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[OFFICIAL] ♔ MinShin (Lee Min Ho ❤ Park Shin Hye) ♔ - Thread 2


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Guest ط§ظ„ظ…ط§ط±ط¯ط§ظ„ط¬ظ†ظˆط¨ظٹ

Cha Eun Sang who can sleep anywhere, whenever, however.. :x










cr: as tagged

Just dropped by to greet a happy Sunday to you all! Now I'll continue sleeping my Sunday away..

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That pic's great. I'm still curious until now. When they went back to Seoul from USA, did they sat next to each other? I mean, hey it's 13 hours and they sat next to each other? Hmmm what would they do? Hahaha

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[Fan Acct] #LeeMinHo 's OSIM Event in Singapore
140927 - lee min ho osim event in singapore

Here’s my fan-account of what happened today, possibly long-winded so read at your own risk haha

and do pardon the English bc i suck at writing :/ 

Before the arrival of oppar, the Hosts invited the earlier hosts (from the OSIM press conference) onstage to share their experiences from the press conference. Oppar said that he didn’t like morning schedules as his face tends to be swollen and he is usually listless in the morning. The female host talked about how he is really charming (and tall) and has electrifying eyes. 

Oppar stepped onto the red carpet and the whole mall erupted. He slowed down to shake hands with fans behind the barricades and flashed his stupid smile, ugh. As always, he tried to cater to fans from all directions and upper floors by looking up and waving at us (me on the 3rd floor).

He greeted us in Mandarin “Da jia hao, wo shi li min nao!” (sth along those lines i was too excited). And standing with the 2 hosts and interpreter on the stage, it struck me once again that dammit oppar is freaking tall. Well, I’ve seen his tallness before at the airport last year, but I tend to forget his height because I get distracted by his little boy antics or his derpy-ness. So I was just like OMG OPPARRR!! (in my head, cos I’m having a sore throat). At that moment, I could hear people behind me saying ‘woahhh, he’s so tall’, ‘so good-looking’. I guess his height stood out the most because frankly speaking, I could not make out his face due to the distance, I could only see his body language.

Next were the obligatory questions about the OSIM Udiva and oppar earnestly doing his job as the spokesperson. In between questions, he would look up at us and do his little waves. Then, it was time for interactions with the 5 fans. Each fan had to write their answer to a simple question on a whiteboard and if correct, obtain a chance to get closer to oppar.

[the questions might not be in order due to my limited memory space]

1st fan: Which Udiva colour is Minho’s favourite?

She is blindfolded and oppar is made to walk over to the correct chair. He sits down in the black-coloured chair. The fan chooses black and is led towards Minho. Her blindfold is removed and Minho did this cute ‘tada’ hand action. As her prize, Minho applies lip balm on her lips while she sits in the chair. Obviously the whole mall screamed. I saw her asking if she could hug oppar, Minho didn’t understand her so he turned to the interpreter who translated and then he gladly hugged her ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

2nd fan: Which part of the Udiva does Minho like best? (I think so)

The host asked Minho to give a hint and he cutely tilted his head to the side and lifted his left shoulder. The fan answered ‘Neck and shoulder’ to which Minho reiterated her answer and said in English ‘Neck and shoulder’ (someone is enjoying his Engrish). This fan won the opportunity of having her hand placed over Minho while he signs on a board. It looked like he signed extraaaa slowly, keke.

3rd fan: Who will first receive the Udiva from Minho?

Minho says in English, ‘Mum’. I swear he was a lil smug he managed to reply in English (oppar pls). The fan was asked to step onto the elevated platform where the Udiva was and sit in it. Minho was then supposed to feed her with Hainanese Chicken Rice (a local delicacy). Minho started giggling when he saw the plate of food. He picked up the drumstick, laughed and said that it’s too big so it might be difficult for her. He said it was better for him to feed her the rice instead (female host complimenting his thoughtfulness). Minho later stepped up onto the platform to take a photo with the fan. There were 2 balloons lying harmlessly on the platform but they were cruelly kicked onto the ground by oppar who felt they interfered with the shot (hahahaha it was hilarious to see really).

4th fan: When is Minho’s favourite time to use the Udiva?

Host asks Minho for a hint and he did the sleeping gesture (ackkk he is too adorbs criessss). With the balloon in-between them, the fan and Minho had to burst it without using their hands (YEAP THIS ONE GAH). SOOOO, the whole mall went crayyyyyyy when they tried it the first time but failed. They hugged even tighter the 2nd round and I swear everyone was wailinggg haha. Succeeded on the 2nd try.

5th fan: Why do you like Minho?

The fan said it’s because he’s good looking, a good actor and he loves his fans. Minho was smiling throughout her answer haha. Minho had to form a heart shape with her at chest level. There was an additional request for them to do the heart shape overhead. Minho asked her to stand up from the chair (she seemed a lil confused) and he practically held her shoulders and nudged her to the centre of the stage (I noticed bc I kept staring at him, he was like a little boy omg)

All the 35 fans (selected from a competition) were invited onstage for photo-taking with Minho. This was followed by photo-taking with OSIM staff who had the highest sales. All of them wanted to shake his hands and he obliged readily.

As it was OSIM’s 35th Anniversary, a birthday cake was brought in to celebrate the occasion. The host asked Minho to sing the birthday song on his own but he was shy so he asked everyone to sing with him in English. We could all hear him really clearly because of his mike haha, his voice ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

During the closing, he asked us to anticipate his new album and to continue supporting OSIM. The host then added that he had an upcoming movie and a concert (I wonder if he forgot to say it heh). He waved in all directions again before he walked off the stage.

I conclude that despite his height and looks, he’s still very much a little boy especially his little actions, ughhhhhhh HOW TO NOT LOVE HIM     

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@meridian thank you for you FA on the pages 421, i really appreciate it with your full schedule, but you still have time for us. Thank you very much.

As I'm busy too i can't lurking everyday, maybe sometimes, back reading. :D

I laughed so hard here, :)) thank you thank you very much! I love you and Minshin Thailand! :x

SH is skinny already in person. She’s not photogenic I need to say. Her real size is tiny! My height is as same as her but she looks a lot tinier than me (I can tell as I went hi-touch with her). And her skin is soooo beautiful — very clear and fair and glowing. And her face is small. She’s not chubby at all. If someone said that she need to lose her weight, I suggest you to meet her in person and you’ll change your mind. Her body is in good shape already and I bet that her body is the body that men will love! She’s not too skinny and not too chubby. I don’t know how to call in English properly but in Thai is something like “huggable” …. the body that I want to hug and cuddle! And I’m a straight woman but I still think her body is perfect for hugging, if you know what I mean And if I were MH, I’ll definitely hug and cuddle her all day without being bored LOL And her eyes….they’re soooo beautiful eyes! Both MH and SH said that they look at “eyes”, right?

Cr meridian

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Guest meridian

Everyone...after seeing MinShin photo back from LA to Seoul...(they look so much like a couple back from a trip ^O^) ....it made me miss them so much (>___<) .... a year has passed ~ time flies so fast~~

For "1 year celebration" of "from LA to Seoul" , I want to translate this video clip for you all ~ as it was my first time watching it but I can't help smiling...big big smile....

This is a clip of press conference of SH's fm in Thailand last year (2013 Kiss of Angel Fan meeting), before "The Heirs" on air.I'm not sure anyone has translated and posted it in our thread before??Anyway, I'll translate again in the part that SH talked about MH. And once you watch it, I'm sure all of you will smile.

MC : Are you visiting Thailand for the first time? 
PSH : Urrrr...in the year 2009, I had a chance to (come for) filming a cosmetic CF in Thailand. Therefore, this is the 2nd time I visit Thailand.
MC: Ahhh..at that time, did you spend long time here? or just short period of time?
PSH : I think it's around one week...I came here with LeeMinHo-ssi...

**Please notice the difference between SH's reaction/gesture when talking about her other co-stars and when talking about MH.**

MC : How's working with other actors in "You're Beautiful"? Can you tell Thai fans some funny BTS?
::6.22 - 7.00::
PSH : Actually it was the first time that I had work with co-stars in similar ages. Everyone was very energetic. Guensuk oppa, as I said in an interview before, was responsible and took care all of us very well like an eldest brother. Hongki-ssi is my close friend since long time ago as we had worked together since we were children. Yonghwa-sii, maybe because (YAB) is first acting work. Everyone was working actively whether it was rehearsal or anything, all didn't play or let the time pass (waste the time) but all (of us) worked our best to make (the drama) as perfect as possible.

MC : How are you feeling that you're working with Lee Min Ho for the first time in "The Heirs", your latest drama?
:: 7.57 ::
PSH : Urrr....((smiled shyly ... she's speechless... MC laughed))....
:: 8.03 ::
PSH : LeeMinHo-ssi also has many fans in Thailand, hasn't he? And (he) also has many fans in Asia. And this drama has very fun (interesting) content (plot)....
:: 8.13 ::
PSH : How can I say....((smiled again))....
:: 8.17 ::
PSH : Many things....have different images from before....I hope that this drama will be well-received by Thai fans and I think many people will have fun watching this drama 
:: 8.25-8.31::
PSH : Now I hope that this drama will be airing soon. And I also hope that I'll have a chance to (visit and) greet Thai fans together with LeeMinHo-ssi. 
((#me : yessss...Shinhye-yah....Please come with him...for your honeymoon maybe? :)) ))

:: 8.32 ::
MC : I'm sure The Heirs will be aired again and again and again 
:: 8.40-8.52 ::
PSH : The writer of this drama is a very famous and talented script writer. I hope that fans who watch this drama will have fun and watch it again and again and again too. I will also wait to follow (watch) it as well. 
(( #me : yessss....we watch it again and again and again for the nth time =)) ))

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Lee Minho (이민호) shows off a 'manlier' look in new film, Gangnam Blues

South Korean Actor Lee Min Ho is ready to show off a manlier side to himself. The 27-year-old heart-throb, who is best known for playing rich,‪#‎pretty‬ boy students in hit TV dramas Boys Over Flowers (2009) and The Inheritors (2013), tells local media at a press conference Saturday afternoon that he sacrificed ‪#‎facial‬ ‪#‎moisturiser‬ for six months to achieve a coarser, grittier look. And that new look will debut in his ‪#‎upcoming‬ ‪#‎noir‬a#ction movie Gangnam Blues, he says, which is slated for release at the end of the year.

"I filmed Gangnam Blues straight after The Inheritors, and I think I looked a little too well-maintained at that point. So I stopped putting lotion on my face for six months afterwards in order to look more manly," he says with a grin in Korean via a translator at the press event held at The Westin.

In Gangnam Blues, he plays a guy who gets embroiled in a power struggle and other skirmishes with a childhood best friend. The playful actor adds in jest: 
!!!►"When the movie comes out, don't be too worried about who the 'old' man in the film is. That person is definitely me."

cr @strait_times


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