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[Drama 2018] Matrimonial Chaos / The Best Divorce, 최고의 이혼

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9 hours ago, maryclaude said:

I can’t believe how underrated this drama is. This is undoubtedly the best drama of the year for me. Very heartwarming and has a very good message not only for couples but also for those who are single.


The cast are perfect- I have always loved Cha Tae Hyun and his top notch acting but man, Bae Doo Na had me on this one. How can I relate to a married-turned-divorced woman when I’ve always been single? It’s because of her natural yet great acting. And the supporting actors and actresses did just as well. I can’t even imagine anyone else playing Yoo Young or Jang Hyun or Halmeoni or even the parents! It just shows, nothing beats a drama by seasoned actors who care less about their looks and more about the portrayal of their characters. 


I wish for more shows like this in the future!


I know, right? The actors were so good so you get attached to all the characters in one way or another. It was also very realist in terms in feelings, situations, and looks too. Plus, it got better as the episodes went by, which is rare in KDrama land.


I just finished watching it all and I am so sad it's over. I could have done with one or two episodes.


More thoughts later... I need to think a bit about it and rewatch some scenes I really liked.


But one moment I particularly liked/which touched me:

- What Halmeoni says when SM is scared that she might die: your favorite color crayons are always the ones to be used and done first. I dunno why it got to me... perhaps because it's a simple image that we can all relate to? It was just an easy and simple way to explain the death of a loved one.

(It also made me think because when my fav crayons are almost finished, when they have become small, I stop using them so that I can keep them longer.....)

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Truelly satisfied with the ending. This is a gem of a drama. The characters the writing, the pacing, the way it was shot...

So many things to love about this drama: it's so relatable, no airy fairy nonsense, felt like proper human relationships.

Really enjoyed watching the mum's, halmoni included given advice to their kids, they from different eras but, call as it is even down their own relationships, and I like how they advised them not force them on a particular path.  Plus loved the honest conversations that occurred. Ah man and that train platform kiss just melted my heart. So many other things to comment on but I'll leave it here for now. 

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