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[variety] Yashimmanman 야심만만

Guest mireille

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Guest key_2_the_light

i can't wait untill the ysmm fro this weeks!! its just tomorrow!! (but someone has to dowload it asf. for me to see it....) anyways, i want to see it!!! dbsk <3!!!! ^^

yunho, yoochun, and changmin are going to come out!! yay!! lol :lol:

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Guest moGu moGu

im new to this thread and i'ved never watched this show before hope it will be as entertaining as the other variety shows that i'ved watched

the thread is very well organised

and thank you very much for the links and subs

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Guest berry45

i knew it!!!! i knew dbsk was coming on this week

i saw like the preview of it on xmen yesterday...which is kinda weird

cuz they never show previews of other shows on xmen... anyway

I GOT SOOO EXCITED!!!! then i checked the thread and its airing today!!!!

I CANT WAIT!!!! does anyone have a hq link yet??????????????????

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Guest tualekzze

wow subbing team


can i ask a question ??

what episode u will sub it ??

since what ??

thanks for answer it ^^

oops so sorry i just saw it in last page :sweatingbullets:

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Guest Aikiraat

Creidesca's Clubbox has today's episode. I'm downloading it right now and as soon as it's finished I'll upload it onto Megaupload for those who can't use Clubbox. I'm also currently uploading episode 169 to Megaupload an episode I'm currently timing.

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Guest tringo

Hi people! Wow, your're taking up to sub this show! I recently realised that x-man wasn't as fun as it used to be and was a bit sad that so few episodes of YSMM had been translated. And what do I see! a subbing team :D

The thing is that I got YSMM subtitles translated by a Rxgoodleaf, think I found them here, but I'm not sure... ...So I'm not sure about if it's all right for you to put them up here?

These episodes:












I also managed after long time to find high quality (700mb) for almost every one of these 11 episodes (one is about 300mb) if there is a clubbox someone want me to upload to...(not really sure how to do, but I have a clubbox account thanks to the great walkthru here at soompi:) )


Hope I can help a little ;)

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Guest hyeminnie

i have 20 minutes to go!!!!!

i'll be back with spoilers~~~ but most of us know what happens

EDIT: I WILL UPLOAD ON SENDSPACE since i'm uploading for a friend...

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Guest hyeminnie

SEND SPACE LINK http://www.sendspace.com/file/q94vbu

wow... changmin's stories were sooo funny...

i'm sure everyone knows about the porn story (which got #1 and his mom was there...), but he was talking about how he had dandruff and if he meets a girl he likes, he'll always check if he had dandruff...

ha ha and yunho's story about how he has a big chest and he wanted to get a shot for like hormones or something...

and the story about how changmin and yoochun was sick and jj was with micky and micky said some last words and changmin called jj and said he was sick and jj said hey, yoochun's dying...

and micky's story about not being with his brother was so sad.

v sure

jj and yoochun were downloading music, but they didn't know how to so they went to changmin cuz he knows how to and then he said i don't know cuz i just watched porn... and then after changmin finished talking, the host said that CM's mom was there and how she should know what CM was doing... and then he got first and kang ho dong was like he got first by watching porn....and she said 'you have to watch good things.'

i'm working on yoochun's last story, too. sooo funny

"changmin was sick and since we didn't call him, he sent us letter saying 'this is too much....how could you do this...your dongsaeng is sick and you're like this...' then changmin got upset. then jj was going to a driving lesson with his parents and the next day, my body was hurting and since the next time he could get his licence is in 2007, i thought it would be better to go. then i looked at my notes and my fever went up and i dropped my notes... and jj was driving and his father thought they had to take me to the hospital. then he had this "i can't leave my dongsaeng alone" look and i was feeling guilty cuz he might fail cuz he was here and before i went to sleep, i held out my hand tiredly and said" you have to pass the test" and then fell asleep... and then CM and JJ talked and CM said 'i'm sick' and JJ's like "HEY, YOOCHUN'S DYING"

for anyone who's subbing this ep, feel free to use my translations~~

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Thanks 4 the trans and thanks 4 the link!

I saw this live.. I found it funny even tho i disnt know what they were sayin!!

Wakakakakaakakak JJ said Micky was dyin sooooooooo funny!!! Hahahaha!

:lol: Minnie dandruff is natural alot of people have it!!

Poor Micky i was upset seein him cry! I knew he was talkin about his brother tho :(

Sorry 2 be a pain but can u tell us abit more about Changmin and his porn? Like what Micky was sayin about him coz Micky was actin him out on the PC typin right?? What was bein said then and what did him mom say??


LOL ''I dont know i just finished watchin porn''.. :lol: Hahahahahahahaha

How funny was that??


Wakakakakakakakakaka the Micky story was funny! And our Jaejoong comes up with funny things!!

Thanks 4 the trans!! :D

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Guest Dahee Fanel

Ya Shim Man Man (10206) DBSK, Kang Ta & No Sa Yeon (LQ)

Ya Shim Man Man Episode 41 (20031208) Bi, Kim Sun Ah, Cha Tae Hyun & Kim Ji Young Part 2 SOFTSUBS (HQ)

Ya Shim Man Man Episode 114 (20050530) Only You Special (HQ)

Ya Shim Man Man (060522) Seol Woon Do, Park Gun Hyung, Kang Eun Bi, Cult Two & Lee Jin Sung (HQ)

Ya Shim Man Man Episode 148 (013006) Kim Soo Ro, Lee Byung Jin & Shim Eun Jin Part 2 & Kim Sun Ah/Hwang Jung Min Memories Special (HQ)

Ya Shim Man Man (03132006) Shin Dong Yup, Lee Hyori, Hyun Young, Lee Hye Young & Park Jun Gyu Part 1 (HQ)



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Guest litt0piggy

wow so neat and organized way easier to find and read the thread. now i can find all the episodes without having to look through every single pages. thank you and great idea on starting a new one! i can't wait for the episode with KIM JONG MIN because he always talk so funny! great job!

EDit: i was wondering now that i went though the whole first page. is it me or is the SECOND PART MISSING?

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