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[Official Thread] Irene Song YiRen [宋伊人]

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On 3/7/2020 at 11:01 AM, angelangie said:

Thanks to @n3bula for it is a great achievement when the writer of the book acknowledge how you portray one of his main character in the book



She really portrays Sang Sang very well...

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Dear angelangie,


Wow! I couldn't expect that you will update me about the latest show of Ireine Song. Thank you so much!


As a I am the spokesperson of our group, I really appreciate your good thoughts with your updates.


Ireine Song, so far is our only likeable Chinese actress. Although, we knew that there are many other Chinese actresses out there, but we are not familiar or don't know them. We can only like very few of them, which we based on performances and acting capabilities.

Being new to the Chinese dramas, we just want to take our time in knowing other celebrities. 


For us, the smiles of Ireine Song on the wide screen projected so much of the youthful innocence and a sincere heart which we longed for, from amongst our younger generations. 


In addition, as what I have written to you before - our hearts always sympathize with Ireine Song, especially we read negative comments or insults about her physical looks and other matters. The fans of Dylan Wang, so it seems are the culprits on this most of the insults. Having worked with the American and Canadian lawyers for many years, it seems that my mind always go with those who were bullied . .


We have liked your Facebook page and thank you for the beautiful pictures. . I can't imagine how busy you are, my dear lady.


Again, our sincerest gratitude. Thank you very kindly.


Take care. Be safe.


Best regards from Canada

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On 4/27/2020 at 10:04 AM, angelangie said:

YiRen in one of the live streams


Hello DiRen,

Hi and hello. I wonder if you can read my messages here as you had a Twitter account - which I don't have.
I want to tell you how grateful we are here in Canada for your dedicated support with Ireine Song, especially as she was paired with your favourite actor, Dylan Wang. 
- We only knew Dylan from the Season 2 of Ever Night as this drama series was our first Chinese epic and fantasy drama that we have ever watched. And of course, we felt an affinity with Ireine Song - The province in Canada where she grew up is quite near to our place. She was raised in Montreal, the French-speaking province of Canada; so she could be fluent in both English and French languages. 
- In addition, Diren - I see that you are a great fan of Dylan and Ireine and as much I admired angelangie of Soompi Forums, I have also a deep admiration for you as I could sense your rational and objective mind in following Dylan and Ireine. I saw your posts of the different actors and actresses being paired with Dylan and Ireine. So, it means that you have an open mind to let your your favourite actor and actress to move forward in their career and not to limit themselves to be identified with one actor or actress only.
- For at the end of the day, a "loveteam" can either destroy or kill one's acting ability in show business, as it limits one personality to only one celebrity.
- Most of the writings of the fans of Dylan in other sites - revealed their insecurities, immature and childish minds in insulting Ireine - on her physical looks - quoting strongly - as an actress not worthy to be paired with Dylan as they prefer the other actress which they liked most. I could never imagine that Asian fans could be very fanatic on this loveteam, whereas the western audiences are more focused on the acting capabilities of the showbiz personalities. 
Lastly,  thank you so much for sharing with us the beautiful and charming pictures of Ireine Song . .
As we are new in Chinese dramas, she's the only one whom we liked. Her pure and radiant smiles and a sincere heart captured our hearts. 
Thank you and thank you so much. Consider me as your new follower - based on your post here at soompi - with angelangie. 
Take care and be safe. 
Kindest regards from Canada 
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Our dearest angelangie,


Thank you for your prompt response. I really appreciate your time in writing to me, for which I shared your good thoughts with my close associates and with my family, too.


You're so generous of your words towards Ireine Song. Thank you very kindly. As what I have written in other and several forums, acting is not based on a handsome or pretty face; real acting should be a complete re-creation of the perfect emotions that should be portrayed in a given role. It seems that  Ireine Song has been doing a lot of dramas of different roles, paired with good looking, taller actors. As it is said in the showbiz industry: "let the unknown actor be paired with a great and popular actress, so this actor will be known". 


Anyway, please take extra care of your health there. Good health is a true wealth. You really need to take enough rest to recharge your energy as I can imagine how busy you are . . . Collecting pictures of celebrities and posting them all over demands time and a mental energy to write about them. In this challenging times of our lives, you really need to guard and preserve your health. 


Again, thank you so much for being a good and a considerate friend for all of us here. Our countless gratitude . . 


We keep supporting Ireine Song; as she represents those other and ordinary ladies - who strives for their personal aspirations of their lives. 


Take extra care and be well soon. 


Kindest regards from Canada

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Hello angelangie,


Wow! You're so fast in replying now. I really appreciate your thoughts.


Your Mom is right to monitor you; she's just lucky to have a very productive daughter like you . . 


Thank you for your suggestions on other Chinese actress or other C-drama; however, I don't think my associates and I will have enough time to watch other c-dramas or go with another Chinese actress. My accounting work with the American and Canadian lawyers are more than enough to take my time and I am doing also doing work, especially on summer time - as a community work for the Miss Canada's Top Choice Council on their beauty pageants project - in search of Miss Canada's candidate - if she will win - she will be on the road to compete with the Miss Universe Canada. 


And since, it is the start of summer season here in Canada, we are fully involve with badminton, tennis tournaments - with other Canadian Accountants . .  and other sports activities like biking, hiking and swimming . .


We really try to be active and productive as time goes by - 


Ireine Song, so it seems, is our Chinese actress to watch, so far and will just follow her past and future drama series or shows. 


We have even to open a subscription with Netflix last week - just to have a full access on the episodes of the "Prince of Tennis" where Ireine Song is a female lead and the other good looking actor. As most of us are playing tennis here - so it means that this Prince of Tennis drama series - of its 40 episodes - is another series which we all become fascinated with. 


In addition, I am very careful and picky when it come to Chinese actor or actress to like - we just want to have an actress who could be a "Role Model" for our younger generation . . . and whom we can relate our ordinary lives. As such, an actor and an actress who has a public image should always try to live an upright and a life of dignity since many people looked up at them. 


Lastly, my passion and interests lies on outdoor and indoor gardening - so I have to open my little garden here - for the perennials and seasonal plants of Canada - and this one way to relieve my stresses from work. 


And I do a lot of writings too - for other blogs on Social Sciences - I used to be a Feature Editor of our school's news magazine while I am in college . . . 


So, with all these busy activities and schedule coming on our way - we could only maintain our interest in a very few Chinese celebrities. And we will only limit ourselves with Ireine Song and her shows and series . .  And whoever guy will pursue her later, loving her as what she is - we can only wish for her the best . . . 


Anyway, please continue to take care of your health there . .  Have a good and a restful night. Take care.



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On 6/17/2020 at 2:37 PM, angelangie said:

Song YiRen new Webmovie


Wow! We all look forward - with excitement for this upcoming webmovie of Ireine Song! 


Thank you so much for sharing this update. 


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Wow, my dear angelangie, I am so excited with this good news about the Ever Night 2; surprised and happy . . ! 


You see, a close friend from Germany is right after all; two months ago, she told me that there are who does not like Ever Night 2 because of some changes in casting roles or changes in characterizations - that later this drama series will become a classic and will be missed by many people who focused more on its story lines - rather than on the physical or material look of the performers here. 


Now, I shared your happy news to all of my other foreign-friends who have watched this series and even shared this link on Facebook and in YouTube - so as to promote your page and to let those who have a harsh words towards Ireine Song - for a deeper realization that the actress that they belittled is a cornerstone in one's acting career. (The stone which the builders rejected become a cornerstone).


I have an American friend, a lady and a Spanish friend, a guy who kept writing and replying for those Dyshen fans who cannot move on - as they continue their tirade against Ireine Song. My friends who are not used to the mentality of Asian fans on loveteam can present their sides in a very logical and rational manner - that for those who read their words - they will be embarrased. The more they will lambasted Ireine Song, the more fans will be drawn to Ireine. 

I am doing the same way with them too. For after all, if we kept silent with all their insulting words towards Ireine Song - their negative attitudes and immature minds will not be corrected. Once we tolerated any negative thoughts - they will presume that they are correct as nobody contradicts them in an objective manner. (For evil to spread, let good people do nothing.)


Anyway, thank you so much for updating me. My apology that I write quite late here - as I was relocated for another new work. I am now working with a new set of American and Canadian lawyers . . .


I hope you will have time to relay to this "Diren of Twitter" our sincerest appreciation for all her efforts in supporting Ireine Song and all those handsome actors being paired with her. Diren has a logical mind, just like you - you all both happy whoever is being paired with Ireine Song and to support her acting career - and this is the most noble and logical thing to do - to be happy when one is moving on. 


I hope you're feeling well now and is up and away . .  I can imagine your family as a lucky one to have a daughter like you - one who is supportive and kind and who is always productive.


Thank you so much. Take care of yourself and God bless. Be well and be safe. 





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Dear angelangie,


A good day there. I always presumed that it is daytime in your local area when you're reading my messages for you. 


I hope you don't mind, may I know what country are you based? If this is too much a personal question for you, just leave it unanswered. That's fine with me. 


Thank you for your continuous updates about our Song Yiren. She seems to be always on the go - moving forward on different roles of a variety of dramas and also - she's into sort of modelling and endorsement of commercial products. She's so active on her career and I am just wondering about those actors paired with her before - if they are also busy filming or if their career are in hiatus period.


I am still busy here - reporting to about 12 different American and Canadian lawyers for their accounting reports . .  However, I still want to find some time reading your updates and also to do some replies to those pathetic Dyshen fans who it seems are still in the habit to write insulting comments against Ireine Song  . . I only selected whom to reply, answering them in a polite manner - but writing words with some lines - for them to realize some important facts and truths.


I pray that you're doing well and fine and that you're completely up and busy (of course). Your Mom is a good mother - to take care of you there.  


My other foreign friends and I are still hoping for Ireine Song to be involved in another historical or fantasy drama series. We liked her more in ancient historical series - for we believe that the role on such roles created more emotions and empathy compared to these modern drama - where actors and actresses just do come cute scenes and their pathetic fans will scream to high heavens - which I can see amongst these Dyshen fans - who cannot distinguish the reality as that of fantasy. These fans are more on "eye candy" actors and actresses. 


I still kept listening to the various OST of Ever Night - I listened to it every night before I go to sleep; my friends and I can say that the best Chinese OST that we ever heard are with Ever Night. Their lyrics and melodies are gentle, yet emotionally penetrating music which completely suited to the storylines of Ever Night. 


This Diren - your friend at Twitter seems to be so active in her support for Dylan Wang and Ireine Song and for other new actress being paired with Dylan. I could say Diren has a logical and rational mind, like you - who can move forward easily and can adjust and accept changes as they come. For a good fan can only be happy when the career of their favourite celebrities are improving. 


Anyway, I hope all is going well with you and with your so-busy writings here at Soompi. 


Again, thank you so much for your sharing. Till then and take care of yourself. 




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