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[Movie 2015] INSIDE MEN 내부자들 - Lee Byung Hun, Jo Seung Woo, Baek Yoon Sik


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Thanks to @peonie and @p.v.wong at LBH soompi for this translated sharing

“Insiders” press conference - translation of excerpts


Grateful thanks @p.v. wong who posted the above video with Chinese subtitles: 

“Hello everyone, I am Lee Byung-hun, I played the character Ann Sang Gu, a political gangster. In the movie,  I experienced the taste of both heaven and hell.” 

Q:     Why did you choose this movie?

LBH:  My standard of choosing a script  is very simple.  The script has to be attractive and interesting.  I found this script intriguing,  therefore I chose it. 

Q:     How did it feel to cooperate on this performance? 

JSW: When I was a kid, Lee Byung Hun is already a superstar in my mind.     Before I became an actor, I used to watch his drama “Tomorrow Love” on television with my family.  I still remember the first scene of the movie “Insiders” Lee Byung Hun stood in front of me in a conference room separated by a piece of glass.  I was so preoccupied with admiring his performance that I forgot my own lines.   In the past, I have always wanted the opportunity to work with  him.  After due consideration, I decided to accept this script.  I have also worked with Baek Yoon Sik “Sunbae” in the movie “Tazza, The High Rollers” and looked forward to cooperate with him again.  In addition, I was afraid if I missed this opportunity, I do not know when I would have the opportunity to collaborate with Lee Byung Hun.

LBH:  Jo Seung Wo’s attitude towards me is like an other brother.  He often gave me advice and patted me on the shoulder.  In the studio, it is hard to distinguish who is the elder brother and who is the younger brother  When I found out that Jo Seung Wo was cast in this movie, strangely I could not recall his previous works.  However, when shooting started, I discovered that he is an excellent actor.  Therefore, I had to pay extra attention.  Acting together with Jo Seung Wo made me extremely nervous and I felt I had to act well. 

Source:  Korea Star Daily 

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October 14, 2015

Film completes cartoon 'Inside Men'

By Baek Byung-yeul The Korea Times


Actors Baek Yoon-sik, from left, Lee Byung-hun and Jo Seung-woo, director Woo Min-ho and Yoon Tae-ho, original author of upcoming film "Inside Men" pose during a press conference at a theater in Apgujeong, Seoul, on Oct. 8. / Courtesy of Showbox

Star cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho's incomplete comic strip "Inside Men" will be concluded in a film of the same title next month.

Yoon, best credited for his online comic strip "Misaeng" (An incomplete life), serialized "Inside Men" in a local newspaper for three years from 2010 to 2012, but abruptly stopped releasing the comic strip.

"Inside Men" is a political thriller revolving around three protagonists ― Lee Kang-hee, a chief editorial writer at an influential conservative newspaper who manipulates public opinion by pulling strings with political figures, Ahn Sang-goo, a political henchman who takes revenge against the political, business and media moguls, and Woo Jang-hoon, an ambitious prosecutor who joins hands with Ahn to investigate political and business tycoons.

During a movie premiere, actor Lee Byung-hun, who plays Ahn, explains his character as a dumb bear with a fox mask on.

Actors Jo Seung-woo, left, and Lee Byung-hun in a scene from upcoming crime thriller "Inside Men" / Courtesy of Showbox

"In the film, Ahn tries to be tricky, but he always falls into his own trap," Lee said at a theater in Apgujeong, Seoul, on Oct. 8.

"When I chose this film, I didn't have a chance to read Yoon's original work... But director Woo Min-ho told me I don't need to because my character has changed a lot from the original work. For reference, I read the incomplete cartoon, and saw that the gangster's character is far from that in the original comic strip."

Lee and actor Baek Yoon-sik, who features as editorial chief Lee, both agreed that they decided to act in the film because they became greatly interested in the script when they first read it.

"I got the picture while I was reading the screenplay," Baek said. "Based on the script and the original cartoon work, I attempted to create my own version of the editorial chief before shooting."

Actor Jo, who takes the role of prosecutor Woo Jang-hoon, said he refused to join the cast three times because his character was not originally in the cartoon version.

"Frankly, I am an avid fan of Yoon's work. I have read all of his cartoon work. So, when I was cast for the film at first, I had to turn the offer down as there is no reference to my position because there was a photo journalist in the cartoon instead of the prosecutor," Jo said, adding he decided to appear in the end due to director Woo's persuasion.

"When I was young, actor Lee was one of my idols," Jo said. "The idea that I could work with him made me change my mind. I don't even remember how I could finish the first shoot because I had cold feet."

Yoon said he stopped drawing the political thriller because he could not handle the story any longer. "I stopped making the series judging that I could not control the enormous story anymore," he said.

"Actually, I received the script written by director Woo, but I didn't try to read it. My work was incomplete and director Woo finished it. That's why I stopped turning the pages of the script. I would like to enjoy the film version as a member of the audience as well."

"Inside Men" will hit theaters in November.




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Thanks to the fan-highlight at PlanetBH0712, preview of the Midnight TV Entertainment program. Hope we'll get to watch the whole segment later. If not mistaken, the program will be aired on Wednesday (today?)

Looks like they had a great time during the interview. :)

Published on October 13, 2015 by SBSNOW 

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Thanks to the fan-highlight at PlanetBH0712

The clip of SBS Midnight TV Entertainment ep 529 can be watched HERE (full episode)

The Insiders featuring Lee Byung Hun, Jo Seung Woo and Baek Yoon Sik at 25:40~30:05 time-mark

For the INSIDERS segment cut, please watch HERE user posted image

Source: Newsen


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Thanks to @peonie and LBH Baidu for the translated sharing & highlight

A short excerpt of the interview on SBS Midnight TV Entertainment shown on 14th October 2015 -  a translation.


“Jo Seung Woo exposed that Lee Byung Hun’s actual character is the fear of loneliness and liked being “abused”?

Chinese-English translation by Barbara

Having vowed to cooperate with Lee Byung Hun, Jo Seung Woo said: "At the first shooting, I was not thinking but just admiring Lee Byung Hun’s acting and feeling very grateful.”

In respect of this, Lee Byung Hun said: "From the start, he treated me like a younger brother.”  At this point, Jo Seung Woo patted Lee Byung Hun’s shoulder lightly and said:  “People born in 1970 ‘Year of the Dog’ fear loneliness, they like to rely on their juniors. In addition, they do not mind being treated casually.”  The audience in the studio broke out in laughter . Lee Byung Hun was born in 1970, the Year of the Dog. 

In addition, the “Insiders" adapted from Yoon Tae Ho’s web-toon, discussed politicians, members of Parliament, large corporate  executives, gangs, Interpol, and other documentary writers and dissected incisively corruption and malpractices in Korean Society.

Souce:  LBH Baidu ( http://chinese.kpopstarz.com/articles/94389/20151015/caochengyou-libingxian.htm)

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Not sure if Insiders would have any specific movie poster apart from the character posters. Maybe it'll be revealed once the release date has been set. Can't wait for the VOGUE and CINE21 pictorials to come out, most likely for the November issue, right?

Source: Hancinema.net


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Thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712, the Insiders Naver page has some more movie captures

감독과 주역 배우들이 함께 하는 영화 [내부자들] 무비토크 라이브 네이버 영화 매거진 이병헌, 조승우, 백윤식, 우민호 감독, 그리고 원작자 윤태호 작가와 함께 하는 시간

Oh.. wait.. not sure what this says but there will be an INSIDERS event on October 26. Will it be the media screening event, from which we'll get to read the critics first impression?

Movie with director and principal actors - the insiders - Movie Talk Live Image 2

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October 18, 2015

‘The Insiders’ now rated R

(Show Box)

Upcoming movie “The Insiders,” starring actors Lee Byung-hun and Jo Seung-woo has been rated R after a thorough discussion by the Korea Media Rating Board on Saturday. 

According to the Korea Media Rating Board, the contents of the story portraying the criminal underworld in relation to politics include violence and vulgar language. 

“As some of the contents are deemed dangerous for youngsters who could possibly commit a copycat crime, the movie needed a special warning,” said an official.

“The Insiders” is based on a popular Web-cartoon of the same name that focuses on corruption in the political arena within Korean society. It is set to premiere in November. 

By Lee Hye-won (hyewonlee@heraldcorp.com)

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