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  1. To discuss anything "healthily" is to allow an exchange of differing views. To insist that no criticism of any sort is allowed is not healthy. I have mentioned things I like about the show, and things I don't, and have been civil when doing so. That is within the rules and is an expression of free speech, the point of forums like these - until the moderators say otherwise and make a rule that says "only uncritical, gushing praise is allowed".
  2. Episode 1 was 77 minutes, every episode after that was longer than the one before, up until 10, which, mercifully, was 5 minutes shorter than 9. So I disagree that "it is not all long episodes" As you say, tvn has been doing long episodes for a long time now. The rot started around the time of Reply 97, which started at a civilised 50 minutes or so, then ended up around 75. At the time, there was no way to know that 75 minutes would feel short for a tvn episode.
  3. As one of the 6 people on the planet who can't stand Kim Soo Hyeon (as an alleged "actor", ofc, I know nothing about him as a person), the cameo left me utterly cold, coming as it did at the end of yet another stupidly overlong episode. What I did like was Se-Ri's return to shake up her "family", and especially Alberto's awesome conversation with Seo Dan. Seo Ji Hye is the reason I started this Drama, and I was worried she'd end up yet another specimen of septic second syndrome, but Alberto's "that's not love, that's obsession" bit was great, and may save her from that path. And may mean more scenes when I get to rest my FF finger from the hard work required to get through each week long episode.
  4. Five minutes shorter? WOOHOO, that's great news thanks - maybe there's a chance the Drama will end before the ACTUAL reunification after all
  5. Continuing the pattern that every single episode is longer than the one before it, it's now up to a hideous EIGHTY-NINE minutes! If they keep this up, I'm not even sure I will live long enough to see the end of the Drama. Thank the Dramagods for the FF button, which is getting worn out wading through these stupidly long episodes. It could have been a great story if only the PD didn't refuse to hire an editor.
  6. You're right, it does sound repetitive. Because it IS. There is nothing at all "weird" about her low visibility after the last Drama. She has a life, both personal and professional, and she has no obligation to meet your insistence that she should behave in a manner YOU deem appropriate or acceptable. It's your fixation, as expressed by your ad nauseam posts about it, that is weird, not her actions.
  7. I hate long Drama episodes. It's poor storytelling, displaying K Dramas contempt for the importance of editing. I hated the last 6 episodes of Misaeng for the same reason and completely avoided Reply 1988. An hour and a half is a STUPID amount of time for a Drama episode, it's lazy and greedy, just stuffing everything in without bothering to actually craft a story. The allegedly 16 episode Drama is going to have a total runtime of well over 20, nearly 24 hours, just ghastly. In contrast, most J Dramas tell complete stories in 9 hours runtime or less - SO MUCH better! The last two episodes could EASILY have been told in two hours instead of three. I'm just very glad I don't watch it streaming, so that I can fast forward - A LOT
  8. I'm terrified thinking about how long this Drama is going to be. It started at 77 minutes and each episode has been longer than the preceding one so they're now up to a stupid 86 minutes per episode and only halfway through. Keep this up and the episodes will be 2.5-hrs to 3 hrs long by the ending!
  9. Going the expanded definition you posted, "ugly past" is a very natural, idiomatic English translation. Similar phrases using "ugly" in this way (NOT referencing one individual's physical characteristics) are very, very common in L1 English. For example, given the definition you posted, references to Germany's "ugly past" would not be hard to find. "Ugly past" also avoids the possibility of "black history" being taken to refer to the history of people of African descent. "Shameful past" also fits the context.
  10. When I saw this yesterday, I thought of how sad the character in Crash Landing On You would be to know his beloved "baby Ji Woo" was having a baby herself
  11. And I suspect that may be in no small part to the (to me) initially somewhat surprising depth and strength of the two actors' offscreen bonding. Clearly they clicked VERY well, making it easier I suspect for them to sell the "it's complicated" relationship of their characters.
  12. I don't think it was ever meant to be a straightforward relationship. There are so many layers, many of which may add to or enhance the possibility that their interaction includes personal attraction. I do think it's hard to see the Drama as excluding the feeling that in addition to the teacher-pupil, eonni-dongsaeng, peer-rival elements, there's a definite personal pull too. There's definitely much more of that indefinable "spark" between them than between what might appear to be the female-male "otp"
  13. I always felt they were the OTP of the Drama, it was a real highlight for me. Someone pointed out that an openly romantic relationship would probably have been too bold to get by, but even without that constraint, I enjoyed and was impressed by the subtlety and restraint shown in depicting their relationship. I would not say "they ended up nowhere in the end", since I felt the Drama made it clear they're together forever - while leaving the nature and defintion of that "together"ness not explicitly defined.
  14. Catch the Ghost? AWFUL. whole Drama built on police incompetence AND victim blaming. UGH!:angry:

    1. JoeZee


      The absolute TRUTH! I dropped it after wasting 6 episodes!

  15. EoG was AWESOME, but let me assure you, if you made it though that one, Running Mates will be a piece of cake. MUCH lighter and more upbeat and positive in tone and theme. In fact, if you watch it straight after EoG it might even seem like a comedy in comparison.
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