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[OFFICIAL] YongSeo/용서/SeoHwa Couple Thread 3 ♥

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Omaigadddd i cant believe we reach it too soon ~~!!!! *CryingOfHappiness !

Lets continue shipping and shipping until they turn real . I still can wait until forever !!!! YongSeo Fighting ~~! Goguma Fighting ! 


There's No Love Without Forgiveness , There's No Forgiveness Without Love :) 

In English Yongseo Is Forgiveness ♥




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Guest charchar09

Hello everyone! Congrats on reaching thread 3!!!!newbie here. . and a silent supporter of yongseo. . .

Fighting guys!!!!!:)


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Guest VelascoG

Greetings! Congratulations to one and all!!!! :) A silent reader here :) I have to come out to congratulate you all for this new thread!! Thanks for all the updates and good camaraderie.  Gogumas Jjang! :) Gogumas Figting!!! YongSeo Forever!!! 

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Guest DandelionAngel

OMG.... I haven't posted for soooo long and now we are on our third thread... Congrats to all gogumas!!!! 

Till our fourth, fifth, sixth....... thread... 

And till dispatch catch Yong and Seo... 

Let's keep our faith in our beloved couple.. Fighting!  :)

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Guest LuLuYang94

Lmao, i was like "ahh,i should left few word before moving on to thread 3” . then,when im about to wrote something on thread 2, i realized we already moved to thread 3 and i was like "wuuuuutttt??"

Hahahahaha happy me,new home,with a few newcomer...happy shipping my dear friend..lets give a looooot of love to yonghwa and seohyun.and keep this home with positive thing

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Guest glamrockr69

another tumultuous voyage with you guys, happy sailing!

so from where we left off from thread 2... they are now "THE HOODIE COUPLE", oh well its just another coincidence. (that word has been beaten & battered in the Goguma Dictionary.

he must be missing her, he looked so blue in his hoodie playing the piano(?). :tears:

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Guest Kerube-Chan

Woahhhhhh Long Time no see! hahahaha I dont know a lot of people here. Just came to celebrate our third threat! :) Keep the faith gogumas!!!! :)


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Guest zarybano

congrats to all of you :D

you all deserve this 3rd thread because all your hard works to spazzing and never give up to our otp...

hope this thread life in long time.

haaiii all..long time no see! xoxo


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