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Cast Of “Age Of Youth 2” Is All Smiles In Behind-The-Scenes Photos From Official Poster Shoot


With the premiere of JTBC’s “Age of Youth 2” quickly approaching, JTBC has been rolling out photos and videos teasing the second season of their popular show.

The latest stills from “Age of Youth 2” show the cast looking extra close while on set for the drama’s official poster photo shoot. The male cast – which includes Kim Min Suk, SHINee’s Onew, An Woo Yeon, Son Seung Won, and Shin Hyun Soo – are wearing matching pink shirts with red bows and suspenders. The female cast – which includes Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, Ji Woo, and Jo Eun – are also matching in ruffly tops and pleated skirts.


Viewers have seen these outfits before in a cute, musical-esque teaser video, which was released a few weeks ago. In addition to that teaser video, JTBC has also recently released more details about their male cast, as well as character posters.

Meanwhile, “Age of Youth 2” is set to begin airing on August 25 at 11 p.m. KST.

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SHINee’s Onew Confirmed To Be Leaving “Age Of Youth 2” In Light Of Recent Controversy


Earlier, one media outlet reported that Onew’s departure from JTBC’s “Age of Youth 2” had been confirmed in light of criticism surrounding his recent sexual harassment case.

Initially, “Age of Youth 2” stated that nothing had been confirmed regarding his leave from the show as of yet; however, on August 16, SM Entertainment released a statement and said, “[Onew’s] departure from the show has been confirmed after discussions with the production staff of ‘Age of Youth 2.'”

“Age of Youth 2” also released a statement after the decision was made and said, “Onew will be leaving the project; however, we have not made any decisions about a replacement or what will happen henceforth. We will release a statement once we have come to a decision about a replacement.”

On August 12, Onew was brought in for questioning after being accused of sexual harassment at a club in Gangnam. The case has since been forwarded to the prosecution.

Meanwhile, “Age of Youth 2” is set to begin airing on August 25.

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AUG 18 2017

Lee You-Jin cast in JTBC drama series “Age of Youth Season 2”


Lee You-Jin is cast in upcoming JTBC drama series “Age of Youth Season 2.” He replaces Onewwho dropped out of the drama series after being accused of sexual assault at a nightclub recently. Lee You-Jin will play the character of Kwon Ho-Chang. Kwon Ho-Chang has never had a girlfriend and is intelligent. He gets involved with Jung Ye-Eun (Han Seung-Yeon) romantically. Lee You-Jin will begin filming his scenes next week.

“Age of Youth Season 2” first airs August 25, 2017 in South Korea.


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As a fan of Age of Youth I was scared at first about what a change of actor would mean for the production, but then I relaxed.

1. Judging by how much screen time the guys had in season 1, the filming will probably be all done very soon, since I doubt he has more than 70 min total in all the series, maybe even less.

2. The Jung Ye-Eun character actress is the one who will have to re-do 70% of her scenes, and for that I feel sorry for her since she's probably worked a lot the first time.

3. Don't know if anybody remembers, but Kwak Dong Yeon was cast in Moonlight almost 2 months after production had started because the original actor left. And that was the best decision ever of that drama because he rocked that role :)

4. I like this guy from what I've read on him. Seems he wanted to be more known and that's why he got on Broduce 101 even if he had some small acting roles. And apparently his mom is a known actress so I'm giving him my support.


PS. How great it is that we'll have special appearances from actors in season 1.

PSS. I still don't like the looks of the 5th girl. She had longer hair in the script reading, can't understand why she cut it that drastically :( 

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Yeah. I'm sorry but I glad to hear that Onew was replaced. His acting in Dots is too overacting (although I think director of AoY can fix it) but got replaced is better.

We also have preview of ep 1.


It's really creepy.

By the way, will this drama will available on Dramafever?

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“Age Of Youth 2” Cast Express Excitement About Working Together Again


The “Age of Youth 2” cast shared how delighted they are to return with a new season!

On August 22, the press interview for JTBC’s “Age of Youth 2” took place at Youngdeungpo Time Square. All five “housemates” from the drama, Han Ye Ri, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, Ji Woo, and Choi Ah Ra, were at the event.

Drama producer Lee Tae Gon revealed, “We were worried since ‘Age of Youth 1’ received so much love, and had doubts as to whether or not ‘Age Of Youth 2’ will also live up to the popularity. But script writer Park Yeon Sun did such a great job that such concerns were unnecessary.”

The cast also shared their individual thoughts on returning to the new season of “Age of Youth 2.” Han Ye Ri commented, “I’m happy to be back to Belle Epoque [name of shared residence in drama] after a year. And I’m even happier to be back as the same, much-loved character Yoon Jin Myung. I’m excited to portray a story that engenders laughter and sadness with the housemates.”

Han Seung Yeon remarked, “I never imagined we would be able to work together again. I’m having a blissful day-to-day life since we got together. This time, I’m back as Jung Ye Eun who survived a traumatic experience, instead of the prim girly girl she was before. I think I’ll be able show different sides to myself this time.”

Third housemate Park Eun Bin also expressed her gratitude, noting, “I thank writer Park Yeon Sun for giving us a thought-provoking script. I’m having a great time being back with the housemates again.”

Newly joined housemates Ji Woo and Choi Ah Ra also revealed that they were delighted to be a part of the cast. Choi Ah Ra shared, “I was anticipating ‘Age of Youth 2’ as a viewer of the drama from last year, but I’m stoked to be involved in it.”

Meanwhile, “Age of Youth 2” is set to begin airing on August 25 at 11 p.m. KST.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Current Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2 - Premieres Tonight @ 23:00 KST

Wow this season 2 seems to be so interesting, also it seems like I can root for the romances better since Yoon sunbae's and the tall girl (Jo Eun) romance are looking interesting, and I've always rooted for Sungmin-Jiwoon romance as well. 

Based on the video, it seems like things will definitely progress between Sungmin-Jiwon. These things happened between these two in the highlight video:

- Sungmin headlocked Jiwon, and the others who saw it started questioning whether they are really NOT dating

- Some dude finally is getting interested in Jiwon when she's clubbing, that guy was asking her out. But when they just left, Jiwon lost strength on her limbs and fell down, and there's Sungmin coming to rescue. If this dude is really gonna pursue Jiwon, it's gonna be a good trigger for these two relationship lol

- Jiwon followed Sungmin meeting some girl, and when Jiwon asked whether he's dating/gonna date that girl, Sungmin replied "If I date that girl, would you like it?" (lol Sungmin obviously has feelings for Jiwon)

- that Jiwon putting his arms on her hips and Sungmin was getting so nervous asking what's up with her lol

- was the one who was on the bed with Jiwon Sungmin? I'm really curious on what happened there

It seems like things will progress a lot between these two and by the end of season 2 they will really end up dating. I definitely support these two since they're so cute haha.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Current Drama 2017] Age of Youth 2 청춘시대 2 - Fridays and Saturdays @ 23:00 KST


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