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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming Dramas: "The Queen Woo" (우씨왕후) (TVING) / "Bulk" (벌크) (JTBC) / Upcoming Movie "Revolver" (리볼버)


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daegorr said: ME!!! Wow that was fast. Only 4 episodes and you already made a fanvid for this couple! Ji Chang Wook needs more love in this thread. It's too quiet!! 
Just curious, does anyone know if there are any fancams of his performance in Jack the Ripper Musical? I've been searching around, wanting to hear his singing in that musical, but there seem to be none. I really liked his performance of 사랑했지만 in The Days musical! Wish there would be an official studio recording of him singing that song... 

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No filming for the next few days for our Little Petulant Emperor -- he's in Japan right now fulfilling the last of his contractual appearances for "Jack the Ripper" musical in Yokohama on 16 November.  And how wonderful that he tweets he's working hard on his scripts while over there!  (That reminds me... I'm out of beer! D'OH!!!)

요코하마!! 오늘밤은 내일공연준비!! 굿나잇!!  ("Yokohama!! Ready for tomorrow night's performance!!  Good night!!")


좋다..! ("Good..!")  I'll drink to that! *burp*


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Thanks to @Loya posting these on the 'Empress Ki' thread and reminding me that I completely forgot to post this pictorial when it first came out!  ARGH MOVING HOUSE SUCKS!!!  :o)

From the November 2013 issue of SURE Magazine (Korea Edition), our Little Emperor-to-Be had a nice spread showing off some of the latest men's Fall Fashions.  He also spoke about what he considers the "role of a lifetime" in accepting the Ta Hwan character and some other stuff that I need to translate from my copy.  Why are there not 27 hours in a day, ne? *headdesk*




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Outside of his acting duties, Changwook-ah is known to be an awesome football (soccer to you all in the rest of the world) player.  He is currently a member of the FC Avengers footie club (along with fellow celebs Kim Hyung-jun and Kim Hyun-joong from SS501, Im Seu-long from 2AM, Kevin, actors Jung Il-woo and Lee Seung-jin), and participates in friendly matches when his schedule allows.

But on 23 November 2013, he was asked by the FC MEN football club -- the celebrity sub-unit of the Suwon Samsung Bluewings (JYJ's Junsu is their captain, and the team's honorary coach is the South Korean National Team's goalkeeper Jung Sung-ryong) -- to participate in the Korea Classic Soccer League Celebrity Match to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the Korea League's inception, where they played against several retired members of the KLeague.  The match was held at 1:30 PM at the Suwon World Cup Stadium in Gyeonggi-do (a little over an hour due south of Seoul)... with the ambient temperature at kickoff a brisk 6ºC.  BRRRRRRRR.

Here's some pictures taken before, during and after the match, and I'm hoping some video will be shared and posted soon.  Enjoy!!

EDIT: Just got my hands on the roster.  Guys who played today:  Ji Chang-wook, Im Seul-ong (2AM), Goo Ja-myung (singer), Park Jung-jin (baseball player for the Hanwha Eagles), Lee Jung-hoon (singer), Baek Seung-heon (singer), Kwak Yong-hwan (singer), Park Min-woo (Ba-wool from 'Flower Boy Ramyun Shop'), Lam Bing-hon (actor), Lim Yong-pil (actor), and a couple more I could not find any information online.

Suwon World Cup Stadium


More under the tag!




That's Im Seul-ong (2AM singer) in the background setting up a pass.

Congrats after assisting on the FC Men's last goal -- look at that happy face!!!

Lim Byung-han and Ji Chang-wook

Ji Chang-wook and Park Min-woo (Chicken Boy!!!)

Nomu nomu kamsahamnida to my chingu over there for providing all the goodies: TwoJ, Aya-chan, SportsSeoul, Park Min-woo, and for the FC MEN and FC Avengers Fan Clubs for keeping me informed day in and day out.  Little Emperor Puppy only had this one day off from filming, so it's back to the grindstone for him!!!

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