now I am going to rewatch again from the beginning.
  4. You read my mind. Thankfully, we have the main couple scenes the entire last episode. I wish they have included more thoughts of Joey from the book though. What a spoil when they add in dramatised fiction of the 2nd and 3rd couples. I would have liked them to have more screen time of Mr. F family especially his mother. I love her and Joey is lucky to have her mother and her mother-in-law.
  5. Yes, I so love love ep 35. It is the best ending of all dramas. Kudos to the whole team, Directors, script writers, actors, actress, and the whole background team. Everyone deserves 3 cheers.
  6. i think QY called her Mum Auntie is because she is so embarrassed that she just followed the others. Is it not like mother like daughter. She turns out to be like her mother in terms of fanciful acting.
  7. 100% with you. I find myself ff most of scenes that not involve Qiao Yi which I have not done prior.. so disappointed that they dramatized the story in the final from 25 onwards. I hope they do not miss out any of the married life scenario. The novel is short but very real.
  8. Am I the only one who rather see more of Qiao Yi with people close to her like her mother, her mother in law, her brother and her friend Wu Yi . Since I have read the book I just wish the drama stays close to the book rather than inventing the Wu Yi and Guan Chao love story adding the triangle Wang Wen . I am happy that they added her step father and Da Chuan . I wish they stay true to Yan Mo family which is stable and happy. Making his mother remarry does not add anything to the story. In all I am just in love with the couple Qiao Yi and Yan Mo. I am in awe of the siblings Qiao Yi and Guan Chao. I am touching of parental love Qiao Yi and her parents (mother and step father). It is a pity that they did not develop a bit more the relationship of Qiao Yi and her mother in law. And one factor that Yan Mo falls in love with her is because she is very much like his mum.
  9. Oh! my God. Episode 8 is epic. Tears and laughters at the same time. I so love Joey's family. Everybody. Mother, Step Father ( I think he should win the best step father of the world), Brother.
  10. I so love this drama. While waiting for new episodes I just rewatched again and again from 1-6 without ff . Very rare for a repeat watching. Everyone did their roles so well that I thought that they are happening in my school, my neighbourhood. So far there is no cliche normally in a drama with the very good, the very bad and the very ugly. I love all even the beautiful but snobbish Miao Miao.
  11. Oh my God. Coming 29/04 I will be watching 2 of Janice Wu dramas at the same time. Love her.
  12. I love the main couple ML and Yuan An in AOO. Looking forward to more of Wu Quian movies. After finish watching AOO I do wish that Wu Quian and Zheng Ye Cheng collaborate one again. They have chemistry and look good together.
  13. I watched all 12 eps without ff. Love love Janice Wu ever since My Sunshine. Her smile brightens up the whole screen. Now have to wait 2 weeks !.
  14. Love this drama, very fast paced. Like all 3 main characters, especially Janice Wu.
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