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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Happiness of an Angel 天使的幸福


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Chinese title: 天使的幸福 / Tian Shi De Xing Fu
English title: Happiness of an Angel

Genre: Melodrama

Episodes: 30

Director: Wang Ming Tai

Broadcast Period: May 22, 2017



Liu Shishi as Xiao Han

Ming Dao as Jie Luo

Xu Zhengxi

Tang Zhen

Jessie Chiang


Xiao Han, who runs a small lodge, is the prettiest girl in the little village on Hainan Island. Her humble background and lowly education make her unconfident, yet she is still optimistic, hoping for her very own happiness. Jie Luo is the haughty son of a woman who is in command of a big business group. He was asked by his mother to help her in renovating some parts of the island and thus lived in Xiao Han's lodge...

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Watch it here with English subs!

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Oh my goodness. It's finally here. After how many years in post-production? 3, 4 years?

The C adaptation of Thank You has finally made it to the small screen. It certainly will have to pull out all the stops because Thank You is one of my favourite K dramas of all time. It's the first time I saw Jang Hyuk in anything and became a fan overnight.  


Judging from the first episode, the show seems to be falling along the similar lines. Brilliant but bad-tempered surgeon is about to lose his girlfriend to cancer. He attempts surgery on her but it's a lost cause. He keeps bumping into the female lead and her daughter and tears into her on both occasions. Single mother, Li Xiao Han lives on Baisha Island (White Sand Island) with her daughter, Yi Ping and her grandfather. They run a little boarding house which is seeking occupants. To earn extra money, XH works on a farm.

XH sees an old flame getting off the local ferry with his current girlfriend who's the heiress to a department store chain. Introductions all round. His bossy mother arrives to pick them up. 

Bossy mother is very antsy about her son getting close to XH. She's as subtle as a sledgehammer. First she tries to warn her off and then later on she tries to match-make with some guy.  XH is open to it as she might find someone to keep Grandpa company and find XH a dad.

They've made the male lead much more unlikeable and the other male lead a nicer guy.

The acting isn't quite on par with Thank You and of course Ming Dao isn't Jang Hyuk but I find it quite watchable and so far what I've seen interests me.


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I wonder how long it will take for old flame to realize that XH's daughter is his? That his mom meddled in his life? It should not matter now since he has a new lady love who mom loves (for all the wrong reasons prolly) but also because the time with XH is over and he is suppose to care for the new lady (will not stop old feelings of jealousy though as I see when MD's character kisses XH. . Its going to cause a problem cause new lady seems nice and XH seems to like her as well even though I can see it hurts to see him with someone new. Old Flames emotions are all over the place relating to XH. Ming Dao does well in this character roll I agree he is not Jang Hyuk but that is ok.

I wonder when this drama airs is this a m-f drama? So far I have seen 7 episodes and they pull me in even with out subs each time.

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@Ldy Gmerm

I haven't found more than 7 episodes sadly so I'm not sure how many are shown each week. 

I am surprised that Feng Han hasn't cottoned on to the fact that Yi-Ping is his daughter when admittedly he is suppose to be very bright. At least in the K version, that same character had his suspicions all throughout and he was just pretending not to know.

There are definite differences obviously... a lot more chit chat between the leads. They have to find some way of stretching this out so I suppose it is better to focus on developing the relationship between the leads and laying the foundations if wedding bells are in the offing. Here Xiao Han hasn't moved on and clinging on to memories. It seems that in this version XH and FH were actually married at some stage and then had it annulled.

The mother counterpart was awful in the K version but here... OMG... she's so aggressively naggy to the point of being a bully. The woman has no conscience. All that verbal abuse that XH has had to cop all these years borders on the criminal. And the dregs that she pulls out from every nook and cranny of the island to these match-making sessions only shows what sort of opinion she has of XH. It's vomit-inducing stuff.

But we're beginning to see cracks in Jie Luo's armour as he does feel sorry for her on some level, even acknowledging that she's a good mother even if she doesn't know how to be a woman. (According to him)

I think I'll keep watching. Although this version doesn't have the urgency of the K version (not surprisingly), I like these sorts of stories about broken people finding love again in unexpected places. Plus my daughter likes it and we're watching it together.

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I see that episode 8 is out.. I wonder how much ex love heard while standing at the door eavesdropping on a private conversation? I felt bad for our lead as we saw the flashbacks of his mother and the things she said to her.

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On 6/6/2017 at 7:46 AM, Ldy Gmerm said:

I see that episode 8 is out.. I wonder how much ex love heard while standing at the door eavesdropping on a private conversation? I felt bad for our lead as we saw the flashbacks of his mother and the things she said to her.

He heard practically everything that's important but he misinterprets their pretend boyfriend-girlfriend plot to mean that XH hates him. 

He thinks that she concocted this scheme out of hate when of course we know otherwise. Jie Luo tried his bullish best to bring them back together but XH kept insisting that she hated FH for wooing her only as a high school bet. Of course the fiancee came in "at the right time" and more confusion ensued.

I think in this version, the female lead is much more of the noble idiot because she actually actively lies about why she wanted to break up and of course does her best to push FH and the fiancee together.

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For me the show has become more interesting now that the leads are genuinely and quietly falling for each. I like that AJL/Angelo is still cantankerous and brusque but the cracks are showing and his banter with everyone is so much fun. He seems to me to be the only really logical and sane person in the entire cast. Maybe his cynicism allows him a certain kind of clarity. He also seems to be the only person who's able and willing to take FE's horrible mother down a peg or two. I also like how things are developing between him and the little girl, YP. I like how they bonded when XH went to YY's concert.

FE's mother is grotesque beyond a joke. The way she over approves of YY and denigrates XH not only demonstrates her deep-seated snobbery but a lack of perspective about what's really important. Anyway, she's obviously meant to be the stereotypical controlling mother in Asian dramas.

The thing that this show has carried over quite well from the original is that for some things and some people there are no second chances. That's clear even in these early episodes. Life is a zero sum game. Once certain choices are made, there's no going back. 

I'm glad that XH is making a clean break and being absolutely clear with FE. But the road with AJL isn't going to be easy either. I assume history will repeat itself to some degree but AJL will be a different beast. It's sad though that XH will be made to feel her outcast status.

It's a sweet show and I'm liking it more and more.

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I agree. I think Ex should remember he can not go back and he has a new lady by his side. I find FE's mom to just be hateful and I agree as well that she is being portrayed as the stereotypical controlling Asian mom who is looking at the wrong things in a daughter in law.  So far YY is shown as a nice lady who is caught up in the middle of a issue FE's mom created. I hope she does not change and continues as she is. 

AJL is the only logical one so far and every time he sets FE's mom off I love it. This woman is a mess and she created a huge mess. Does she not even realize she is not only denying her son his daughter but her own grandchild. What will she doe to find out about the child's health issues. 

I am sorry that XH is still being made to feel inferior based on her background. So far AJL is showing a bit of interest slowly but you can see that he is falling deep but as you mentioned above @40somethingahjumma it will not only be a not easy road for them but a very bumpy road as well. I see we are up to episode 13 so far. 

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So everyone has found out about the little girl's illness and have started to shun her and her family out of fear and ignorance. AJL has again shown FE up. Even when he saves the child he hesitates to give her mouth to mouth not wanting to catch HIV. I loved that XH pushed him out the way and started breathing but the best part was AJL who had left the island came back to take over giving the child mouth to mouth regardless of the outcome. FE realizes his own flaws then as he continued to play over and over how he the father of that child was too scared to even do the right thing at the time. I can say he gets on my nerves mooning around like a stalker.

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