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[Drama 2017] Byun Hyuk’s Love, 변혁의 사랑


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K-Drama Reaction: Revolutionary Love | Episode 15

Date: December 8, 2017 Author: grumpyahjumma

We are one hour away from the finale, and I honestly cannot wait for this to be over with.





Hyuk’s (Siwon) mom continues to crack me up!!!! For once, K-drama gods blessed us with a rich eommoni who does not reject the relationship of her chaebol son with a commoner. Instead, Revolutionary Love gave us Joon’s (Kang So-ra) mother, a poor ahjumma who adamantly opposed her daughter’s association with a wealthy man. Just to be fair, I understand Joon’s mother for being like this, but she does not have to act rudely. Hyuk’s mother is openly in favor of Joon for her son, and is ready to do anything for them to be together.





vote for hyuk and joon's kiss here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/Ahjummamshies/photos/?tab=album&album_id=840118259502914

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On 12/4/2017 at 12:50 AM, stroppyse said:

It's been a long weekend, and I've only now watched the final episode of this drama. So, all in, I liked it a lot. It had a number of touching moments, including BH himself wondering why he hadn't confronted his father and more forcefully in trying to get him to do the right thing, BH's father being self-righteous about the way he's lived, but unbending enough to acknowledge that the world is more BH's now rather than his, and JH's questioning why he wouldn't let himself be BH's friend for so long.


I'm fine with the ending as well. Yes, BH left Gangsu a little abruptly in order to go travel with BJ, however, he has always been steadfast in his love for BJ, so it makes sense that he would choose to go with BJ. And, Gangsu Group itself is in better hands with the return of the Managing Director to keep a steady hand on the helm, as well as JH back as an able executive. WS, without his father there, won't be able to run roughshod over everyone as he used to, whether BH is physically there at the company or not. And, as @chasen8888 pointed out, BH has seeded his most trusted cohorts into various positions of authority. Madam Ahn is head of the cleaning crew. Mr. Kim is still with the Planning Department.  Mr. Lee is now with the Finance Department. And, having gone through what they have, they will be loyal to the ideas that BH has for Gangsu since those were the ideals that they themselves had struggled for as well.


Also, BJ doesn't need to travel by herself. She's been alone already for a long time. I think she will have more fun with BH there to experience things with her, and he as the more seasoned traveler can help smooth out any issues they may have on their travels. And, I guess it was no secret that I wanted the OTP together. BH had been steadfast in his love and support for BJ since he met her. She took her time getting to know and love BH, but her awareness and affection for BH had been steadily growing throughout the drama, so it was a nice moment for BH to show up "coincidentally" and totally not having used every trick in the book to get himself seated next to her on the plane. LOL. Their relationship is better than fate since they are actively choosing to be together.


JH had a growth arc as well. Despite his dislike of his father's situation, he had clearly learned his lesson from that, and was unable to break away from serving the family that his father had. The drama seemed to indicate during its latter run that JH had done so in order to get information to bring Gangsu down, but I'm not sure that was entirely the case. I do think that JH had entered Gangsu with the thought of making it to the top somehow. However, he put up with way too much abuse for it to not always be a type of conditioning that he had gone through. Anyway, it was good to see him finally break away and decide to make it stick. Though, of course, he's such an excellent worker, that the Managing Director scouted him back for the company. This was actually a logical move on the part of the the company since JH did know the company very well, having observed it, including all of the rampant abuses, for such a long time. And, it was good to see JH move on with his life, and not just stay watching over BJ without making a move to her. It was also good to see that he was finally able to speak to BJ directly and honestly, even if he thought she might be uncomfortable.


The cutest thing is still BH's mother, though. First, she's just way too sweet and logical to be a chaebol wife. I mean, she acknowledged that her husband had done some bad things and needed to reflect on them? She worries about her husband and is upset, but still thinks to comfort him. She castigates BH for taking his father down, but at the same time provides him with some understanding. Plus, she doesn't blame BJ at all, and is still hoping that she and BH will become a couple. She loves her children, but doesn't seem to know what to make of them a lot of times. She allows herself to take the abuse that BJ's mother gives her, and then finds common cause in their love for BJ, and invites BJ's mother to go eating samgyupsal with her when they miss BJ. I wasn't sure about her at the beginning when she was being all fluttery and ineffective and seemingly enabling of BH's laziness and ineptitude, but by the end of the drama, I loved her dynamic with everyone, even including her husband.


Anyway, this hasn't been the most active thread, but it's been fun sharing the thread with you all, and reading your various insights and analyses, even for those members who seemed to develop SLS. I was always in BH's camp, but I could see some cause as to why the other ship might have formed. :) So, thanks to everyone, and hope to see you on other threads.


I just finished binge watching the show. Like you, I absolutely adored Hyuks mom and we need more omonis like her, I even wish she was my mother in law. I enjoyed how it all wrapped up but I would have loved a time jump even more like when the father is released from prison and Hyuk and Joon are back from there raveling so there’s a huge wedding with everyone there and happily ever after. Besides the kiss scenes, we didn’t really see Joon and Hyuk together nor was there really an official confirmation besides the end basically saying they’re end game. As a romance, I would have expected more scenes of them as a couple at least but I feel like the drama digressed from the romance to the bromance which is totally fine because I enjoyed watching that too. Also the power of support systems like madame Ann and the ahjussis. This was a cute show and I especially loved the actor playing Hyuk cause ever since that she’s pretty kdrama I’ve always wished for him to be a lead. And he did a great job being charming as usual and I hope to see him in more dramas.

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