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  1. Watching this because there is nothing much to watch from mainland China right now worth watching. Like Lu Yi the actor. .....
  2. All these BTS shots are only making me more impatient for the real deal.. Seriously tho, Dilreba and Vengo;s natural camaraderie and chemistry .... Thanks to everyone for sharing these recent BTS....
  3. Yes. It's all about money. Like you said - Pillow Book is rumored to be scheduled as a TV drama vs. web drama. Considering the popularity of FJ and DH chracters in the TMOPB franchise, that probability of the series becoming a TV release is not improbable. So the earliest possible date for airing the series is now moved to December if we're lucky..... Just sayin'
  4. Considering China just announced another 'ban' on historical dramas starting August, we might not get to see this show depending how long the ban lasts this time. I just can't believe they broadcasted love and destiny ahead of this show..... sheeeeesh!
  5. The character that Mark Chao plays only appears several times (less than 5) in the entire book so I doubt they will have him reprise his role. Even if they do, it'll probably be a bit character actor who will be doing it since MC is too famous for such a role.
  6. I read the author's works - this story line is neither part of the original author's work nor part of the TMOPB 'franchise'. I could be wrong but I don't remember TangQi writing this story/sequel. If it is - I would love a link to the original Chinese edition if possible. It must have been recent because I started reading the Pillow Book after discovering TMOPB.
  7. i just completed watching LnD's fist 6 episodes. Story line is weak, poorly developed and ridiculous characters overall. Some seriously bad and cartoonish/juvenile overacting. Other than the 2 leads - the other actors are forgettable with over-exaggerated personalities (or is it the overacting, or both that makes it excruciatingly hard to stomach!?!?). Am already skipping to episode 14 I like Nini's acting but good acting cannot hold a weakly scripted show together. The CGI is really great - that's all about it. I can't wait for this show to end and for the Pillow Book to begin.
  8. yes - me too. I am a cheater and went for the ending first..... ps - Chia is written this way 谢 right?
  9. any idea where I can read this novel online (mandarin ok)? Usually I go to luoxia but am not sure if this is available there. thanks a million.
  10. Since they rewrote the script for the adaptation - I wonder if his son is really dead or will be 'resurrected' later on. Also - sounds like the big 'reveal' (GTY wanting ML's adoration and jealousy) is coming sooner on the TV version compared to the novel. hmmmm.....
  11. For some inexplicable reason, I really like the chemistry between HBQ and LYK. So far, this is the most enjoyable pairing I have seen with Vin Zhang and a female lead (really disliked his pairing with DLRB - did nothing for me).
  12. What I like about this novel is the fact that it is an allegory portrayed in a different timeline. ML's life-story and challenges are not a thing of the past or a fictional situation - it applies in the present day. This is a great lesson and advice for women in general to rely on self and no-one else outside of self.
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