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  1. Ah I just watched the finale and it was so unexpected but so good! Episode 15 was also really good (that whispering scene was just so awesome!!! Loved it!) @Fabbo - I also really wish we could have a season 2... oh well... I guess all good things must come to an end. I still need to prepare my class for tomorrow so I will write more tomorrow.
  2. "Moonlighting" used to be meta like that all the time; loved that show so much because of it. It was hilarious. Totally agree! I also like that they are saying you should love someone for who they are and not try to change them. You are with them because you like who they are, not what they should and could be. I totally love The Yeller (Yeah I don't think we know his name) and how he subtly makes EJ smile. The hug scene was so cute; both in teh way he was saying it and with the kids afterwards. He is just so weird that it's fun to watch how he interacts with EJ. The bip-bip bus scene was fun too; ha ha! I look forward to seeing them spend more time together. The whole EJ story is so touching and so well done/written. It is not over the top, as in overly melo. Just touching. The looking at the photos and then crying by the bed; it was so subtle and yet powerful. How you can miss someone so much. Of all the shows I am watching, this has become the best and the one I am the most attached to. I do not want it to end! I really hope we'll get a season 2 though with those ratings..... *sigh*
  3. Another one: Jin Joo doing research for different therapies, thus writing Eun Jung's story and her seeing a psychologist to help with mourning. ETA: Last night's episode is full of it, especially the massage chair PPL It was hilarious! JaeHoon coming up with this ridiculous scenario about how to show the massage chair, BeomSoo pointing out he is a genius, JaeHoon asking if he is going to write it then, BeomSoo saying that they just showed it! Ha ha ha... I also really liked BeomSoo telling him to stop with the PPL (when giving JinJoo sthg to drink) - I could feel us all there, when the PPL become too much... So in love with this show!
  4. Ha ha ha! I loved it! No but frankly, the whole discussion about farts was a great way to talk about love and intimacy. I particularly liked the different visions: intercepting farts (so she will never fart), caring as a result of sudden farts, learning to accept what makes you unconfortable, etc. For the people who liked Soon Seok-koo, I highly recommend "Matrimonial Chaos" - and for all viewers of this show as well a it bears many similarities, albeit in a different period in life (after dating, once you get married). @chickfactor - I am not watching this show on viki and the songs were not replaced! (I am boycotting them as they are starting to use automatic translation - they have replaced the French subs of some shows with their own autogenerated ones and are asking the translators to re-go over them and correct them!) ETA: Oh and I think they are writing/working on the very drama we are watching, making even more meta! Hence, for example, So-Min will not have to act because she is the same as the character in the script because she is her! Also, did you notice that the set director was basically showing us the furniture that appears in "Be Melo"? It made me laugh that he asks to start anew as the flamboyant character that she is would never choose such boring pieces of furniture, though she actually does!! ha ha!
  5. “I Wanna Hear Your Song” Cast Picks 4 Must-Watch Scenes From Drama TV/Film Sep 14, 2019 by M. Dang The stars of KBS’s “I Wanna Hear Your Song” selected their favorite scenes from the drama as it nears its conclusion! After the broadcast of the drama’s 24th episode last week, “I Wanna Hear Your Song” is barreling through its second half as the mysteries begin to come together and the relationships grow deeper. The main cast ⁠— Yeon Woo Jin, gugudan’s Kim Sejeong, Song Jae Rim, and T-ara’s Jiyeon ⁠— reflected on the developments thus far and shared their picks for the best scenes. Rest of the article: http://www.soompi.com/article/1352426wpp/i-wanna-hear-your-song-cast-picks-4-must-watch-scenes-from-drama
  6. Yes! So looking forward to it!! Ah though I catwh a lot of them, totally missed that one. Thank you for pointing it out
  7. Like I said, I do not think NJW killed KI but it is a bit more complicated in the case of creepy guy... he has a lot to lose at this point. Dunno... I also really like him and especially the moments he has with his grandmother. I actually have been thinking about this as well lately, hence why I brought up Yoon last time. She is awfully protective of NJW and seems to be able to go quite far for the orchestra. She is also very clever in terms of positioning herself with the chairwoman, etc. I do not want her to be the culprit but I am still puzzled by her investment in NJW and the orchestra.
  8. Really you think so? Like I said, I think his character is lacking in terms of development as we've got very little about his life before... What I assumed made him a bit dark was his guilt that is consuming him for not having been there for his brother. We saw how hurt he is when he cried for not being able to get the money to get the info he needed to find out what happened. But rest assured since he does apologize in the last episode about that to HYY! I think we are missing a lot of things about him: - how was his childhood? I guess it must have been hard since he was a TA in economics though he plays the piano so well. Did his father prevent him from playing after his mother left? Did he have to follow his father's dream for him? - what happened in that year between his death and when he approached HYY? - why did he not pick up when KI called him? Now more comments about the new episode... I am starting to doubt that NJW is a good guy... I do think he is in some way, especially since we get a lot of scenes with the grandmother so the writers are making sure we get to see his human/tormented side... and yet... I actually think that he might not have killed KI, but he probably killed Y, no? He totally knew that JY was following him when he went to see Prof Kang and set up the conversation in such a way that JY would think Prof is responsible. He seemed so creepy when facing HYY at the end... I do not have a good feeling about it all... I am worried about HEJ who is too clever for her own good... She managed to put the pieces well together! Yep, I think we can all agree to that, no?
  9. That is what I said he probably left sthg there, if she goes and asks for the record, she'll find it. I do think he had respect for her and her family. He did find the way he was treated by them remarquable so... I also think he respects how naive she is in relation to all the others who are backstabbing each other. As for Y being the one who called, I wondered about this because then we see him in a car with Professor Kang - wasn't it implied that it could not be him? Gosh, they are really going tomake us wait till the last episode it seems.... at least give us proper romance now that they know HYY did not kill KI!!
  10. Same here... despite last night's episode, I still think he is not that bad. Also, who is this Y that called him? Have we seen any reference to that person before? Is it Yoon? Yeah last episode's was frustrating because we get a bit more information but not enough to move forward... I am glad to hear that HYY is not the killer but it's not like we did not see that coming either... So I guess that creepy guy is dead, she need to realize she needs to find what he has left behind for her... is it at the flower shop? at the bar in his favorite record he used to listen to with his mother? Also, what was that thing with the flowers that he left for NJW?...
  11. @chickfactor I am like you, I love this show, but so sad it is not getting the recognition it deserves... It is so funny at times, and so sad at others. I just identotfy with each character in some ways and I totally feel for them. Ha Yoon for instance and her slow descent into hell; it is portrayed so humanly... Eun Jeong is also the most interesting to me just because she is so strong and assertive and yet she cannot move past her sorrow. I like how she is slowly evolving and moving forward though. I am also particularly interested in her brother and cannot wait to hear more about his story. It seems we might get a bit of that this week, no? Jin Joo and Beom Soo - Ha ha ha! They crack me up. I totally love them and one of the main reasons is that they do not try to change each other. They accept each other's weird habits and go with it. They are so refreshing and fun to watch. Jin Joo - the actress has a special place in my heart. I first saw her in the movie Han Gong-ju which totally shocked and moved me. It is a hard movie to recommend really but it is so important as well. In any case, I am impressed by her comedic abilities - she makes me laugh. I could totally relate to the lying down moments! I am a professor and I need to write quite a lot and at times, it just does not come and you just do not know what to do with yourself... Other aspects of the show I love - the little references to all these shows and movies. Totally LMAOed with the Reply series reference and the goat sound!!! LOVED IT!
  12. Jaerim is probably the one who told her to go for it, he is crazy like that It seemed surprised by her force though! Ha ha! I liked that scene and the fact that you could see the redness afterward, it was real, not some bad looking makeup.
  13. I am around but not much to add to what I said above... I was a bit disappointed with the last two episodes, it is starting to drag. I do hope we'll get more answers tomorrow and Tuesday. It really needs to pick up IMO. I really want to see the scene we see in the preview, when she is hesitation out JY's door and he comes then. He he... It looks like it is going to be cute, him teasing her, etc.
  14. As someone who has bad ankles, I sympathize with HYY and her inability to run. Sometimes when I run, I feel a sharp pain in one of my ankles, and frankly running on it after just hurts a lot. Hence the not standing again to run... Anyway, I have finally watched the last two episodes and here are my thoughts: - So Professor Kang used NJW to laundry money and that is what he has on Conductor Nam to control him. Did KI also laundry money for them?... - I guess KI had info about that and thus Professor Kang had to intervine. However I do not think they intend to kill KI; they might have wanted to scare him, get the info he had on them, and perhaps ask for a ramson to his father. But because NJW went there to save HYY, things got messy and KI died. - I also was curious about what KI wanted to tell KYY - I love you? I am in trouble? I did bad things that I am trying to make right? I am an undercover cop? Ha ha... This show has me making wild suppositions... I agree that JY is sometimes creepy. But to be honest, I think it is more due to acting issues than the actual character. I don't blame Yeon Woo-jin at all, I think at this stage it is more issues with the script and how the story is evolving, that is super slow. The pace is starting to become a problem for me. They keep pilling up possibilities and suppositions but it is all going nowhere since they are not giving us enough concrete things to move forward. They also need to devite time to the side stories as well... The cousin and her blind date story disappeared and suddenly reappear now. What was that thing he gave her, that program he supposedly developped for autistic kids? I am still very perplexed by the Kang brothers' father - what is his deal? He cleary knows that creepy guy... why? from where? Why the hell did he try to hide the fact that KI was killed but not having an autopsy and cremating the body right away and NOW trying to infiltrate the orchestra? Makes no sense to me...
  15. I have been wondering about this too, mainly because if I want JY and HYY to end up together, I kinda not want her to have been with Kim Ian... I actually wonder if the photo book is perhaps a clue as to where to find the info? Perhaps Kim Ian knew this might happen to him and then left clues? Yeah, I know, thi smight be a bit far-fetched... But like you, it seems weird that he seemed to have been so in love when no one around HYY knew about them. I know it was recent but she seems to be the type of person to go all in and would have told at least her friend and her cousin about him. Any ideas anyone? He he... Let's hope we get at least some of the parts revealed before the last episode........
  16. That is interesting because now I think he might have been a good guy... After having elaborated this whole theory about him being a bad one, I am coming back on my words. Ha ha... I dunno to be honest whether he is good or bad but he definitely had something in his possession that made other bad people want to kill him. Here is what I think: perhaps he had a list of people having given money in order to join the university and orchestra? They have made a point to show us the complexities behind who gets what based on who they are and how much money they have lately. The 'we' is the rich people who pay their way into the prestigious music institutions and the 'they', the ones who have talent but who are put aside because they are no-ones. I also agree NJW is not bad. I think he is part of the 'they', the poor people who are controlled by their lack of money and pride. I think he accepted sthg or decided to remain silent and got a nice position out of it... His pride... that is one thing his gradnmother kept insisting on so I guess that is the main factor for his role in the whole mess. I am still confused about the father... It seems he is trying to gather info about the organization but why now? I like all this music talk! Thank you @Shine Son and @nohamahamoud2002 for all the info.
  17. Hey Guys! Been watching this, and lurking here. I like reading all your theories Here is mine: What if Kim Ian is not the nice and good person that we think he is?... Let me explain: first, I thought that the orchestra had organized it because Ian Kim was menacing it, perhaps revealing the extent of its corruption. Hence the involvment of the chief Kang (the creppy guy who had diner with JY's father and Yoon is the last episode). They all planned to kill him. That is Maestro Nam followed them when he heard that he had left with YY. That would make sense in the light of what Mrs. Yoon said to the painist who got fired, that they had been in the red for a while now, etc. ButI also wondered then, why would JY's father try to kill the case then? Why did he not ask for an autopsy, why did he cremate Kim Ian's body so quickly... Hence I started thinking that perhaps the organization of the murder is the same, but perhaps for a different reason... I am not sure I fully understand you here. I had assumed that he has kept here around to passively protect her, that is try to prevent her to remember. He and she too alluded to their long lasting relationship so I do think he cares about her. No? We need more information on his and Kim Ian's relationship!
  18. Hello! I am just a lurker here but I have to say something here because I was surprised to read your comment about the picture... I think she asks for him to turn the photo out of embarassement as they were having sex and there was the kid staring at them. It actually made me laugh a lot, in a good way. Like you are getting it on with your man and oops there is a photo of his kid and suddenly you feel like you are doing sthg you should not. I do not think she was ashamed of falling in love with him, I mean we have seen how involved she has become with Eun-U. I was also a bit taken aback when she accepted the ring but when she explained, I could see where she was coming from. I think she does feel bad because she knows she is responsible for his misery. Like she said, she thought of throwing it at his face but why be cruel to him and humiliate him more? I am not sure it was the right thing to do considering how he is insisting so much, etc. but I can also see how awful she must be feeling.
  19. Short trousers has been in for a while now (to my delight since I am super tall so it was always hard to find long enough pants, ha ha!) but rest assured, he is probably wearing socks for the really short ones that you do not see
  20. I was actually wondering if he isn't already; meaning that he might have been in the past? I get the feeling that there is more to TaMi being resistant to Morgan than just having worked a lot, etc. I think sthg might have happened in the past, something that made her build walls around her. Perhaps LDW's character is linked to that? So Hey! I am new to this thread! Been watching since week 1 and really like it. I saw some comments by Koreans posted here and one of them said that it was both unrealistic and realistic. I guess that is what I like: it is unrealistic and over the top at times but it keeps it entertaining; and it is realistic and some parts really touches me. Like the bag/status discussion TaMi had with ARa (what her English name again?); the showing weaknesses in love at its beginning; the life choices one makes and its consequences; etc. One thing I also really like is the cinematography. The way some scenes are shot are really fascinating and breathtaking. The angles of some shots, just wow! Of course I love the thing TaMi and Morgan have going on. It is so HOT! He he... That said, I totally understand why she is resisting him: first, the age difference. It's never easy. Second, he is no saint like some of you just said, and that is scary. Hence my thinking sthg might have happened to her in the past... Third, well, teasing is fun too
  21. Oh I have a lot of catching up to do as it is now on Netflix!! Yay!
  22. I like it a lot but only watched the two first episodes... The subs I found are dreadfull so it's hard to focus. Thank god I speak a bit of Korean otherwise it would be hell. Love the male lead. I mean I am watching this for him but his acting is strong and his character is intriguing. I have many questions regarding his past and ability too.
  23. Ah I was so looking forward to this, but I could not find any subbed version...
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