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2006 Fall Jdrama! Detective Conan Live Action

Guest asianrice

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Guest hyeminnie

oguri shun~~~

my friends love him.

i've seen the anime on tv and the whole plot story is really good.

maybe i'll catch this sometime.

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This was pretty good... at first I was wondering how they would do this because Conan is small throughout the whole anime except the beginning...

And yea the main character girl kinda annoyed me...

Did you know the girl who was Ran's friend is Hibari in Hana Kimi?? lol

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Shun is filming currently for sequel of Conan Live Action special drama ^-^

Oguri returns for second "Detective Conan" live-action

Tue, September 18, 2007 (6:27pm EDT)

Last October, Shun Oguri starred in a live-action "Detective Conan" special. Fans asked for more, and now a second drama special is in the works.

The new episode is tentatively titled "Kudo Shinichi no Fukkatsu! Kuro no Soshiki to no Taiketsu." Conan attends a party for the "Miss Japanesque" awards, where he happens to eat a cake that temporarily transforms him back into Shinichi Kudo (Oguri). While there, a murder takes place and he has to solve the case. The special will also feature the first live-action appearance of the Black Organization.

Tomoka Kurokawa and Takanori Jinnai are reprising their roles as Ran and Kogoro Mori.

NTV will air the special during the winter.


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i'm so curious who's the cute kid that's going to play Conan

They might not have one. If it's like the first one, they animated the ending to describe what happened to him afterwards. So they might animated beginning of the sequel and change it to real life when he's changed back to normal size.

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Guest xstrawberry_bearx

Ohhhh! i cant wait!! Oguri Shuuuuun!! More of his dramas is happiness for the fangirls<3; My dongsaeng would be excited when she hears about this! I cant wait to watch this! Thank you for the thread ^___^

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Guest primeget








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Guest Truelover


I've just realized that I really love Tomoka Kurokawa, she have been wonderful as supporting role in Kagen no tsuki. I will take the first episode just for her. The plot seems poor if it's a transposition from the manga.



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Guest jollibee

watched this and loved it...

still trying to find a dvd fo the whole series but definitely watching it...

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