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  1. Hi all, Long time no see, just want to make sure that before 2019 comes to an end, some key goodies from YongSeo are kept in here. 191208 Yonghwa - Banmal song live at Still622 concert in Seoul Day 2 Credit sze4339 191208 “This song really hasn’t been sang live in a while and it’s a song that wasn’t promoted. Other than a performance in Japan once, I didn’t sing it again and thought it’s a pity. It felt forgotten so I’m gonna share it with you guys.” “(Cherish) it like my own child, For First Time Lovers, Banmal Song. Let’s use banmal today then haha.. ya~ ya~ ahahaha. If you’re unfamiliar with the lyrics, it’s on the screen too. “ “Banmal Song .. it’s really been awhile. The first time always makes people nervous, first performance, first time writing (a song)... Banmal song is really something that makes one feel happy and fulfilled no matter when it’s performed. “ via poppypoppies About For First Time Lovers [raw] YH: This is an old song. I only sang this song in Japan last time. Though I worked hard to make it. So I wanna sing this song again. YH: You might forgot the lyrics, so I put on the lyrics to sing together. cr @dianovitakd #STILL622 191207 In December 2019, at his first concert after discharge from military, Yonghwa sings Banmal song in Seoul 3-min Full video - all credits go to sze4339 Before singing #반말송 “This is the first time I’ll be singing this song live and I believe many of you are familiar with it. It’s the first time it’s being performed like that, I’m very nervous and practiced a lot for it.” After singing #반말송 It’s been awhile since I last sang this and there’re parts of it I’m unfamiliar with. It’s a song that I worked very hard on but I felt like it was abandoned (because he never got to showcase it before today). I sang it with the heart of a father (Figuratively, the song is like a precious child to him) and thought about sharing it with you guys today. Trans via poppypoppies
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