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I'm still thinking about trying that new Death Stranding game. I love walking simulators at some point, seems relaxing to me.

That way I can sit back and have popcorn while I enjoy the fun. I've been very busy with work. So I have little free time to play the games that I need extra time to adjust to.

I love Assassin's Creed series, especially the last one

I know the feeling @phikyl!

I still play a bunch though. Most aren't that time consuming. But there's always that one...

World of Warcraft (a major time sink)
Eve Online (used to, still have an account but haven't played in ages. I do keep track of it somewhat)
Elder Scrolls Online (used to. Still in touch with my old guild but it lacked community which is why I quit. Still a georgous game though!)
Stormfall: Age of War (FB game, fairly active again after I quit for a while)
Bejeweled Blitz (FB game, just do a few games a day, since they take only a minute to complete)

Pokémon Go (it keeps me somewhat active :P )
Clash of Clans (though my clan is dead and I only log in to collect resources and build. It's a habit)
Boom Beach (pretty active here)
Wordfeud/Word with Friends (vs 2 friends)
Candy Crush Saga (attempt to clear the game without the use of bonusstarters and 3-stars only. Can't go to the next level without 3 stars. Been stuck on lvl 463 for a few months now with multiple daily attempts)
Sudoku (when I'm bored, and yes, that happens :P )

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After I had mechanical problems with my PS3 twice, I stopped playing console games, which was some years ago. I only played PC games after that, but I don't play those as much as I used to either.

The last game that I played (which was two weeks ago) was Wargame: Red Dragon.


Another PC game that I played was Shogun 2 Total War.


I like to watch other people play linear games. It's like watching a movie and it's fun to watch the reactions of a player. Plus, it saves time.


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Got myself an NVidia Shield recently. I mainly wanted it as a mediacenter to connect to my NAS while also having Netflix and Spotify, but it turns out it's got great games too!

So now I also play
Auralux: Constellations
Asphalt 8: Airborne

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@singlebilingual I've played around with the Oculus Rift the husband of one of my coworkers got for his job. Only for a few minutes but that was easily one of the most impressive things I've done game-wise the last couple of years :D 

I was amazed how smooth and good looking everything was and how real it felt. The others were laughing while I dodged from an attacking tiger, but it was just SO real!

It will most likely take a few years before it's grown up, but the potential is awesome :D 

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I suck at playing games so I rarely ever finish any. The only games I've ever finished are Tearaway and Gravity rush on P.S vita (I always ask my bro to finish off the final bosses for me lol).

Currently playing Assasin's Creed 3 which I only got on steam as it was free during their anniversary or smt. But it's been some weeks since I've last played as I found it hard to get through the navy battles. Driving/piloting huge vehicles are my main weak point (I always end up moving the whole controller instead of the ship and my skills at aiming are beyond terrible). 

Therefore like @singlebilingual I also enjoy watching other people play games instead. Firstly, I get to enjoy the story of the game without stressing myself out (It's like watching a tv series or reality tv) and secondly, the added reaction and commentary can be pretty entertaining^^. I like watching my sis play Tomb raider just for the thrills. The actress for lara croft does a good job in making you feel like you're under constant danger. (My sis and my bro tend to argue alot about what to do during gaming that it can get pretty noisy but entertaining to watch..lol)

As for mobile games, I'm playing Love live coz Cute anime girls + rhythm games = Awesomeness. Lol

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On 4/15/2017 at 0:40 PM, phikyl said:

Going to add in Overwatch and Slime Rancher now. 

Friends of mine got me to start playing them. Goodbye free time! Q.Q

It's cool that blizzard is still keeping Overwatch updated. Definitely going to be a game that stays around for awhile. 

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24 minutes ago, phikyl said:

Has anyone picked up the Nintendo Switch? Been debating getting it but can't decide whether it's worth it or not. 

Same concept as the Wii U isn't it?

Well, better graphics and you can take the handheld with you and continue gaming. It's not the same concept as the Wii U, but it's the same concept Nintendo has been releasing the last few years/decade with the Gamecube, Wii, Wii U and now the Switch: appeal to a niche market.

I haven't picked one up tbh. I've been debating but since I hardly game on consoles anymore, I don't see a real reason. I'd still need the PS4, XBone and Wii U to compliment my collection of consoles first though :tongue: 

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