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  1. @UnniSarah hello chingu. Yes it always best to have the same cast for all seasons. Even so, imo Didi did great as NQ he truly became the character. The best part of this season was NingSang! I finally saw NQ as being in love with SS unlike S1. My faves which are FuZi, JunMo, Chao and brothers/sisters were good too. I tried focusing on the positive here. Lol. I've been thinking about this and even if the original cast was still there s2 would have still been what it is now. If Arthur stayed his dad surely would have kept providing great cinematography etc (He was an investor for s1 from what I hear). So that would be an improvement from this s2. However, the biggest problem here is the script. They wasted too much time on boring characters. Worst problem was they didn't know how to write Tian Nu in. They kept contradicting themselves saying SS/Tian Nu are one and also saying the opposite. So general audience saw them as two separate characters not one. So, even if the original cast was in s2 the overall result would be the same. The story was going to be told this way regardless of who the actors were. I give credit to all the new cast who did their best. They simply acted according to the script they were given. They shouldn't be blamed for it. Yes, you know I'm a fan of Didi/YiRen so I will support everything they do. I will appreciate their hard work and excellent acting skills. These two made me cry with their heartbreaking scenes. Watching them act is worth it. I'll ignore the rest haha.
  2. I agree. Production has been slacking lol. Yeah my poor baby said she was freezing in an interview. YiRen is awesome!
  3. I know right?. Our SS is the most beautiful.
  4. It has always remained in top 10 since its premiere. Good to see it went back up.
  5. Wait and see till the end to see what happens. YiRen is still there as Sang Sang. NingSang wise s2 is way better. There was hardly any Sang Sang in s1. Battle scenes starting around ep 30 are pretty cool. Plus from ep 27 or 28 up to episode 36 the few scenes that Haotian has are all with Sang Sang there as well. I can't imagine anyone else as Sang Sang other than SYR. Wait till the end to see if they replaced her or not.
  6. Well the preview for episode 43 is out. It is not from the last page in the novel. So we have to wait and see how they do it. If we go just based on that preview they did not cover the entire novel in s2. There may be a possibility of a s3. There are only 43 episodes in s2. Let's wait and see.
  7. Good to know you're enjoying s2. Yes Didi and YiRen's chemistry makes the NingSang love story believable.
  8. @angelangie yes I saw that and I'm very happy about it.
  9. Hello. So I guess it's impossible for people not to compare S1 to s2. Still I think if one keeps comparing it then you can't enjoy s2. I'm actually enjoying s2 very much. S2 started with a more relaxed NQ who isn't seeking revenge. It's concentrating more on NQ'S love for SS and finding a cure. So in my opinion NQ character is at a different stage of his life now. In my opinion Dylan is doing very well as NQ. He has the acting skills and look to play the role of NQ. Hope people can give him a chance instead of just comparing him to Arthur. Each actor has their own strength. To me Dylan transformed into NQ. This season is much better NingSang wise. I always felt that s1 failed to show the love between NingSang. Yes they had cute moments but I never felt the chemistry was right. Still I always rooted for them because it's NingSang my OTP. The chemistry between YiRen and Dylan is awesome. I can feel the deep love between the characters. I'm so happy that they have so many sweet loving scenes. I especially love the emotional scenes between them. When they found out SS's true identity I could feel their pain. They made me cry. I'm just amazed at how well they act out these scenes. The way they look at each other has me . As an excellent actress Song YiRen is shining with her role of SS. Then again she has since s1 just that she didn't have as much scenes then. Super excited to continue seeing NingSang's journey together. I will definitely need tissue for upcoming scenes. I'll continue to cheer for s2 and it's new actors.