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  1. My favorite OST for this show are. First Love (both the Original and Sondia's), Stray Kids (Never ending story) even the rap parts are not good for me, VeriVery's (My Beauty) and Jeong Sewoon's (I Draw You in my heart)[sad but meaningful message]
  2. Episode 7 is yeap a good one. Good mix with story and bit of introduction of side characters. Really feel bad for Khom, Type just really needs to sort out his feelings. As for P'San I think he will be just a plot device to push Type to realize his feelings with Tharn is very much genuine. As for Type's hot and cold treatment, even though I don't like this troupe but Gulf's acting is very good as well. This what I though too regarding this storyline. I don't feel anything at all.
  3. Just watched some parts of the episode. Going to say the "main" story of secret will be finished just like that. Very abrupt but understandable. Nam Joo is still stuck unaware, while understandable that Joo Da chose NJ than DH. I find it very un-original and cliche (which is I think the intention of the writer) when NJ's mother appeared at the school and being circle around by the students and by NJ fashion made a declaration. For the main story I'm going to comment again in a different post together with my comment on the last episode.
  4. Ha. Yeap when I read that it's too vague. Anyways it was explained by a friend of mine. So I got it clarified. As for Episode 6. Tharn will be really heartbroken if Type wasn't really interested in him. Looks like Type can't stop thinking about Tharn and like to have physical contact with him. I forgot this is a prequel of LBC. So I was expecting an earlier episode. Anyways thanks to clarifying. Can't wait for the episode later. Looks a bit interesting though.
  5. With two episodes left. I don't know how will they resolve the remaining current questions. I hope they resolve it in an satisfying way. I think not all questions will be answered. But hopefully the major ones. I still enjoy the dissing of the writer of the characters (Particularly Do Hwa and Dan Oh) like the chessy lines, the clunky storyline, etc. As for Kyung, well for me it's not clear if he really did it. I'll wait for the last episodes. As for Cold Dan Oh, looks like a reversal of roles between Her and Haru. Not going to comment on the "Trumpet Creeper" version of Kyung. Basically it's the worse version of Kyung. For Kyung half-brother he is creepy. Like there's definitely a secret regarding him. I agree with the posters here that what's the role of Su Hyang. Just to torment Jinmichae. I prefered that she only appeared at "Trumpet Creeper". Every scene they have is really a throw away. This series has many parallels between Dan Oh and Haru (between Trumpet Creeper and Secret). Hoping for a director's cut of the show. Looks like it was suffering since they're still shooting scenes and the ending is this coming Thursday. As for the "Secret" side story. I wonder how would they resolve that? Ju Da looks really unhinged sometimes. Since Do Hwa affected Ju Da to be aware, is this the case of Nam Ju, is he going to be unaware due to Ju Da's actions. But with the time left of the drama looks like this won't be explored any further.
  6. For the fifth episode. I just felt weird the story flow with Tharn. I understand the story very well but the way they tell the story for this one is very unclear and clunky. As for Type I think he's confused because he's attracted to Tharn. It's also nice to see Tharn's family. I'm not much following on the novel. Is there a side couple on this one? Again that's my opinion. Nothing wrong with it. I'm still watching the show and I can say what I want. I can see this one as well. Especially I forgot what episode but I think Type is pretending to sleep and see what would Tharn will do and didn't react badly at all when Tharn did something. I'm still enjoying this show. Can't wait for the LBC cameo (I wonder what episode would that be?)
  7. I like the theories being thrown out here and some philosophy as well. Putting on the spoiler for the respect who didn't watch the latest episode. Can't wait for the last 4 episodes. I would remember this as one of my favorite k-drama for 2019 (with Sky Castle and Hotel De Luna).
  8. Yep. I don't see it as "romantic" as well. This is the problem of majority of BL plots. (There's always an issue regarding consent in BL dramas) As for the shower scene I agree, Type is starting to display physical attraction to Tharn.
  9. Enjoying this drama even though I'm only at Episode 3. Even though I read spoilers. I'm planning for the drama to end first and then binge watch (via Netflix). For now I'm going to be patient waiting for the drama to end.
  10. 6 Episodes to wrap everything up (main plot). + the incoming DFS (or is it DSF) plot? +++ the Joo Da/ Do Hwa subplot Is it enough? I'm just going to trust them. Those gifs regarding Haru and Dan Oh looks really good and nice design to convey the message. As for Rowoon I can definitely see him as a versatile Idol Actor (Only few can achieve this and he's on this way to this one in my opinion). He's expression/s especially the eyes are great. For LJW can't wait for his next drama hopefully a different role as well. For KYH hoping she can be lead again.
  11. I have mixed reactions on this one. So typical they have that it's "romantic" to touch a person without their permission or either their asleep or drunk. Anyways I credit to Gulf (Type) especially he is very expressive (his eyes especially) and Mew (Tharn) actually I'm not shocked on Mew since he can act.
  12. After watching the last 4 episodes. This drama is just getting good. I like that every episode one of the characters says that the writer with it's uncreative and uninispired things even the cheesy line/s. I have sympathy for BK but for him to have DO is a no no especially if DO doesn't even like him at all. Too much fluffy content in the last episode even though their's a bit of angst. Looks like more problem/s would arise. As for DSF, looks like someone's coming to Secret I think will affect him. With few episodes left hopefully they could resolve the plot lines they layed out.
  13. Didn't log-in for the past few months. Aside from Hotel Del Luna and Sky Castle. This drama is one of the best for this year. KHY shines in this drama. I knew she can do roles like this when I watched her acting in past dramas especially Sky Castle. Hoping she get more project after this. As for Rowoon. I only knew him as a member of SF9 a vocalist. Never knew he can act as well. Especially the differences between Warm and Cold Haru. For LJW not going to question his acting ability. Since I already saw him from two different roles (Memories of Alahamara and Search www). But for Baek Hyung, looks like his character (going to be set-up to be tragic. Not going to get the girl) As for the other Triangle. They're just boring. It looks like the filler part of the show. JGJ is the only one good there. Maybe due to being him being aware. Hopefully the other 2 (JD and NJ be aware as them selves as well) Can't wait for the next episode.
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