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Go Seung Ji

[Movie 2017] The Swindlers 꾼

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Movie: The Swindlers (English title)

Revised romanization: Ggoon


Director: Jang Chang-Won

Distributor: Showbox

Release Date: November 22, 2017



Ji-Sung (Hyun-Bin) is an intelligent swindler who only deceives fellow swindlers. To catch Jang Doo-Chil, he forms a plan. He first recruits Prosecutor Hee-Soo (Yoo Ji-Tae) and then other swindlers Suk-Dong (Bae Sung-Woo), Choon-Ja (Nana) and Chief Kim (An Se-Ha). They throw bait at Jang Doo-Chil's right-hand man Seung-Gun (Park Sung-Woong).



  1. Korean title "Ggoon" is a word usually applied at the end of another word to describe someone as being good or enthusiastic about something.
  2. First script reading and gosa (ritual to bring good luck) took place on September 26, 2016.
  3. Filming began October 1, 2016, and finished January 20, 2017.





Hyun-Bin as Swindler Hwang Ji-Sung


Yoo Ji-Tae as Prosecutor Park Hee-Soo


Bae Sung Woo as Ko Suk Dong


Park Sung Woong as Kwak Seung Gun



Nana as Choon Ja (Ji-Sung's helper)


An Se Ha as Section Chief Kim



Choi Duk Moon as Lee Kang Suk




Asianwiki | Hancinema







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1 hour ago, jongski said:

@Go Seung Ji  Any updates? This will be shown this year right? I'll wait when it gets sub.  Hope to see both of main stars  in new kdrama as well.



Nothing yet. The production company is planning for a release in this year. Since it finished filming in January, I am guessing that it should be ready for release by the second half of the year. ^_^

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SEP 19 2017

Teaser poster and release date for movie “The Swindlers”


Here’s the first teaser poster for upcoming movie “The Swindlers” (English title) starring Hyun-Bin and Yoo Ji-Tae. Appearing on the teaser poser are Hwang Ji-Sung (Hyun-Bin), Prosecutor Park (Yoo Ji-Tae), Ko Suk-Dong (Bae Sung-Woo), Kwak Seung-Gun (Park Sung-Woong), Section Chief Kim (An Se-Ha) and Choon-Ja (Nana). They don’t necessarily trust each other, but they work together to catch a notorious swindler.

“The Swindlers” is now set for release sometime this November in South Korea.


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Thanks, Go Seung Gi. Looking Good! these main cast ❤️️


Nana, and Yoo Ji Tae  will be in up coming dramas.. When Will Hyun Bin?!  Heh.  Well, at least  we get to see him in two movies next year.

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 @allmylife00 Thank you for the update. I thought this will be next year.. well, the sub I know will next year. I'm happy girl.


The poster. Hyun Bin looking like tough guy lead. whilst Yoo Ji Tae looking like classy suave prosecutor. Feels like 38 Police Unit movie version though.


And because I'm missing Hyun Bin,  I recently watched his old movie "A Millionaire's First Love."  A simple movie with younger Hyun back then. ❤️️



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