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[Drama 2014] 9th Boy/Plus Nine Boys - 아홉수 소년 - Thank You For Watching!


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Nine Muses' Minha joins the cast of tvN's '9th Boy'

Star Empire Entertainment stated on June 26, "Minha has joined '9th Boy'. She's playing the role of a new employee who has a one-sided crush on 29-year-old Kim Young Kwang. This is the first time she's officially appearing in a drama. As it's her first, she's working hard to make sure she doesn't affect the drama in a negative way. Please look upon her kindly even if she's lacking."

'9th Boy', written by 'The Romantic's PD Yoo Hak Chan and 'We Got Married 4' writerPark Yoo Mi, revolves around men whose age end in the number 9 (a superstition that you reach your climax at the ninth try, etc.). Kim Young Kwang, Kyung Soo Jin, Oh Jung Sae, Yoo Da InBTOB's Sungjae, and A Pink's Chorong are also starring in the series.

The drama is premiering in August!

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'9th Boy' reveals teaser video featuring A Pink's Chorong and BTOB's Sungjae

Upcoming tvN weekend drama '9th Boy' released a teaser video featuring A Pink'sChorong and BTOB's Sungjae!

SEE ALSO: A Pink's Chorong, BTOB's Sungjae, and more attend script reading for '9th Boy'

In the clip, Sungjae is excited to find Chorong in front of him in a white dress holding a gift. However, the unexpected happens when Chorong suddenly flips him to the floor. 

As previously mentioned, '9th Boy', written by 'The Romantic's PD Yoo Hak Chan and 'We Got Married 4' writer Park Yoo Mi, revolves around men whose age end in the number 9 (a superstition that you reach your climax at the ninth try, etc.). A Pink's Chorong and BTOB's Sungjae will act out 19 year olds Soo Ah and Kang Min Goo.

'9th Boy' is set to premiere on August 29 following the finale of 'Marriage, Not Dating'.

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Good news.

This drama will be subbed for N.America by Kdrama.com


Not committed to watching it yet, but will give a try. Lee Chae-Mi is my main draw (Love her eversince "Two Weeks" ), as well as Choi Ro-Woon and Kim Young-Kwang
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Getting so excited for this drama....my dear sweet @iloveporkandbeans Thank you so very much for all the pictures and updates, makes it even harder to wait!!  The two little actors (male/female) are so darn adorable!!!  Is it bad to spazz over a drama that hasn't even begun yet???
Wonder if we will get to see much of him like this??......

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@PeggyM haha! Ahjumma! Already deboning the bird when it hasn't even landed yet. :)))

Me too! I'm lovin most of tvn's show and so excited to see them roll.

@irilight‌ : Choi ro woon! This cute dimpled namja pumpkin. The young Park Shi On in Good Doctor, soooo cute and good. He was also in Golden rainbow. I can't get enough of this furball <3

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OMO!!!!!  WHAT????? How did this happen?????  Jang Mi, what is she doing here with Gi Tae also????  Now I'm seriously curious!!!


Ohh!!! @PeggyM‌ we can get married! Jin Goo and Jang Mi were lovers there right?! Now their connection makes sense. I just don't know about Gi Tae and Da In.

@ahoxan‌ anyeong! maybe you can enlighten us abit about this chart? [-O< [-O< [-O<

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@iloveporkandbeans When I first read your comment, I thought you were proposing.....many thoughts ran through my head....like me being older, us living far apart from each other, the fact that we are both women.....just random things like that!! =)) Now that you have solved half the mystery Agent Nine (like your nickname for this thread??) all you have to do is figure out the rest....I have faith in you....FIGHTING!!! :))

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Kinda funny and genius if indeed they will do connect the characters but i think it was more about how all of them connect as this drama will follow Marriage Not Dating,Han Groo was in love with Kim Young Kwang while Yeon Woo Jin was in the mini drama with You Da Inquite waiting for this one to start,sounds good,hope for some very funny things to happen yet i hope they will also have many touching moments,oh it's tvN i'm sure i won't be dissapointed ;))

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