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Ji Chang Wook 지창욱 - Upcoming Dramas: "The Queen Woo" (우씨왕후) (TVING) / "Bulk" (벌크) (JTBC) / Upcoming Movie "Revolver" (리볼버)


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Guest susany2k5_1

Ji Chang wook has definitely gotten better looking since his WBDS days! He was cute back then, now he's just hot!!!! Playing the Emperor in Empress Ki is definitely his break through role !

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I don't understand why JCW thread still so quiet after his buzz in Empress Ki. He's stealing thunder from everyone else and being in the limelight. Considering he's pretty much already several years in the business, his soompi thread is sooo quiet than other actors

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Sorry guys.  I try my best when there's something to share.  Most of the news and discussions are 'Empress Ki'-related and I like to not cross-post if at all possible.  And here is only a mention, but it is a mention nonetheless and therefore TA-DA! :D  (Although it would have been nice to include his picture, no?  Hmpf.)

class="cb b15"The Top Ten Male Kdrama Characters of 2013

The Heirs
Missing You
The Master's Sun


The best characters are not always the ones viewers like or want to see win. They can be heroes or villains or somewhere in between. What makes the best characters stand out is how complex they are. Check out this list of this year's memorable male kdrama characters and why we liked them:

He was bad but not really. Choi Young Do, played by Kim Woo Bin in "The Heirs" started the drama as a bully but viewers quickly got to see his vulnerable side. And once his affection for Cha Eun Sang cracked his hard exterior, he could no longer pretend to be tough.

He was bad but he did so to protect the woman he loved. Harry Borrison was a very appealing, attractive villain in "Missing You" but he had a traumatic past that bound him with Yoon Eun Hye's character Zoe Lou. While protecting her was a priority, his desire for revenge undid him.

He does not like people to touch him but he needs it. Joo Joong Won in "The Master's Sun prefers if people do not touch him or his money. But it's Gong Hyo Jin's touch that he needs to dispel his own ghosts.

He waited for 15 years. Han Jung Woo never stopped loving Zoe Lou in "Missing You" but that doesn't mean he was a saint. He abandoned her when she needed him most.

He's a con man that sees the light. Jo In Sung's character Oh Soo in "That Winter The Wind Blows" needs money and doesn't care whom he has to hurt to get it. But the surprise is that love totally disarms him.

He's an immature emperor who commands the woman he loves. Emperor Huizong in "Empress Ki" is a big baby. He would be a very annoying character if he were not so endearingly obsessed with Ha Ji Won's character. Ji Chang Wook manages to make him puppyish and likeable.

He will survive no matter what. Both the police and thugs pursue Tae San in the heart-stopping thriller "Two Weeks." Lee Jun Ki's character starts out with little to live for but once he knows he has a child, he knows he must live. It's a bumpy and very believable ride.

He's a man who becomes evil one small action at a time. As the ambitious prosecutor An Do Hoon in "Secrets," Bae Soo Bin starts out with ideals but trades them for money and power. His villainy is very subtle and totally believable.

He defies time for those he loves. In "Nine," Park Sun Woo is an announcer who travels back in time to save his brother and then his love. Lee Jin Wook created a character that wants very much to make things right, no matter how much he has to sacrifice.

He hears voices and it's not a good thing. Park Soo Ha has a unique gift that has in many ways cursed his life. Fortunately, the "I Hear Your Voice" character also has a compass to guide him, his love and gratitude for the girl who stepped forward to help him.

If you missed any of these great dramas, you may want to catch up.

(Credit:  KDramaStars.com)

P.S.  It's okay on quoting one little picture... especially one so hot, right?  RAWR. :X

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All right.  Everyone have your inhalers close by?  Here's the promo shots from JCW's photoshoot for Grazia Magazine, January 2014 issue.  HOLY MOTHER OF.... *faints dead*

The blurb that appears with most of the news reports say that even though he decided to bare some chest in this photoshoot, he's so busy filming for 'Empress Ki' that he needs to exercise more and makes time to go play soccer with his buddies every Monday night.  (HA.  I *knew* he wasn't watching the show because he's said in the past that it would jinx the ratings.  Keep NOT watching, sweetie!!)  And I am SO hoping he keeps this hairstyle for the crush of Awards Ceremonies coming up in two weeks.  Pretty please? :X



And the scan of the interview page that I put up earlier on the EK thread.  My real copy in on hold at my local bookstore, so guess where I'll be heading tonight?  *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*


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