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[Movie 2015] Alice: Boy from Wonderland 앨리스 : 원더랜드에서 온 소년

Guest snowflakesj16

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thanks for this review link  . saw some reports today  that the movie is sold out!! 

so happy for jung so min , jjong and go eun . 

thanks for all the info here !! 


God bless!! 



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I recently watched this film twice.  I must say that it is more supernatural thriller with fantasy elements than romance, horror, and fantasy.  The film reviewer mentioned the lack of romance.  Well, there is a good reason for that, and you will know it after you have watched the film.  The acting was good, the pacing was not bad, and the way the story was woven definitely kept my interest.  I would recommend it for fans of Korean cinema who are into this type of genre.

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After watching the movie, i love the romance element here, but i dont understand the secret behind all the problem. 

Song mi and Hwan are siblings but different mom. I must say i love if the writer didnt make them have relation as family, so the bedscenes could be beautiful. But at the end the writer made him as her brother. So why they sleep together like couple?

i cant accept the secret on her family matters. Hmmm.. At least they can make hwan as her friends when their child. So all those sweet moment became more sweet, and the bedscene too. I know from begining that Hwan was her brother than her past lover. The way hwan treat her, like bro and sister. But the romance element feel more sweet, but also not makes sense with the secret.

I admit, i adore Jong hyun acting here, he was perfect ghost in wonderland. I never watch jonghyun movie or film, so i feel he is good actor. 

Can someone give some explaination about the love that make them fall in love and the bed scene things? With the family secret?

@snowflakesj16 sorry for tagging you, but seems like you are fans this movie. So i want to ask you.. Just in case you understand.


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