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Seo Ji Hye 서지혜


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@jihye8024 (Instagram)


 Date of Birth 

Aug. 24, 1984



Playing Games, Watching Movies, Reading Books



KBS Drama Awards, "Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily Drama" (2012)

MBC Drama Awards, “New Face Actress” (2005)



SBS Drama "Jealousy Incarnate" (2016)

SBS Drama "Yes, That's How It Is" (2016)

SBS Drama Special "Snow Lotus" (2015)

SBS Drama "Punch" (2014)

JTBC Drama "Noblewoman" (2014)

MBC Drama Special ";.,!: Me, Dad, Mom, Grandma and Anna" (2013)

KBS Drama "The Moon and Stars for You" (2012)

SBS Drama "49 Days" (2011)

KBS Drama Special "Snail Gosiwon" (2010)

MBC Drama "Kim Suro, The Iron King" (2010)

MBC Drama "Chunja's Happy Events" (2008)

SBS Drama "I Love You" (2008)

MBC Drama Special "Legend of Hyangdan" (2007)

MBC Drama "Over The Rainbow" (2006)

MBC Drama "Shin Don" (2005)

KBS Drama "She's Back" (2005)

SBS Drama "My Sister-in-Law is 19" (2004)



"Suicide Forecast" (2011)

"A Lone Tree" (2010)

"The Mafia, The Salesman" (2007)

"Voice" (2005)





Remnants from the previous homepage (for archive purposes):

A face that's capable of being completely modern, and at the same time, radiate a timeless elegance. Add THAT on top of a unique acting style, and you've got actress Seo Ji-hye - 2006's greatest star prospect! She's today's STAR FOCUS focus!

We caught up with the lovely young star at the shoot of a construction-related commercial.

She was taking it easy and looked rested after a grueling 9 months working on the historical TV drama, “Shin Don.”

In the drama “Shin Don”, she played two roles, the regal Princess Noguk, of the Koryo Dynasty and a the servant of Shin Don, Banya. She spoke the old language of Korea - a feat as difficult as learning a second language.

After showing up in a variety of commercials, the newcomer's acting finesse surprised everyone.

One TV drama, two completely opposite roles... The charismatic Princess Noguk, and the innocent servantwoman, Banya.

For the newcomer Seo Ji-hye, her role in “Shin Don” was an amazing adventure. Not only because she had to digest two different characters, but especially because the drama itself was a difficult genre... traditional history.

Last year, Seo Ji-hye introduced herself to the nation as an actress, with her part in the horror movie series famous for introducing new faces.

In “Tales of High School Horror 4: Ghost Voice”. Seo was cast as the young female student who dies under strange circumstances and wanders around as a ghost.

Ever since her debut, this starlet had been cast in many commercials. Seo Ji-hye's debut into the entertainment industry began with a snack commercial. Her clean, refreshing image made her a favorite for advertisers.

Compared to her sweet, carefree image in her earlier years, how much had the star changed?

Having scaled the impassable cliff that is the acting industry, Seo Ji-hye did INDEED have a look in her eyes that was more relaxed, at ease, and more confident.

Surprisingly, despite her pretty looks and star status, she wasn't very popular with the boys.

Her open, easy-going manner is something that we can see in her work, as well. Seo Ji-hye was able to pull-off martial arts stunts, ride bareback on horses... any stunt that a man could do, she didn't hesitate to try herself.

With that kind of "go-for-it" attitude and no fear, what was she looking for in her next production?

This summer, she'll delight Korean households as a happy-go-lucky young woman with a spunky, playful personality. Already the public is showing interest in her upcoming drama...

We can't wait to see how her talent will develop - The name to watch for is SEO JI-HYE.


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Guest xosandy

Finally! A thread for Seo Ji Hye! I just started watching OTR and I just adore her cute and bubbly character. SJH is quirky but not to the point that it annoys me. By the way, who did she play in "My Sister-in-Law is Nineteen?"

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Guest yeohweping

She played Kim Jae Won's younger sister. :D



Seo Ji Hye who is now currently acting in the drama " Over the rainbow" has been chosen as the female lead of Kim Rae Won's last drama "식객" before he enters the army. "식객" which is airing on Feb'07 is adapted from a popular comic book. The movie which is adapted from the same book will be made the same time starring new stars, Lee Ha Neul and Kim Kang Soo in the same roles as Seo Ji Hye and Kim Rae Won's roles in the drama version repectively.
















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OOO there's a thread for her?

i want Sang Mi to be with Hyeok Joo! okok, enough of that.

and she's having a lead role with KRW's last drama? i'd be looking forward to that :D

she has a nice smile :lol:

Firstly, thx ay_link for starting this thread for Seo Ji Hye.

I first saw her on Arirang's Star Focus and she gave me a very good impression.

In Over The Rainbow, I'd love her to end up with Hyeok Joo too but in tht drama, anything can happen haha since Rex seems to have interest in her too now but SM & HJ still my favorite :P

I can't wait to see her in the next drama with Kim Raewon too :w00t:

It shd be an interesting one since it's based on a manhwa and a separate movie adaptation is also going to be made at the same time.

She has nice big eyes and a wonderful smile :)

Can brighten you up.

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Guest xm1chelle

i remember her being in a drama...i forgot wut it was called, but i think she was a doctor? haha(; she`s pretty though

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Guest yeohweping
Guest yeohweping

KT & G ADS With Jo Seung Woo








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Guest BUTT3RFLii

I was looking for this thread. Hahaha. Oh cool, she has the same bday as me!!! This make me like her even more. Even though I only saw her in a few eps of OTR becuz i'm so fall behind, I already startin to like her. She has such a bright and sweet smile plus those huge eyes. SJH really has the traditional korean look.

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Guest atreyu112

she acted in sister is 19 years old~ the sister! now i remember... no wonder she looked so familiar..

well she's pretty..

rip!!! ~wave~.. miss u chinggu!!! are u also watching OTR?? i am addicted to it.. it's awesome drama.. and i love alll characters in it.. especially Sang Mi and rex.. i also like hyun woo and ok bin as well.. hyun woo is hot in it!!! btw, have u guys watched Ji Hye in her latest traditional drama?

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Guest BUTT3RFLii

Are the CFs SJH did with JHW before OTR or after? They have a lot of chemistry in those CFs. Very sweet and cute. Does anyone have all the small pix in the first post in bigger version? I would like to have them. Thank!

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