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[Drama 2016-2017] Hwarang 화랑


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let me bookmarked this thread first and reserved my place in this thread,,,finally i found this thread...i am waiting this drama since two park's confirmed to act in this drama..i thought they still learn to riding horse or learn martial arts...but i got shocked today when see that picture in t the news...

yeay i am happy with that 1st look....so far because i am not have that kind of imagination what will their looks in this drama, so i am really satisfied with this kind of look...my seojoon really looks different...he kinda doing photoshoot in that silla costume..this hwarang definitely becomes the hottest hwarang ever...hahahahahaha..i will waiting for you nailed this roles park seo joon...you are really something..and that picture really like i found a new side of you again that i never see....yeah you are that kind of man...that i never get bored at all..(wow seojoon oppa never thought you will looks great in saeguk outfit before...but yeah you kill me today seojooniii)..

FIGHTING for your first saeguk...to double park and other actors too..i hope this drama will be daebak!!!!!!! since it will be full pre recorded...so i hope the story will be solid and yeah just give me the amazing drama already....FIGHTING FIGHTING FIGHTING!!!!!for all staffs and all actors and actress too....please be save while filming...please dont be hurt....dont injured...stay safe okay!!!fighting!!!!

at first i thought hwarang will be on joseon dynasty...but just found out that it happen in silla....and thanks for sharing the explanantion about hwarang itself in a paged before...yeah i think this saeguk will be my kind of saeguk...i will stay tuned in this drama and this thread ofc...

nice to see you all.....happy to meet you all....

btw, do you know will this drama will be airing????its already confirmed the time slot????i think they just started shooting so it will airing in the end of this year maybe..correct me if i am wrong...

netizen comment about that first looks..



Joy News 24 - Naver: 'Hwarang: The Beginning' unveils its 7 youths 

1. [+1,532, -158] Ah.. Park Seo Joon-nim is showing yet another image. I'm always supporting you. Hwarang: The Beginning, fighting!!!

2. [+1,156, -150] Park Seo Joon is daebak.. I thought he only suits dramas in modern setting but he looks good in sageuk attire too.. He's jjang, Park Hyung Shik too ㅠㅠ Hoping you'd show us good acting!!!

3. [+1,093, -152] What the? These came out better than what I expected. I'm curious how the hwarangs will be dramatized

4. [+670, -112] Daebak!! Cool,, Ah Park Hyung Shik as Sam Maek Jong!!

5. [+847, -179] Taehyung looks awesome with long hair ㅠㅠ Looking forward to the story of hwarangs in Silla Period. The costumes are pretty too. I'll look forward to it, let's hit daebak

6. [+130, -11] I'll watch it for sure. V, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Shik !!♡♡

7. [+127, -12] I've been waiting for this drama^^ Can't wait to see Park Hyung Shik and Park Seo Joon. Have a safe filming^^




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Meet the beautiful knights of Hwarang: The Beginning


You know what, I was wrong. Really wrong — to believe that Park Seo-joon (She Was Pretty) was good-looking in only a quirky, unconventional way, and not at all the pretty-boy way.

Because looking at these freshly released promo images for KBS’s upcoming drama Hwarang: The Beginning, I found him fitting right in to the role of a Silla-era “beautiful knight” (a literal translation of Hwarang), albeit nearly unrecognizable in the sageuk getup. (I kept looking for him, wondering which one he was!)

But I present to you Exhibit A:


Hwarang: The Beginning features a central cast of six Hwarang warriors — Silla military bands that were comprised of young men known for, among other things, being beautiful — led by Park Seo-joon playing a character named Moo-myung. (That seems to be a popular naming choice in sageuks, in that it means Nameless and gets to sound cool.) He approaches life with a “you only love once” mentality that gives him the relentlessness of a dog and the free spirit of a bird.

He’ll fall into a loveline with our heroine Go Ara (You’re All Surrounded, who’ll play a woman named Aro (that’ll be easy to remember) whose parentage is half-lowly and half-royal, with a frank, straightforward personality. He starts out wanting to protect her, which turns to love.

Park Hyung-shik (High Society) forms a love triangle with Park Seo-joon and Go Ara, playing a man who “takes off the fate of a faceless king.” His King Jinheung character ruled Silla from 540 to 576 A.D., and takes on a secret identity to keep himself safe from the threats on his life. He’s a lonely soul, not trusting others easily and keeping his true self concealed, making him a sensitive and prickly addition to the Hwarang gang, although he will gradually transform into a strong man and leader.

Min-ho (Because It’s the First Time) plays an aristocrat born with a silver spoon in his mouth (well, the metaphor is golden spoon in Korean), and is described as hot-blooded and chivalrous. He’s called a playboy by everyone, but is actually a pure-hearted young man who’s devoted in love to one woman.

Do Ji-han (Basketball), meanwhile, is the cold-blooded one of the group, having been taught politics from an early age with an emphasis on seeking power. Though he’s intellectual and competitive, in the face of a fateful love, he can abandon that coldness. (So are all the men going to be leveled by romantic love in this drama?)

Jo Yoon-woo (I Order You) is the one with a beautiful exterior and mysterious aura — and an unexpectedly sharp tongue — meant to incite our curiosity. And rounding out the group is V of idol group Bangtan Boys (BTS), the maknae of the group who’s described as “fresh and clear like a ray of sunlight.” Resident puppy, check.

Looks like a pretty diverse mix of personalities — it’s almost like a sageuk boy band, brought together to cover as many fan tastes as possible. Hey, not that I’m complaining about lots of pretty boys. They’re pretty for historical accuracy! It’s not at all about me being shallow at all, nope.

Hwarang: The Beginning will be entirely pre-produced and will air on KBS later this year, though a timeslot has yet to be assigned.

CREDIT: dramabeans

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'Hwarang' starts teasing for its premiere with official posters of Park Seo Joon, V, Minho, and more



KBS's 'Hwarang,' the historical drama that stars many hot, trending stars including idols, has started its long-awaited teasing for its upcoming premiere later in the year! 

The drama stars the dreamy Park Seo Joon, along with the gorgeous Go Ara as the main leads. Hyungsik, Minho, V, Do Ji Han, and Jo Yoon Woo will also be starring in this epic drama series, and when all that eye candy is on the same drama, you know you just have to tune in. If not for the eye candy, then for the plot--especially if you're a historical drama buff. 

'Hwarang' is the first ever historical drama to draw the tale of the Silla Dynasty's Hwarangs, a group of elite male youths, and it will follow the lives of Hwarangs as they pursue their passions. The drama has already entered filming, and it is set to air some time in the latter half of 2016.




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another KBS pre-production drama; team pic released with Hwarang the Beginning casts during script reading




cr: http://m.entertain.naver.com/now/read?oid=109&aid=0003292244

ps: cant wait to watch this drama.......the 6 hwarang really really really looks awesome...and seojoon nim you really looks good in dark-colored hair...finally my wish comes true...i really really really miss you dark-colored hair...hahahahaaha

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Stars of 'Hwarang' show off unique chemistry in photos of 1st & 2nd script reading


KBS's upcoming new historical drama 'Hwarang' has officially kicked off, in previously revealed character posters, and now photos from its 1st & 2nd script reading. 

In the photos, you can spot leading actress Go Ara, lead actors Park Seo Joon and ZE:A's Hyungsik, as well as SHINee's Minho, BTS's V, HALO's OOON and more getting comfortable with one another. 


A representative of 'Hwarang's production staff relayed, "In two separate script reading sessions, the staff, actors, and actresses were able to grasp one another's teamwork and synergy. Everyone was so immersed in the lines, including episodes surpassing just plain humor or seriousness and various scenes of give and take, so much that the 4-hour script reading session felt like nothing. We'll create a brilliant story of youth love and growth." 


The staff and crew have also recently begun filming for the drama, with the premiere being scheduled for the latter half of 2016. Keep an eye out for historical drama 'Hwarang'!








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"Flower Knights: The Beginning" script reading, with special appearance by Lee Gwang-soo


The new KBS 2TV drama "Flower Knights: The Beginning" had a reading session.

The reading session was attended by writer Park Eun-yeong-I, director Yoon Seong-sik, Park Seo-joon, Ko Ah-ra, Hyung Sik, Minho, Jo Yoon-woo, V, Kim Ji-soo, Choi Won-yeong, Kim Chang-wan, Kim Kwang-gyoo, Yoo Jae-myeong and others.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" is based on the flower knights of the 1500s about their love, passion and growth.

Park Seo-joon takes on the role of Moo-myeong and Ko Ah-ra is the cheery Aro.

Hyung Sik is the serious but cheerful faceless king Sam Maek Jong. Minho is a passionate knight named Soo-ho who is innocent but passionate at the same time.

Kim Ji-soo takes on the role of Empress Jiso, while Choi Won-yeong is Ahn Ji-gong. Kim Chang-wan, Yoo Jae-myeong and Kim Kwang-gyoo take the base, solidifying the drama even more.

Kim Ji-soo and Choi Won-yeong were stable with their lines and were able to bring out the emotions in their characters.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" is full of joyful youth. Do Ji-han read the lines of Ban-ryu, Shilla's cold-city guy like a pro and Jo Yoon-woo did her part as Yeo-wool. V plays the youngest flower knight Han-seong.

Lee Gwang-soo appears in the drama for a short while as Mak-moon, a key individual responsible for Moo-myeong becoming a flower knight.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" script reading proved the group would be able to work together as a team and there was never once a boring moment.

"Flower Knights: The Beginning" will be broadcast near the end of 2016.

source: http://www.hancinema.net/flower-knights-the-beginning-script-reading-with-special-appearance-by-lee-gwang-soo-93113.html



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‘The Beautiful Knights’ unveils script reading photos

KBS2’s new period drama “The Beautiful Knights” released photos taken during a script reading on Tuesday.

The show has garnered much attention due to its star-studded cast, including actors Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik of ZE:A, Minho of Shinee and actress Go A-ra.



In the released pictures, they look quite serious, but also have big grins on their faces.

They had finished reading the script two times in the beginning of March in a friendly atmosphere, and are now set to start shooting for the TV drama, according to a representative from the crew.

Set during the ancient Silla Kingdom, the historical drama focuses on the love and growth stories of Hwarang, a group of well-born young males versatile in various fields, such as martial arts, education and more.

It aims to premiere in the second half of this year.


source: kpopherald

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Your favorite 'Reply' dad Sung Dong Il joins the cast of 'Hwarang'


Actor Sung Dong Il, aka your favorite papa from the 'Reply' series, will be joining the already star-studded cast of KBS 2TV's epic historical drama, 'Hwarang.'  Seriously. This drama has, like, everyone.


The drama's side stated on April 8, "Sung Dong Il will be appearing as the character Wi Gong in 'Hwarang.'"


The drama, which will be 100% pre-filmed, which is trending these days and definitely wiser, will premiere in the latter half of the year.


Credit: allkpop

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Go Ara injured during horseback riding practice for 'Hwarang'


Actress Go Ara was injured during a horseback riding practice session for theKBS drama 'Hwarang'. 

According to reports, Go Ara has been training to ride horseback since late March. After practice, she attempted to feed a horse a carrot when it bit her right hand. Though the injury isn't severe, Go Ara is said to have experienced excessive bleeding due to the bite.


Following the incident, the drama producers reassured the safety of the drama set and the health of the actress. Worried fans are hoping for her fast recovery and an overall safe filming environment for 'Hwarang'. 


source: http://www.allkpop.com/article/2016/04/go-ara-injured-during-horseback-riding-practice-for-hwarang


Go A-ra recuperates from horse-riding injury


Actress Go A-ra has recuperated from an injury sustained during horse-riding training for her role in the upcoming KBS2 TV series “The Beautiful Knights,” according to her agency SM Entertainment on Tuesday.

“Go was bitten by a horse while she was training for horse-riding two weeks ago,” SM Entertainment said in a press release. “She immediately went to a hospital, and now she is much better.”

Go had been training in horse-riding in southern Gyeonggi Province since March to gear up for the filming session. 

The period TV drama, which will take the preshooting route and is set to air in the second half of 2016, has a star-studded cast, including actors Park Seo-joon, Park Hyung-sik of ZE:A and Minho of SHINee, as well as actress Go.

By Son Ji-hyoung (json@heraldcorp.com)


Get well soon Go Ara ssi...

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Go Ara injured herself during their drama “Hwarang” training


go_ara.jpg Go Ara

Go Ara injured herself during the practice of horseback riding for the KBS2 upcoming drama, “Hwarang: The Beginning.”

According to her agency SM Entertainment, “Go Ara’s hand was bitten by a horse while doing horseback riding two weeks ago for ‘Hwarang: The

SM added, “Go Ara’s injury wasn’t that severe, she felt much better after the treatment given by the hospital.” The actress’ hand was bitten while she was feeding the horse after practicing. Her fans calmed down after knowing that that the injury was minor and will not affect her role in the drama.

Go Ara’s next drama is entitled “Hwarang: The Beginning” and will air in the second half of the year.



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Someone saw Park Hyungsik and Go Ara filming at folk village yesterday. cr weibo

Hyungsik's hairstyle seemed quite different from the official photos? 

The owner of the below photos mentioned Hyungsik is very tall, very thin and has very fair skin. Go Ara has a very small face and she is very pretty.  

No confirmed air date yet. Will wrap up filming by August so  most probably we will not get to watch this drama until Oct/Nov. I hope we will not have to wait till 2017.Cf23oQoUEAAuvyu.jpgCf23oQpUYAAxxW8.jpg


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Actor Park Seo Joon suffered an injury during 'Hwarang' filming



 Actor Park Seo Joon was reported to have suffered an injury during the filming of KBS drama 'Hwarang' and was rushed to Asan Medical Centre for treatment. 


Whilst rehearsing and shooting for an action scene, the actor ended up hurting his neck. His agency, Key East Entertainment, has not released further details except that the injury does not seem to be a severe one and filming will proceed after a short period of rest.




The KBS epic drama is set during the Silla Dynasty era. The story-line revolves around elite young scholar-warriors, Hwarangs, also known among other things for their extremely good looks. Park Seo Joon's co-leads include actress Go Ara, Z:EA's Park Hyung Sik and SHINee's Choi Minho.


Korea.com's Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.



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So sad to hear this news..Get well soon Seojunaaaa~~ :tears:


Park Seo Joon Suffers Neck Injury While Filming “Hwarang: the Beginning”


Park Seo Joon Suffers Neck Injury While Filming “Hwarang: the Beginning”

Actor Park Seo Joon has suffered an injury while filming for his upcoming drama, “Hwarang: the Beginning.”

His agency revealed on April 15 that Park Seok Joon suffered a neck injury while filming an action scene. He was examined and treated at the hospital, and fortunately, it wasn’t a major injury.

However, Park Seo Joon does need to rest so he will be taking time off from filming for the rest of the week and returning to film next week.

“Hwarang: the Beginning” which is 100 percent pre-produced, is a youth drama that tells the story of Hwarangs’ (literally “Flowering Knights”) passion, love, and growth in the capital of Silla 1500 years ago. It stars Park Seo JoonPark Hyung Sik, Go Ara, SHINee’s Minho, Do Ji Han, Jo Yoon Woo, and BTS‘s V (Kim Tae Hyung) and is expected to air some time in the second half of 2016 .

Source: soompi

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Hwarang' sold for more than 'Descendants of the Sun' in China?





The highly anticipated historical drama 'Hwarang,' featuring some of the hottest stars in K-entertainment, is coming soon, and it was reported that the drama was sold to China at a higher price than 'Descendants of the Sun'! 


A KBS rep told Sports Today on May 2, "'Hwarang' will be air this coming winter." 


e rep reportedly stated that the drama, which is being 100% pre-produced, will most likely finish up filming in July. The filmed content will then be edited for the entirety of August, and for three months after that, 'Hwarang' will be reviewed in China. At the earliest, the drama could start airing in November. Furthermore, like 'DOTS,' 'Hwarang' will broadcast simultaneously in Korea and China. 

The rep also relayed, "'Hwarang' wasn't going to be pre-produced, but following 'DOTS' which was pre-produced, we decided to do the same [for 'Hwarang']. We have sold 'Hwarang' to China for a higher price than we did for 'DOTS.'" 



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The only movie I saw with Hwarang in it was "Frozen Flower" I was happy to see the clean version rated PG13 but it was very interesting about the Hwarang. The only thing what was negative was the history of the movie the real Sila history wasn't like that. I will sure watch this drama looks good.

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Seems like this upcoming hits drama is going to ride the popularity wave too. Lovely casts..... Interesting stories....and pre-produced. Some news even said it will as huge as dots. 

Park Seo-Joon, he was doing really great in SWP and met him first in drama he starred with Uhm Jung-Hwa.

Parks Hyung-Sik, everytime Heirs come to my mind I also recognize the sly and funny Myung-So 

Go Ara, do,we need to question her charm??? 

Choi Min-Ho, only interested on him at Because It's the First Time but seeing his picture character in him cause my curiousity rise. 

Truthfully I am never be a big fan of saegeuk drama, but this one offer me something different. I will anticipate this one.

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