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Seo Ji Hye 서지혜


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SJH volunteering for SBS’s “Save the Children”

Sikasso, Mali, Africa

November 11, 2011







SJH is really an “Angel” like what PD Kim Jee Woon said

She is Nurturing, Caring and Sweet

Beautiful Inside and Out








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Disney Plus Korean Content Drama Lineup 4 Types <Broadcast>

3. Kiss Six Sense (Kye-Sang Yoon / Ji-Hye Seo)




Actors Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-hye meet through 'Kiss Six Sense'.

He was cast as the main character of the new drama 'Kiss Six Sense' (directed by Nam Ki-hoon).

'Kiss Six Sense' is a work of art that has the ability to see the future when kissed, and accidentally kisses Cha Min-hoo's neck, and then sees the future of two people. Based on the popular web novel of the same name, director Nam Ki-hoon, who directed the drama 'Oh My Baby', catches the megaphone.

.Among these, Kye-sang Yoon has already confirmed 'Kiss Six Sense' as her next work, raising expectations.

Seo Ji-hye appeared in last year's drama 'Would you like to have dinner?' Since then, he has been reviewing his next work, and after about a year, he is pleased to announce the appearance of 'Kiss Six Sense'.

In particular, Yoon Kye-sang and Seo Ji-hye met as siblings in the 2004 drama 'Sister-in-law's Nineteen'. The two, who are reuniting after 17 years, are drawing more attention as they meet romance in 'Kiss Six Sense'.

Yoon Kye-sang explained, "I'm playing the role of Min-woo Cha, who has the ability to sense five senses. He comes out rough, but his feelings with Seo Ji-hye in the play soften a little bit." Yoon Kye-sang boasted of his chemistry, saying, "Meeting Seo Ji-hye after 17 years with a work. The content is fantasy and bright, so the atmosphere on the set is very good." Seo Ji-hye said, "At the time, I was playing the role of my younger sister, but now I am my boss. There are many romantic parts and the setting is fun."

Yoon Kye-sang confidently said, "The energy of having fun shooting well will melt into the work and be transmitted to the viewers." Seo Ji-hye said, "I liked Disney cartoons when I was young, and I was happy to officially open the service in Korea. I am honored and happy to be able to greet you with a new drama. I will show you a good side with a good work."




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“I started learning English Again”


SJH studying English again reminds me of her role as Lee Ji Sun in “Yeah That’s How It Is” where she studied English for her role as an English Teacher









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Seo Ji-hye , transformed into a teacher (That's right, beautiful instructor Seo Ji-hye)


Seo Ji-hye has finished her elegant 'first class'.


Seo Ji-hye appeared in the SBS weekend drama 'Yes, that's how it is (play Kim Soo-hyun/directed by Son Jeong-hyeon/), which will be aired for the first time on February 13th.


Taking on the role of Jiseon Lee, an English teacher with a bubbly personality, she plans to portray a confident woman who manages both work and family.


Above all, Ji-sun, played by Ji-hye Seo, is a 'Tok-soon' character with the saddest background in the play.


After two months of marriage, she lost her husband in a plane crash, and her mother-in-law passed away a week later as a result of the shock.


Despite this, she lives with her father-in-law Min-ho Yoo (played by Noh Joo-hyun) for five years, working as an entrance exam academy instructor, translating English books, and playing the role of daughter-in-law for a grandchild of a large family.


The first filming of Seo Ji-hye's transformation into an English instructor was held on December 20, last year, at an academy located in Jongno, Seoul.


This day's shoot was a scene where Ji-sun showed off her fluent English for students and was conducting a class at the academy.


Seo Ji-hye caught the attention of the field by appearing with her elegant teacher's appearance with her braided hair and monotone attire.


In particular, thanks to the beautiful teacher who took the chalk and marked it directly on the blackboard, even the assistant performers who took on the student roles burned their will to teach.


On the other hand, due to the nature of the scene, Seo Ji-hye had to digest all the lines in English that day.


However, Seo Ji-hye, who has been studying English personally for over a year already, did not panic and showed her prepared English skills to the fullest.


The production staff and students as well as the production team poured admiration for Seo Ji-hye's proficient filming without NG.


Seo Ji-hye, who successfully completed her first class in this regard she said, "My usual English study fits the role perfectly, so I think it's really related to the character Ji-seon."


“It’s not something I can be proud of yet, but I’m studying hard,” he said modestly.


She also said, “I was very excited because it was a filming that I had done in a long time.” “At the same time, I was worried about whether I could express the character of Ji-seon well.”


 Nevertheless, she said, “The director and actors created a comfortable atmosphere, so we were able to shoot smoothly. As an actor, I will do my best to make a memorable work.”


The Alchemist of artist Kim Soo-hyun Ambassador "Yes, geureongeoya 'is to give a warm authentic family drama borne the loneliness of modern man,


Through the story of a large family spanning three generations, it is expected to portray the importance and meaning of family that we have forgotten in a light and serious manner.





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Seo Ji-hye, an elegant 'velvet look' pictorial released






Top Daily Reporter Seo Sang-hyun = French luxury contemporary fashion brand Paul&Joe presents 'Winter BEST ITEM' that captures both warmth and style.

Among them, Paul & Joe's 'Hungarian Goose Hooded Half Coat' and 'Tweed Check Goose Coat' can be matched with various winter items with their luxurious texture and excellent thermal insulation to create sensual and colorful styling.

Paul & Joe's Hungarian Goose Hooded Half Coat is woven with Hungarian goose down and polyester material, featuring excellent warmth and soft touch. Here, the hood detail adds a light and stylish look, and it can be worn until mid-winter, so its practicality is also high. We suggest a stylish fit and silhouette with a half length that does not burden the coat.

Another coat, Paul & Joe's tweed check goose coat, offers a feminine yet refreshing mood with a houndstooth patterned tweed material and bright colors. In addition, four different houndstooth checks of different sizes are combined to form a single check fabric, enhancing the quality of the coat. The coat's spacious semi-over fit size and wide collar and lapel detail make it easy to create luxurious and classic styling.



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[Interview] Seo Ji-hye, 'Doctor Brain' fighting spirit "It will be more glorious if season 2 goes"




After capturing the hearts of viewers around the world with the drama 'Crash Landing on You', actress Seo Ji-hye met viewers around the world through the Apple TV+ original series 'Doctor Brain'. In particular, the action of 'Seo Ji-hye', which I have never seen before, was another reason to look forward to 'Doctor Brain'. 

'Doctor Brain' is the first Korean drama on Apple TV+. The work tells the story of a genius scientist Se-won (Lee Seon-gyun), who uses the technology to synchronize other people's brains and approaches the truth about his family. Seo Ji-hye takes on the role of Choi Soo-seok, who is suspicious of Se-won. 

Seo Ji-hye recalled the time when she received the proposal from 'Doctor Brain', saying, "The impact was great just with these two stories, that director Kim Ji-woon directed a drama and that an Apple TV+ channel was created." I took on the role of a detective and looked for works in which female detectives appeared, and in addition to practicing the action, I also practiced getting a gun model at home and getting used to it.


It was my first action challenge. Seo Ji-hye also showed off her fighting spirit at the scene. She said, "It wasn't a serious injury, and the muscles in the back were a little surprised, so I filmed it while receiving treatment. Fortunately, it's improved a lot now." She said, "There are always scenes of chasing criminals, so I personally did a lot of fitness. I used a gun. It was my first time using a gun, so I learned how to hold a gun separately, how to handle it, poses, movements, etc. I think I learned it while preparing in my spare time." 

Director Kim Jee-woon called Seo Ji-hye as A walking convenience store and An Angel contrary to her cold impression. Every night of filming, he brought warmth to the scene of 'Doctor Brain' with snacks that he personally selected at the convenience store. Jae-won Lee also said, "When I was filming with my sister (Ji-hye Seo), I wasn't worried about falling apart." 

Seo Ji-hye said, "There were many cases of filming while staying up all night. At night, people don't feel down a bit. Whenever I think of something to cheer up, I buy one, and director Kim Jee-Woon expressed it that way. Later, I thought, 'Where did you buy it? ?' he asked and ordered," he added with a laugh.




In the first series, the first action challenge, Seo Ji-hye saw more parts to be filled than satisfaction, She said, "I think the character was difficult." She said, "There is an invisible side to the character, but I thought that if I thought about that part, it would come out on the surface. I have never been satisfied with my acting yet. The work seems to have learned the part about how to bring out the things inside.” 

The reason why Seo Ji-hye's selection of 'Doctor Brain' is a must-see is "a sense of tension and excitement." When season 2 comes out, he thinks, "I need to manage my physical strength more." 

“As it was my first time playing a body role, I was expecting it to be difficult, but it was still difficult. I have to work hard on my fitness.” 

Meanwhile, 'Doctor Brain' was released on November 4th through Apple TV+. Apple TV is a piece of hardware as small as the palm of your hand. Through this, you can experience the best picture quality and sound quality such as 4K resolution and Dolby Atmos. Another advantage is that it can be linked with existing Apple products. Apple TV+ can be thought of as a form of OTT services such as Netflix and Wave. Apple TV+ can be accessed and used on various devices besides Apple TV.





SJH Talking about a possibility for Dr. Brain Season 2…..

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SJH for “0509 Rose Project' held at a studio in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, April 2017

Celebrities expressed their candid views on the true value of voting and the presidential award that they had always thought of.



Seo Ji-hye drew attention at the scene with a witty answer, saying, "It is a must-have item" and "a must-do if you are a Korean citizen." Then, when asked what kind of leader he thinks he would be, he said, “A person who brings the whole nation together.” 


In the scene where she encouraged voting, he said, "If you vote, I'll love you," causing the scene to boil. Seo Ji-hye, who looked to the side in the photo shoot, expressed a seductive image with roses.













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