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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2017-2018] Two Cops 투깝스

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My humble translation of today’s news on Two Cops and Hyeri.


[News] 171114 OSEN update : Getting off work after office hours? No way! A day in the busy life of  Hyeri, the journalist. 

In the trailer of MBC’s drama "투깝스" (script 변상순 / director 오현종), of Hyeri which saw a 200 % increase in the number of views, the sight of reporter SongJiAn (Hyeri) has caught the attention of many. So what is the life of a correspondent reporter in South Korea like? 

So here, we bring to you a report on the 24hr daily life of SongJiAn. 


◇ 9.00am in the morning. Usual morning meeting in the office. So what will she be assigned to cover today?


This morning, as usual, she opened the door gently and walked into the meeting room filled with her colleagues and seniors with great anticipation for the day’s work. She has an air of professionalism about her. At the same time, she is feminine and pretty. The cases that came out yesterday evening will be up for distribution among them for their exclusive coverage. In a short while, we see written on her face, an unbending desire and strong will to get the most difficult and interesting case to cover. We are pleasantly surprised by the dynamism and persistence she puts on for her mission.


◇ 1:30 pm in the afternoon. Off to the police station press room! She will do an exclusive coverage!


She is a person of unusual tenacity who, for the sake of carrying out her mission, will camp out at police stations to get the most important scoops. Today is no exception. She’s here at the police station to be the first to sniff out the latest scoop. Looking at her, you can smell an extraordinary event has come up.


◇ Night: Oh, what a day! Today, like all other days, has been a grueling day!


Having run around various crime scenes and the police station the whole day, she looks physically exhausted as she gets off work. This is a typical busy day for her - it starts predictably at 9am in the morning but ends at an unpredictable and often ungodly hour at the end of the day. Seeing the image of spent SongJiAn after a hard earned work day strikes a chord with us working folks. This depicts the daily drudgery of a working person. 


In this way, Hyeri will portray the realistic image of SongJiAn, a social activist and reporter who runs for exclusive coverage day and night as her work mission. Please stay engaged with SongJiAn and cheer for her as we encounter together with her the bizarre and interesting things in the journey of her life in TwoCops. 


Meanwhile, TwoCops will air on 27 November 10:00 pm kst, after 20th Century Boys and Girls.


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In above news, we learn of the great working relationship between the two talented actors JoJungSuk and KimSeonHo. They have established a tacit understanding of each other. The two have been creating their own more vivid and interesting lines. They have constantly exchange views, and have added their own witty and humorous twists to many scenes and moments in the drama. Their witty and fun-loving nature has made the atmosphere a lot more fun!


Aww...I really love these two actors!!!


Separately, the official poster is out! 




I can already see that the drama is going to be really fun!


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A slightly different version of the 3rd teaser posted by Director of Two Cops:








Cr: withMBC

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Below is my translation of an extract from today’s report that accompanied the latest still cuts.


During the filming, JJS first approached the child actor in advance before the shooting of the actual scene to allow the child to quickly adapt himself to the unfamiliar scenes and to ease tensions. He even made jokes to entertain the child so as to make the filming experience an enjoyable one for the child, behaving like a true blue 'professional uncle'. Sure enough, the child actor immediately warmed up to him and trusted and followed him, and afterwards the filming was smoothly and beautifully executed. 

Such is the fine person in actor JJS who is leading the filming in a warm atmosphere filled with joy. He not only looks handsome; he has a perfectly handsome personality as well. He is not only an actor with excellent acting skills; he is also warm and considerate. With great chemistry with of all his co-cast and the production crew, he has helped everyone to film the drama happily.
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My translation of today’s news. 




[News] What does a day in the life of liar GongSuChang look like? 


The released still cuts tell the story of the daily life of swindler GongSuChang (KimSeonHo) in the drama "TwoCops”, MBC’s new drama that will air this winter season; a drama that will bring much warmth and happiness to the audience in the upcoming weeks every Monday and Tuesday. 


The character GongSuChang in the drama is one born with eloquence, an agile mind, and an appearance that makes you smile  (:D me: meaning he is a funny guy) - such is the charm he has that will captivate your heart. 


In the still cuts, you see his delightful expression after defrauding someone in his typical “SuChang’s” style. It looks like he’s got his prey perfectly in hand and we are curious and excited to see how he goes about his lying business. Like his “victims”, you will also be hopelessly taken by his charms and you will find it difficult to hate him. 


Looking at the wallet, he reveals his shamelessness as a liar. The next moment, we see an innocent face and we forget that in reality, he’s a liar.


In this way, GongSuChang will be presented to us and we will see his courage and his warm hearted nature beneath the liar facade. We will come to appreciate his gift of eloquence and his passionate smile will drive us crazy.


In order to show the charm of GongSuChang, KimSeonHo has painstakingly put in great efforts to realistically bring this character to life and to shape him in the best possible way.


Not only that, both KimSeonHo and JoJungSuk are working in tandem to present this character GongSuChang as his spirit is in the form of two physical persons - ChaDongTak and GongSuChang, making GongSuChang a central and important character in the drama.


Meanwhile, TwoCops is a fantasy drama about the romance between ChaDongTak, a violent crimes police detective and SongJiAn, a social affairs correspondent reporter which will premiere on Monday, November 27, 10pm kst. 


Original Report by:



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