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[Drama 2017] Byun Hyuk’s Love, 변혁의 사랑


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22 minutes ago, allmylife00 said:


BTS Part 1] Byun Hyuk's Love - First Reading Script (Choi Siwon, Kang Sora, Gong Myung)

cre PaBo


Looks like the cast is having fun during script reading. And Siwon is in his goofy mode. :lol:

Sora is just......smooth operator! :D




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Siwon & Kang So Ra square off in a part-time job battle in new teaser for 'Revolutionary Love'!

Super Junior's Siwon and Kang So Ra squared off in a battle of the part-time workers!



The new teaser for tvN's upcoming Sat-Sun drama 'Revolutionary Love' had Kang So Ra, a goddess of part-time jobs, facing off against Siwon, a completely useless rookie. While Kang So Ra draws applause from grocery shoppers for building a huge display from cans, Siwon wreaks havoc on the site of a parking part-time job, getting no cars parked and just performing in front of female customers. 
'Revolutionary Love' (also 'Byun Hyuk's Love'), about youths who fight against societal struggles in the work force, premieres on October 14 at 9PM KST!y
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The artist and the dancer please the crowds for tvN’s Revolutionary Love



Why so cute, Show? tvN’s upcoming Revolutionary Love, about a hardworking Candy, an ambitious secretary, and a third-generation chaebol disguised as a part-timer, has released character teasers of our leads appropriately hard at work, though not in the way you’d expect. I love these kinds of witty, tongue-in-cheek teasers, so I hope the actual show lives up to its potential, especially since Kang So-ra (Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho) and Choi Siwon (She Was Pretty) have some pretty great comedic timing.


The teaser begins with Kang So-ra intensely concentrating on a task, to the awe of shoppers. I burst out laughing at the shots of her audience, which includes an ajumma who lets her cart roll away, a man who drops a food sample mid-bite, and people taking pictures with their smartphones. The inspirational music is just the icing on the cake, especially when Kang So-ra succeeds at placing the last food can and does a weird victory flap with her arms, with a wind machine blowing her hair back. Her work is admittedly impressive — she’s made a ginormous teapot out of cans, complete with tea pouring from its spout. Then we pull back to reveal that she’s perched on Choi Siwon’s shoulders, while the caption below reads: “In the middle of a part-time job at the supermarket.” Kang So-ra narrates, “The efforts of the world’s naive."




In the second half, Choi Siwon is dressed like Michael Jackson and struts his stuff using car headlights as backlighting. He has his own army of fans, who squeal as he points in their direction. I love how the ladies are all starry-eyed and fan-girling, and then you can see one or two men in the background clearly exasperated while their wives or girlfriends cheer him on. What you don’t see at first is that he’s the parking attendant (the caption reads, “In the middle of a part-time job at the parking lot”), and all the cars providing the backlighting are honking at him for completely bringing the lot to a standstill. Ha, I adore him for his completely oblivious hip thrusts in the middle of that chaos. Kang So-ra, on the other hand, looks like she could crawl into a hole, and covers her eyes for good measure. Choi Siwon repeats her narration from the first teaser, and gives a wide smile as the teaser ends.


Oh, I think I’m going to love Choi Siwon in this. His character in She Was Pretty was so endearingly strange while simultaneously having emotional depth, that I can easily picture him as the naive chaebol heir trying — and mostly failing — to live and work like many people his age have to. It’s going to be fun seeing him and Kang So-ra together as well, ‘cause she’s the veteran part-timer with the professional know-how, and hopefully it’ll be like a Karate Kid wax-on, wax-off type of situation where she imparts her hard-earned knowledge to the novice.


Revolutionary Love will follow Live Up to Your Name on tvN’s Saturday-Sunday slot, premiering on October 14.



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Watch: Kang Sora Is The Queen Of Part-Time Jobs While Choi Siwon Busts A Move In Drama Preview



The queen of part-time jobs goes up against the king of pop!

In a new preview released for Kang Sora and Choi Siwon’s upcoming tvN drama “Revolutionary Love,” Kang Sora and Choi Siwon go head-to-head to see who can be the best part-time worker.

In terms of efficiency, Kang Sora wins hands-down as she stacks a complicated array of cans in perfect order (with Choi Siwon supporting her on his shoulders) as an impressed grocery store audience looks on. However, Choi Siwon soon gets style points as he dresses up like Michael Jackson while working as a parking attendant. The cars may not like it, but the women go wild!

“Revolutionary Love” is a comedy-drama about an unemployed third-generation conglomerate heir (Choi Siwon) who takes life easy, and a hardworking woman who has trouble landing a permanent job despite her excellent credentials. Gong Myung also stars as a secretary at Choi Siwon’s family’s firm.

“Revolutionary Love” is slated to air in October.

Watch the preview below!



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