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[Movie 2020] The Man Standing Next 남산의 부장들


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December 24, 2019


THE MAN STANDING NEXT Special Flyer Revealed


Source: Showbox via OSEN ++




The special flyer consists of the international poster featuring the overwhelming aura of Lee Byung Hun on one side and on the back showing the figures of the four key characters of the movie.


This limited edition leaflet is expected to be a rare print for audience watching the movie when it opens in January next year.





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December 26, 2019


THE MAN STANDING NEXT Character Posters Released


Source: Naver







movie1.gif Watch the TMSN interview on New Late Night E News Episode 139 feat. Lee Byung Hun, Kwak Do Won and Lee Hee Jun with English subs



HERE, starting at 43:00 time-mark


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December 29, 2019


Actor of Perfect Form - Lee Byung Hun 


Comments from the film director and fellow actors on Lee Byung Hun  (A translation)



Director Woo Min Ho:  “It is difficult to imagine the detailed intricacies of how actor Lee Byung Hun can continue to suppress and cover the feelings that overwhelmed an individual. “


Gwak Do Wan: “I wonder if it is the actor I dream of in my head?”


Lee Hee Joon:  “It is really what I cannot achieve; I had truly desire to learn how to do that so I have observed meticulously.   Even when I do not have to be in front of the camera, that spirit invigorats me through and through.” 


Lee Sung Min:  “Is he not the the most amazing in the world? “ 


Source:  http://tieba.baidu.com/p/6408063448




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It's almost January 2020 but no release date have been set for TMSN. It's probably around the second half of the month from the looks of it. While we wait for the info, here's an update on twitter (thanks to @AlatusDeus) about the TMSN Live Chat on January 17 plus more images released today via Naver news.






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The tank on the road.


Is it CGI or the real thing?


2/11 tp






South Korea’s submission to the 93rd Academy Awards’

best international feature film category 2021



남산의부장들 Chiefs Of Namsan

2 2 F e b r u a r y 2 0 2 0





56th Baeksang Arts Awards (2020.06.05)

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun

Technical Award (Makeup): Kim Seo Hee

25th Chunsa Film Arts Awards (2020.06.19)

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun 

Best Supporting Actor: Lee Sung Min

29th Buil Film Awards (2020.10.22)

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun

Best Supporting Actor: Lee Hee Jun

14th Asian Film Awards (2020.10.28)

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun

40th Korean Association Of Film Critics Awards (2020.11.11)

Best Film 2020

Best Actor: Lee Byung Hun

Top 10 movies by the Korean Film Critics Association




Korean Box Office


2020.01.22 THE MAN STANDING NEXT Opened at Number 1

Korean Box Office with 257,000 Audience Admission! 

Over 1 million tickets were sold in the first 3 days since the release.

Accumulated audience admission: 4,750,170 (₩41.2 billion)

Nationwide movie screenings were subsequently halted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.




International Trailer













2019.12.03 Dictator’s assassination, volcanic eruptions coming to big screens soon [X]

2019.12.12 Actor Lee Byung-hun confident with his new film 'The Man Standing Next' [X]
2019.12.13 ‘The Man Standing Next’ tells the story behind the death of Park Chung Hee [X]

2020.01.17 Lee Byung-hun talks about playing controversial president’s assassin [X]

2020.10.21 South Korea submits ‘The Man Standing Next’ for 2021 Oscars [X]



Ratings & Reviews


Naver Movie 

Audience Rating: naver_r1.jpg

Media / Critic Rating: naver_r2.jpg


2020.01.17 'The Man Standing Next' chronicles 1979 presidential assassination (Yonhap)

2020.01.17 'The Man Standing Next' dramatizes assassination of Korean dictator (The Korea Times)

2020.01.22 Not surprising that the engine driving 'The Man Standing Next'

is the performances of its superb actors (Koreanfilm.org)


Related Links






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             hny2.gifHAPPY NEW YEAR 2020

                               from mouse1.jpg

             THE MAN STANDING NEXT  hny2.gif


Source: Showbox


Celebrating the New Year and win a movie ticket!

Write anecdotes or thoughts related to THE MAN STANDING NEXT in the comment section within 22 characters!


Source: Showbox
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January 2, 2020


THE MAN STANDING NEXT Confirms Release on January 22


Source: Naver News ++ (Google-gist)




The movie 'The Man Standing Next' (also known as 'Chiefs Of Namsan)' will be released on Wednesday, January 22nd to meet the New Year's holiday moviegoers. In addition to the release announcement, a whisper poster has been released showing the people directly involved in the 1979 presidential assassination.


Shown on the poster, from the left, Kwak Sang Chun (Lee Hee Jun) whispering to Cheong Wa Dae's President Park (Lee Sung Min) who listens to this seriously giving out a unique aura. On the far right, Park Yong Gak (Kwak Do Won), the former chief information officer and whistleblower, is also telling Kim Kyu Pyeong (Lee Byung Hun) something who is deliberating between truth and falsehood, stares at the camera.



Another version of TMSN poster spotted and shared by @wisecrack07 on twitter
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January 2, 2020


Lee Byung Hun and Kwak Do Won to participate in Lotte Cinema Live Chat


Source: Newsis



Photo: Lotte Culture Works


The stars of the film THE MAN STANDING NEXT (Chiefs of Namsan) will meet the audience.


Actors Lee Byung Hun and Kwak Do Won will participate in the Lotte Cinema 'Live Chat' to be held at the Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul on the 17th. At the upcoming event, various filming stories, including behind-the-scenes will be shared with the audience.


The Live chat will be broadcast live at five theaters including Lotte World, Lotte Cinema Gwangbok, Daejeon Central, Dongseong-ro, Suwan and Suwon. The live streaming will also be broadcast in real time through KakaoTalk Shop (#), Daum App TV tab, and Kakao TV Lotte Cinema Channel.


Bookings to join the live chat is scheduled to open on the 3rd. Participants will receive a code to access the live chat chatroom when they enter the theater. 


Source: Showbox




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The Man Standing Next Behind-the-scenes Video (no subs)


Published on January 7, 2020 by HanCinema



Showbiz Korea: English-subbed

Lee Byung-hun's 'The Man Standing Next' Press Conference

Published on December 27, 2019 by ARIRANG K-POP



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January 6, 2020




Source: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 ++







Thanks to ㅅㄹㅎㄱㅎㅈㅅㅇ @lOxOla










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January 9, 2020


Even without a hit, studios are still spending big: Local blockbusters struggle to profit but expect more in 2020


Source: INSIDE Korea JoongAng Daily


Clockwise from top are scenes from new films coming up in 2020: the local sci-fi blockbuster “Seobok,” musical film “Hero,” drama film “The Man Standing Next” and comedy “Secret Zoo.” [CJ ENTERTAINMENT, SHOWBOX, ACEMAKER MOVIE WORKS]

The centennial of Korean cinema turned out to be a record-setting year, with 220 million movie tickets sold in 2019. While many local film distributors see the growing numbers as a sign that the industry is growing, the reality is that the business continues to struggle to make a profit at the box office.


For instance, “Ashfall,” which was released in December, raised eyebrows months before its release due to its immense production cost of 26 billion won ($22.4 million). In order for the film to reach its break-even point, it needed to sell 7.3 million tickets.


As of Tuesday, the film has sold 7.6 million admissions on its 20th day of release, but judging from slowing ticket sales and the upcoming release of films such as “Dolittle” and “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker,” this week, it seems the film will have trouble reaping a significant profit.


Over the past few years industry experts have seen a jump in the number of local big-budget films being made. According to an annual report released by the Korean Film Council, in 2018, the average production cost of 40 commercial films that qualify as big-budget films (costing over 3 billion won to make) was 7.9 billion won, an increase of 7.8 percent compared to 2017.


However, the estimated profit made from those 40 films was found to be a deficit of 17.3 percent, a sharp decline compared to the year before when it reached a surplus of 18 percent. This was the first deficit recorded since 2012, and experts say that the primary cause lies in the lack of popularity of big-budget movies.


Nevertheless, a slew of expensive films of various genres are on the docket and already generating a buzz, as studios hope to attract audiences with star-studded casts and advanced visual effects (VFX) technology.


One of the most anticipated projects of the year is the tentatively titled “Seungriho.” The film is the first local large-scale sci-fi movie and is reported to have cost 24 billion won to make. Director Jo Sung-hee, who achieved success for his 2012 romantic fantasy film “A Werewolf Boy,” and actor Song Joong-ki reunited for the film seven years after last working together.


Actor Kim Tae-ri will also appear in the film playing the lead role of a spaceship captain. Actor Yoo Hae-jin plays a robot, and his character is the first robot made through motion capture technology used in a local film. The character is being animated by VFX house Dexter Studios, who also created the effects in the “Along with the Gods” series (2017/2018) and “Ashfall.”


“Seobok” by director Lee Yong-ju is about a former agent from the information bureau (played by Gong Yoo) who is on the brink of death. He eventually meets the world’s first human clone named Seobok (played by Park Bo-gum) to learn the secret to eternal life. The film is said to have cost 16 billion won to make.


Another highly-anticipated title is director Yeon Sang-ho’s “The Peninsula,” which will take audiences to a world four years after the zombie apocalypse that erupted in “Train to Busan” (2016). The movie stars Kang Dong-won, whose character is on a mission to fight off the powerful zombies.



On a slightly different note, the film “Emergency Announcement” (tentatively titled) by director Han Jae-rim is set on an airplane on alert due to a viral epidemic happening outside. The 15-billion-won film stars the duo from “Joint Security Area” (2000) - actors Song Kang-ho and Lee Byung-hun - playing characters working together to survive.


Stories related to North Korea are still a popular theme in the local film industry. The director of “The Berlin File” (2012), Ryu Seung-wan, is returning to the big screen through “Mogadishu,” which is based on a true story of workers from North and South Korean Embassies escaping the Somalia civil war in the 1990s. A cast of veteran actors including Zo In-sung, Kim Yoon-suk and Huh Joon-ho will appear in the film, which cost 15 billion won to make.


“Summit: Steel Rain” by director Yang Woo-suk places the three leaders of the United States, North and South Korea in jeopardy when they are trapped in a North Korean nuclear submarine. Actor Jung Woo-sung, who portrayed a North Korean spy agent in “Steel Rain” (2017) plays the South Korean president in this film, and Kwak Do-won plays a North Korean secondary leader who leads a military coup. The North leader is featured by Yoo Yeon-seok.


Many renowned directors are also expected to make a comeback this year. Director Lee Joon-ik, who was behind the black-and-white film “Dongju: The Portrait of a Poet,” is back with black-and-white film “Jasaneobo” based on a historical figure Jeong Yak-jeon (1758-1816), who is a scholar from the Joseon Dynasty (1319-1910). “Jasaneobo” is the marine biology book that the scholar researched for and wrote during his 14-year-exile.


The film goes on to describe how the renowned scholar (played by actor Seol Kyung-gu) writes the book along with the help of a local peasant named Chang-dae (played by Byun Yo-han).


Director Yim Soon-rye is the first female director to work on a blockbuster worth more than10 billion won with her upcoming film “Bargain” (tentatively titled). Actors Hwang Jung-min and Hyun Bin will take on the roles of a diplomat and a National Intelligence Service agent on a rescue mission to save a Korean kidnapped in the Middle East.


Director Yoon Jae-kyun is behind the first local musical film “Hero” about the independence activist Ahn Jung-geun (1879-1910). Actor Jung Sung-hwa, who’s played Ahn on stage since 2009, will play the lead role.


BY NA WON-JEONG, KANG HYE-RAN AND LEE JAE-LIM [lee.jaelim@joongang.co.kr]



Source: Showbox


The bosses are cool
CHIEF OF NAMSAN Gallery Open! 
#Unreleased cuts available only in gallery

https://bit.ly/37LEkyU right now!




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January 11, 2020


Behind the scenes video of “The Man Standing Next”  (a translation of the video from Chinese.  My apologies for any misinterpretation) 




WMH = Director Woo MIn Ho
LBH = Lee Byung Hun,   Kim Kyu Pyeong
LHJ = Lee Hee Joon

GDW = Gwak Do Wan

LSH = Lee Sung Min 

KCS = Kim Choong Sik ?  (the original writer)


WMH:  “The Man Standing Next”  recounted pressing stories 40 days before the 1979 assassination. Why could people only shoot at the President?  This was how the movie began.


LBH:  There was the  presidential assassination in 1979 and this movie was based on this incident: 


LHJ: I could not forget the day I received the script for the first time. I remembered reading the script in my room and I was beside myself with excitement.  I then went out to the living room and kept on gulping water.   


LSM:  It is like making a thick soup in a jar


GDW: It was an interesting book that I read in college. A story which I dearly would like to perform. However, because the story is so explosive, it is not a work that can be easily shot.


KCS:   Excluding the Namsan Ministers of the Korean Central Intelligence Agency as not part of South Korea is unreasonable.  Not writing about them is a dereliction of duty.  As a journalist of the era, you must have a sense of mission. You must write it down.


LBH:  It is today,


GDW:  I am interested to find out the message of a live audience ? 


LBH:  There is no bias on any one side.  The movie is based upon the records and testimony of the original work 


GDW: A lot of effort was made to have a neutral audience, and to shoot calmly.   Although the content of the side stories are numerous, there are many dramatic flashes. 


LBH:  Using telephoto lens to show subtle conflicts and emotions,  is this not the charm of the movie?  The psychological changes in the characters during the 40 days, I think, should be accurately captured. 


WMH:  I wanted to control the tone of this movie as much as possible  to have the retro feel of the 70s. 


Mr. Cho, Artistic Director:    In fact, from the perspective of the story, it is inevitable that Washington D.C. in the US and Paris, France will allow people to be immersed in that era because they retain a lot of space of that era,  especially in front of the  statue in the Lincoln Memorial and the US Capitol. 


WMH:  An important event  happened in Paris, France.  Place Vendôme is a very gorgeous square.  Trying to obtain permission to shoot was a bit tricky.  We were told that we were the first Korean film company to shoot.  Therefore, even if we were to take one shot,  we have do an excellent job.  In particular,   a lot of thought has been put on art and scenery materials.


Mr. Cho:  Scenes from the Blue House are the most frequent, I want to show the dividing line of the upper echelon of people in power.  The space of Kim Gyu Pyeong, although small seems very bright because the wall is made of marble. That pattern is like Kim Gyu Peong’s heart. The situation in  Gung Jeong Dong is like it is now.  It showed that the shooting was performed just like the actual space.  We have reseached a lot of material based on true  stories.


LHJ:  What makes this film meaningful to you is the ability to look back again on the past and modern history that we have forgotten.


GDW:   I would nod my head as I watch the movie. 


LSM:   I think it is fun to watch this  movie.


LBH:  “The Man Standing Next” will be released soon. I hope everyone will look forward to it.  Thank you. 


Source:  https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/Iog74aJ2O?fid=1034:4457817508085811


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Source: CINE21


The new film by Director Woo Min-ho from Inside Men.

This film is a reconstruction of the October 26 incident in which the former chief information officer Kim Jae-gyu assassinated former President Park Chung-hee. Following the 40 days before the incident, Park shows the relationship between the two.










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