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  1. Languages I can use to varying (diminishing) degrees English Italian Hindi Urdu German Spanish Panjabi Languages I enjoy listening to as vocal music, without significant comprehension Korean Tamizh Mandarin Cantonese Māori Latin
  2. The latest series of shots posted by Ms Shen and by her studio show the continued effort to showcase her as a poised and attractive young woman, reinforcing the message that "ALSB was then, this is now". I applaud the strategy and look forward to more images like this, but I'm still gonig to be rewatching ALSB whenever I need a cute fix
  3. I have long been of the view that having made it to the end of this one is the mark that separates the TRUE Ariel fans from the wannabes if it had been ANYONE else, I would have dropped it like it was plutonium.
  4. Ariel joins the short hair crew,and looks stunning, of course!
  5. Search using her name spelled in Hangeul, you'll get fewer misdirects.
  6. ShenYue updated her social media of her eating lols Looking at the full-size originals, the resolution suggests they were not taken on a phone, but even if they were carefully setup and professionally shot, they are SERIOUSLY cute shots. Ms Shen and her team know her audience well.
  7. I don't speak Mandarin, but am ALWAYS happy to watch and listen to Ariel in clips like this. THAT SMILE!
  8. I finished Soul Mate 20 minutes ago and now that my eyes are dry enough to see my keyboard, I just HAD TO come here and post a giant WOW! I've been wading through lots of light frothy C-Dramas recently, and dropping most. This movie was a reminder of what C-Ent can be, thanks to Ms Ma and Ms Zhou. Simply outstanding. I hope that Ms Ma can find the sort of personal fulfilment that her character Soul Mate sought.
  9. I don't know where exactly this is, but it's miserably cold and wet here right now, and her sunny smile in this bright weather is VERY appealing
  10. What a fun event, well done to everyone who actually played by the rules, and THANKS for the very unexpected generosity toward those of us who didn't!
  11. Do check out Bara No Nai Hanaya - in a quick scroll through my list of 250 completed K Dramas, I didn't see any that I recalled having a father like him. Also the central motif of the theme music, Depression of the Director, was ripped off uncredited in a YEH Drama - I heard first in  hers. :)


  12. No worries. I THOUGHT I had read the instructions carefully, but I obviously missed the "K Drama only" restriction, which was why I shared J and TW. Not the first time I've misread instructions, unlikely to be the last.
  13. I've been skimming this thread and have seen several mentions of Sung Dong Il from Reply 1988, the only one I haven't and won't watch. As much as I loved his performance as Dad in Reply 97 and 94, in both he was outstanding, my votes for Dramaland Dads goes first to this one: Bara No Nai Hanaya was a romance, and a beautiful one, but the most powerfully moving love story was between this VERY special Dad and his daughter. I can't say why without spoilers, but Dads like this one are automatically SUPER Dads in my opinion, and the bond between these two was the emotional core of the show. Dads like him do crop up in other Dramas, and are always a delight. The 2015 TW Drama Be With Me featured another Dad like this one, and while the Drama as a whole was nothing special, the relationship between that father-daughter pair was again a real highlight and provided depth and heart to the show.
  14. Yep, but she WASN'T fat, or even chubby. Just healthy and normal-looking.
  15. I've just finished Mr Fighting and it blew me away. Easily the best C Drama of the few I've watched, and her performance was an eye-opener. SoulMate up next. I just wish that Mr Fighting hadn't kept calling her character chubby and/or fat.
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