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[Movie 2015] Alice: Boy from Wonderland 앨리스 : 원더랜드에서 온 소년

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Guest snowflakesj16


Alice: Boy From Wonderland


Korean Title: 앨리스 : 원더랜드에서 온 소년 (ae-li-seu: won-deo-laen-deu-e-seo-on-son-yeon)

Cast : Hong Jong Hyun (홍종현) as Hwan          
         Jung So Min (정소민) as Hye Joong      
         Jung Yeon Joo (정연주) as Soo Ryeon   
         Lee Go Eun (이고은)   
         Lee Seung Yeon (이승연) as Moo Nyeo
         Seo Gap Sook (서갑숙) as Grandmother

 PD :   Heo Eun Hee (허은희)
 Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mellow
    Is a beautiful and sad love story with brutal secrets. Hye-joong is a girl who suffers from deadly nightmares, finds Wonderland Pension to search for the cause and meets a mysterious  man who runs the pension, Hwan. Hwan is the type who protects the woman he loves. The movie is based on a real event that occurred in 1979 in Gyeonggi-do.
 Production Company: Ubicontents (유비콘텐츠)
 Run Time: 115 minutes
 Screening Date: 2015-July-18 (Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival) | Mainstream 2015-12-10

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Guest snowflakesj16

Jeong So-min in "Alice : The Girl From Wonderland"


Actress Jeong So-min is starring in the movie "Alice : The Girl From Wonderland".
SM C&C revealed this fact on the 22nd.
"Alice : The Girl From Wonderland" is a horror romance film about Hye-joong who heads towards Wonderland Pension in order to find the cause of her deadly nightmares and a mysterious man she meets there. Jeong So-min plays the role of Hye-joong, a character who lives a meaningless life much like the youths in this generation.

Jeong So-min is currently starring in the KBS 2TV drama "Big Man" as Kang Jin-ah, the youngest daughter of a rich family.
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Guest snowflakesj16

Hong Jong Hyun cast as male lead in the movie "Alice", alongside Jung So Min

Source: http://www.breaknews.com/sub_read.html?uid=316454&section=sc4

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Guest snowflakesj16

Jung So Min Cast as Lead Actress in Horror Romance Film ‘Alice’

Jung So Min has landed another major film role. SM C&C, Jung So Min’s agency, revealed on May 22 that she has been cast as the lead actress in film Alice. This is her second confirmed casting for a film, following Twenty Years Old. 

Alice is a horror romance film based on a true story about a girl named ‘Hye Joong,’ who goes into wonderland pension to find the cause of her life-threatening nightmares, and encounters a mysterious man. 
Meanwhile, Jung So Min will start filming once KBS2’s Big Man is over.

Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/66539/jungsomin-to-act-in-movie-alice

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Guest snowflakesj16

Hong Jong Hyun Cast in ′Alice′ with Jung So Min

Picking his new project, Hong Jong Hyun has been newly cast in the movie Alice. 
On May 22, Yong Entertainment announced the new of Hong Jong Hyun′s new project. Hong Jong Hyun will be playing the role of 24-year old Hwan, who protects the woman he loves. Jung So Min has been confirmed as his counterpart. "uAlpejZ.jpg

I′m really thankful and glad to be working on this project with good people. I want to prepare a lot and show moving and funny moments," said Hong Jong Hyun. 
Alice is a sad and beautiful love story with brutal secrets about a girl who walks into a pension called ′Wonderland′ to find the cure for her nightmares and meets a mysterious man who runs the place. The movie is based on a real event that occurred in 1979. Filming for the movie begins in June. 
Source: http://mwave.interest.me/enewsworld/en/article/66556/hongjonghyun-picks-next-projectPhoto Credit: Hong Jong Hyun′s Facebook

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class="at_ttl"Jung So MIn To Visit Wonderland In "Alice" BY Julie Jones | May 22, 2014


Jung So Min is doing a good job of paying a bad heiress on "Big Man." As the self-involved Kang Jin Ah, she's a bad girl but not so bad that she doesn't question the motives of her very bad parents and brother.

But the actress who also starred in "Playful Kiss" is not neglecting her film career. After being cast in the film "Twenty" with Kim Woo Bin, 2PM's Junho and Kang Ha Naul, she has also been cast in the film "Alice," a movie about a girl having bad dreams. The film's story is inspired by the children's classic "Alice in Wonderland," in which a girl falls down a rabbit hole into a strange world.

In the new film "Alice," the heroine Hye Joong is having terrible nightmares. She visits a pension called Wonderland, looking for the cure, and meets the mysterious owner. It turns out that her nightmares are caused by terrible secrets that must be disclosed before she can sleep peacefully.

The movie has been described as both a horror film and a romantic comedy and is supposedly based on a real event that took place in 1979. While "The Master's Sun" presented a new genre of drama, the horror romcom, this film may be the first k-movie that attempts to combine all these elements.

Actor Hong Jong Hyun plays Hwan, a character that protects the woman he loves. The actor was very happy to get the role and looks forward to acting out the film's funnier moments.

"I want to prepare a lot and show moving and funny parts," said the actor who recently appeared in "Dating Agency Cyrano" and "Her Lovely Heels."

The movie will begin filming in June when Jung So Min's responsibilities for the drama "Big Man" end. She also appeared in the drama special "Came to Me and Became a Star." After Jung So Min appeared in "Playful Kiss" with Kim Hyun Joong," she had a role in the cable series "Can We Get Married" with Sung Joon. "Alice" will be her second film as she previously appeared in the 2009 film "The Worst Friends."

In comparison former model Hong Jung Hyun is an acting veteran with 13 dramas and four films to his credit. His dramas include "Warrior Baek Dong Soo," "Vampire Idol," and "Jeon Woo Chi." His film appearances include "A Frozen Flower" and "One More Step To The Sea."

credit: kdramstars

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Guest snowflakesj16

First shots of the leads together! I think this is during the screen test. :)
Originally posted by @jungsominfanpage at Jung So Min's Thread
Jung So Min 정소민 with Hong Jong Hyun ('Alice' movie)
Caption: 헬로. 앨리스 (English Translation- "Hello. Alice")
Credit : Jung So Min

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CHUNGMURO/FILM NEWSJung So-min, Hong Jong-hyun pair up in horror-romanceby javabeans | May 24, 2014 | image

Cute pairing alert! Jung So-min (Big Man, Could We Marry) and Hong Jong-hyun (Dating Agency Cyrano) have just been cast as the leads in an upcoming horror-romance movie called Alice.

My first reaction to the casting was to think that they must’ve been coupled up before, only to realize my brain was making a few shortcuts thanks to the White Christmasconnection, considering that drama basically gathered together all of the next generation’s leading men before they were famous. Consider this: Jung So-min acted with Sung Joon inCan We Marry; Sung Joon was in White Christmas with Hong Jong-hyun. She also acted inCan We Marry with Kim Young-kwang, another White Christmas alum. And Jung So-min is acting in Twenty with Kim Woo-bin, who was also in White Christmas. All roads lead toWhite Christmas.

Back to Alice, which is inspired by the classic Alice in Wonderland story, only told with a nightmarish bent. (I’d argue that Wonderland is nightmarish enough in the straight version, but that’s beside the point.) Jung So-min goes searching for the source of her terrible nightmares and finds a pension named Wonderland, which is where she meets a mysterious young man who’s caretaker over the property. Jung’s character is a hardened soul who rediscovers that sense of thrill in a time that’s at once “both beautiful and cruel.”

Credit: Dramabeans
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Jeong Yeon-joo- cast for "Alice : The Girl From Wonderland"

Jeong Yeon-joo-I has been cast for the role of Soo-ryeon in the movie "Alice : The Girl From Wonderland".
"Alice : The Girl From Wonderland" is about Hye-joong (Jeong So-min) who sets out to Wonderland Pension to find out the reason why she's having nightmares all the time. She meets a girl there and experiences sadness and happiness. This horror romance flick is based on a true story.
Jeong Yeon-joo-I's role of Soo-ryeon is a major key in leading the movie. She's currently spending a lot of time with Heo Eu-hee the director and is discussing matters about the movie. She is traveling back and forth the movie and drama set.
Meanwhile, Hong Jong-hyeon is acting in the role of a mysterious man.
"Alice : The Girl From Wonderland" will be released at the end of the year.
Credit: Hancinema

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Guest snowflakesj16

Jung So Min's Instagram + photo update (reposted from simplysomin blog) with Hong Jong Hyun on the set of the movie "Alice"
imageimageimageCaption: 환이. 그리고 피와 친해지는 중. #앨리스 만만세. 욥

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Guest snowflakesj16

Hong Jong Hyun updated his facebook with this pic from "Alice" filming
Caption:촬영하다가 깜빡 졸았어요..ㅠ혹시.. 나 보고싶을까봐 
다들 잘자요 !

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I've never been a huge fan of Jung So Min - I mean I didn't hate her or anything but I didn't particularly love her either HOWEVER that all changed after Big Man. She was so awesome in that drama and I pretty much tuned in for her SO now I'm really looking forward to this. Thanks for sharing the info! :)

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Guest M-i-l-o

Anyone else getting really pumped by the random pictures these two updates us with? I want MOOOOOOORE! It does help that they look great together, haha.
@sebsob, welcome! The more the merrier! 

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