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2006 Fall Jdrama! Detective Conan Live Action

Guest asianrice

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Guest tengteng


Even though I have no idea who the japanese actors are, Detective Conan is a sure-watch!!

The anime is so nice!!

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Guest shinhaku

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Another Live Action !!!! There will be no Conan though :(. Its kinda expected since i suppose it will be hard to find a kid who's as cool as Conan >__<

Cant wait 'till Autumn >__< . Oguri Shun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Guest Iridescence

oh snappppp! You know what? You would think they would've made a live action by now. I mean... after 400 episodes and still going, with 12 or more movies... NOW THEY MAKE A LIVE ACTION?! Just kidding.

But Oguri's in it! I wanna see this. =)

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wow another drama based on mangas/animes? i love detective conan!!

Oguri Shun is a great actor, but he doesn't fit Shinichi...hmm have to watch it^^

It seems like the drama shows cases of Shinichi before he turned into the little boy

and gave himself the name Conan...or?^^

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