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[Movie 2020] Collector 도굴 - Lee Je-Hoon, Shin Hye-Sun


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  Collector | 도굴 (盜掘

Korean Movie


Genre: Crime Caper

Release Date: November 2020 !!

Runtime: n/a

Crank-In Date: July, 2019


Director: Park Jung-Bae (박정배)

Produced by: Siren Pictures (싸이런픽쳐스)

Distributed by: CJ Entertainment (CJ엔터테인먼트)





Lee Je-Hoon : 강동구 (Kang Dong-Goo)

Shin Hye-Sun : 세희 (Se-Hee)

Cho Woo-Jin : Dr. Jones

Im Won-Hee : 삽다리 ('shoveler')


천재 도굴꾼 강동구 (이제훈)가 전국의 전문가들과 함께
Genius Tomb-Robber Kang Dong-Goo (LJH) together with Korea's top pros
땅 속에 숨어있는 유물을 파헤치며 판을 벌이는 이야기
Their exciting story of digging for ancient relics hidden under-ground





Lee Je Hoon, Shin Hye Sun, And More To Reportedly Star In New Crime Film



Lee Je Hoon and Shin Hye Sun may be uniting for a new film!


On May 8, industry representatives reported that Lee Je Hoon and Shin Hye Sun, along with Jo Woo JinIm Won Hee, Heo Sung Tae, and Joo Jin Mo, have been cast in the film “Tomb Robbery” (literal title) and are currently reviewing the details.


“Tomb Robbery” is a crime/heist film revolving around a grave robbery in the city. It will be produced by Siren Pictures, which produced “The Fortress,” and directed by Park Jung Bae.


Lee Je Hoon reportedly decided on “Tomb Robbery” as his next project after the cancellation of his previously scheduled film “Volcano.”


“Tomb Robbery” will begin filming at the end of July after finalizing the cast.










Sounds like LJH has confirmed. Does that qualify for a new thread?



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Notice letter of 'Collector' movie shooting during July 9-10.

** Movie title changed from 'Tomb Robbery' to 'Collector'  (but it's still a working title).




source :  @judi.daily  IG


On July 16th ,  from sunnyj806 (SHS's manager) IG story.


It looks like SHS already started shooting.  At the top of the dispenser it says "Movie Collector”)




The same day,  Lee Jae Hoon was spotted.

(source :  @ga._.heeeee  IG)


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Lee Jae Hoon was spotted today.

The IG owner said today the movie '도굴' (Tomb Robbery) was shot at a casino.  He looks so thin.

And many comments said about the hot weather. 

(original IG was deleted after few hours , so I replaced with photos from alternate source instead).


However,  no sign of SHS :sweatingbullets:





Why this IG said this photo was shot by Lee Joon-Hyuk (who played in 'Secret Forest') .

Is he also in this movie ? :blink:



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Another IG from film shooting since Jun 28  (I guess that they had some ceremony before start shooting).











On Jul 9


(Original IG was deleted later by owner, but I've already saved the pics :P).







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2019-11-17  wrap-up and year-end party of 'Collector' Team.
















I think some scenes from the movie were shown in the party.




From @sunnyj806 IG





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@immorethant Thank you for the still cut shots released!


Lots more pics and details here!



@bebebisous33 and mods, thanks for opening the thread again. :)



Tues Oct 6, 11AM KST, there will be an online press-conference for official release announcement of movie Collector in November!





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The director busy fan-boying Shin Hye-Sun. Smiled only when watching SHS act, and was teased for only smiliing when talking about her during the press conference too. :)



LJH&SHS met as SBS 2018 award ceremony co-MC's, and SHS pursued LJH's casual good bye comment about 'see you again' and ended up getting the role - of course she was director's first choice for her role.


And last but not least

first 20-second trailer can be seen here.



With Subs :)



영화 도굴 (Movie Do-Gul, 'Collector')

천재 도굴꾼 강동구 (이제훈)가 전국의 전문가들과 함께
Genius Tomb-Robber Kang Dong-Goo (LJH) together with Korea's top pros
땅 속에 숨어있는 유물을 파헤치며 판을 벌이는 이야기
Their exciting story of digging for ancient relics hidden under-ground.

제공/배급 CJ Entertainment (Distributed by)
제작      Siren Pictures (Produced by)

ljh: 조선왕조 최고의 보물을 ...
     Jo-Seon dynasty's finest treasures

ljh: 아무한테나 맡길 수는 없잖아요?
     We can't be trusting to the care of just anybody, can we?

???: 이거 어서나왔어요?
     Where did this come from?

ljh: 고향 물어보는거 실례인데
     It's not polite to be asking my birthplace.

shs: 언제부터에요 이쪽 일은?
     Since when, this line of work?

ljh: 대한민국에서 내 짐 마련의 꿈을 이룰 수 없다는 걸
     알게 된 순간부터?
     My dream of setting up my own house here
     ... that I can't realize it in Republic of Korea
     ... from that moment?

서울 강남 한복판 ( Smack in the middle of Seoul Gang-Nam district )

지하에서 펼쳐지는 ( The Unfolding Underground )

도굴의 세계!       ( World of Tomb-Robbery! )


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