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  1. Oh! my God. Episode 8 is epic. Tears and laughters at the same time. I so love Joey's family. Everybody. Mother, Step Father ( I think he should win the best step father of the world), Brother.
  2. I so love this drama. While waiting for new episodes I just rewatched again and again from 1-6 without ff . Very rare for a repeat watching. Everyone did their roles so well that I thought that they are happening in my school, my neighbourhood. So far there is no cliche normally in a drama with the very good, the very bad and the very ugly. I love all even the beautiful but snobbish Miao Miao.
  3. Oh my God. Coming 29/04 I will be watching 2 of Janice Wu dramas at the same time. Love her.
  4. I love the main couple ML and Yuan An in AOO. Looking forward to more of Wu Quian movies. After finish watching AOO I do wish that Wu Quian and Zheng Ye Cheng collaborate one again. They have chemistry and look good together.
  5. I watched all 12 eps without ff. Love love Janice Wu ever since My Sunshine. Her smile brightens up the whole screen. Now have to wait 2 weeks !.
  6. Love this drama, very fast paced. Like all 3 main characters, especially Janice Wu.
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