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[Drama 2017-2018] Two Cops 투깝스

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[Soompi news] https://www.soompi.com/2017/10/13/jo-jung-suk-girls-day-hyeri-attend-first-script-reading-new-mbc-drama/




Jo Jung Suk And Girl’s Day’s Hyeri Attend Their First Script Reading For New MBC Drama


MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Two Cops” (tentative title) dropped photos of the cast and crew at their first script reading.

The jaw-dropping cast includes Jo Jung Suk, Girl’s Day’s Hyeri, Hoya, Kim Seon Ho, Lee Shi Un, and more.


The read-through was held last September at the MBC building in Ilsan. Before the reading began, the director Oh Hyun Jong expressed his excitement, saying, “I’m curious and excited about how the actors will realistically portray their characters. I’ll make an effort to make it an enjoyable experience.”

Following him, actor Jo Jung Suk said, “I’ll do my best to make this into a drama that is bubbly like my [acting] partner Hyeri.” Hyeri stated, “I’m very happy to be acting with an awesome script and awesome seniors. I’ll work hard.”


As soon as the script reading officially begin, the actors immersed into their roles so faithfully that even the production team was surprised. Furthermore, the harmony and teamwork of the actors during the four hours of reading made it seem as if the episodes were coming to life. Jo Jung Suk impressed everyone with his flawless double role, and Hyeri transformed completely into her strong, easy-going character.


“Two Cops” is a drama about a swindler who ends up in the body of a detective (both played by Jo Jung Suk) teaming up with a reporter (played by Hyeri) to solve various cases. It will air in November after the end of “20th Century Boy And Girl.”


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