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  1. I seriously don't know what Jang Nara has to do to get a Daesang. The Last Empress is the top rated drama on free TV with a lot of hype as well. She is the hot favourite this year but SBS opted to give it to the leads in Shall We Kiss First. She was one of the favourites last year but KBS didn't even give her Top Excellence. What the richard simmons?
  2. Didn't know Soompi did a write up here. Anyway, Sung Yuri has already rejected the casting offer, so the article is inaccurate. I'm inclined to think that SSR is the male lead, simply because of the role he plays and the order by which their offers were announced. SYR -> CJH -> SSR -> JNR. Dramabeans has got more details on the plot and character desciptions.
  3. Interesting... Jang Nara is indeed considering an offer to star in An Empress's Dignity. Apparently the previous reports were false in that the character she was reportedly casted in is the second lead role, but she's apparently up for Oh Seo-ni, who will be the primary lead of the drama. The article also emphasised that Sung Yuri was set to play the secondary female lead. Let's just say that was unnecessary and a tad tactless. I mean, surely just stopping at the clarification is enough. This makes things slightly awkward between the actors lol. Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002817474
  4. Earlier today, articles came out about Jang Nara's potential casting in An Empress's Dignity. Sung Yuri was previously rumoured for the same role, but declined the offer. Both Shin Sung-rok and Choi Jin-hyuk are considering leading roles in the drama. The reports were however swiftly denied by Jang Nara's agency. In their statement, they indicated that Jang Nara has no intention of starring in the drama (ouch). Source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000885347 Not really news I guess, but this thread needs some activity.
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