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[Movie 2015] INSIDE MEN 내부자들 - Lee Byung Hun, Jo Seung Woo, Baek Yoon Sik


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October 8, 2015

'INSIDERS' Press Briefing Event 

Source: Various media portals via Nate

The cast of upcoming film The Insiders gathered for a production presentation, held at the Apgujeong CGV in Seoul on October 8.








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October 8, 2015

Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo and Baek Yoon Sik Gather for ′The Insiders′

CJ E&M enewsWorld Hea Jung Min


Lee Byung Hun looks sharp in a pinstripe suit


Cho Seung Woo opts for a gray suit


Baek Yoon Sik looks gentlemanly in his plaid suit


The cast poses with the director


These actors make one intimidating team

The cast of upcoming film The Insiders gathered for a production presentation, held at the Apgujeong CGV in Seoul on October 8.

Photo credit: Hea Jung Min

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October 8, 2015

Incomplete webtoon series interests actor Lee Byung-hun

By Shim Sun-ah

SEOUL, Oct. 8 (Yonhap) -- Actor Lee Byung-hun said Thursday he joined the cast of new Korean film "Inside Man" simply because the screenplay was intriguing.

"My own standard for choosing a film is if its screenplay is interesting enough, and that's the reason why I chose this one," Lee said during a news conference to promote the crime drama.

The film is based on the popular webtoon series by the same name, authored by Yoon Tae-ho who shot to fame for "Misaeng (Incomplete Life)."

   Yoon abruptly stopped making the series less than three months after it was released in 2012, allegedly because he couldn't handle the enormous plot any longer.

"Actually, I didn't have a chance to read the original cartoon series before. It was also interesting that director Yoo Min-ho completed the story to adapt it into a film."

In the forthcoming film, Lee plays Ahn Sang-gu, a thug who is ruined and abandoned after being used by the owner of a large conglomerate and a political heavyweight who is a presidential candidate in the film. Sang-gu later accepts an offer from Yoo Jang-hoon (Jo Seung-woo), an ambitious prosecutor who is ready to do everything to be promoted, to take revenge against the political, business and media heavyweights who ruined him.

Veteran actor Baek Yoon-sik took the role of a famous editorial writer of an influential daily who designs and orchestrates the dark connection between the political and business bigwigs.

Directed by Yoo who previously made two feature films, "Man Of Vendetta" (2010) and "The Spies" (2012), the film is scheduled to be out in November.



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October 8, 2015

‘The Insiders’ Holds Its Production Conference

Source: BNTNews


[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Kim Chi Yoon] Movie ‘The Insiders’ held its production conference at Apgujeong CGV in Gangnam, Seoul on October 8. 

‘The Insiders’ is a criminal drama drawing the insiders’, who are able to move Korean society, friendship and betrayal. Lee Byung Hun, Cho Seung Woo, Baek Yoon Shik and others appear in it. 

Meanwhile, ‘The Insiders’ will premiere in November. (photo by bntnews DB)




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@rubie, thank you for starting this thread and all the info. you provided. I will catch up on it.

They looks so good in the press conf.  Makes me happy to see.


"Inside Men" Lee Byung-hun, Jo Seung-woo, Baek Yoon-sik


Lee Byung-hun, Jo Seung-woo and Baek Yoon-sik's "Inside Men" is coming out next month and the premiere was held on the 8th.

From casting to the original web-toon, producer Woo Min-ho had an unusual confidence about him. He said, "This movie is of the actors, by the actors for the actors".


"Inside Men" is written by "Moss" and "Misaeng" writer Yoon Tae-ho. The serial publishing of the original was stopped in less three months but Woo Min-ho completed it through this chance.

"Inside Men" is a criminal drama about the loyalty and betrayal of insiders who move the society. Through the politics of the Korean society, finance media and investigative departments, we look into the source of the corruption and irregularities of our society. One thing that the movie has unlike the web-toon is the character Woo Jang-hoon.

'The Fact' will help the understandings of the audience by looking into the characters of Ahn Sang-goo (Lee Byung-hun), Woo Jang-hoon (Jo Seung-woo) and Lee Kang-hee (Baek Yoon-sik).


- The turning point of Lee Byung-hun's 25 year acting career; a gangster named Ahn Sang-goo

Lee Byung-hun usually played the gentle and king roles. The role he plays in "Inside Men" is something new.

Ahn Sang-goo, is a 'fox-like bear' political gangster. He was once a puppet to plutocrats and politicians along with his shadow of power Lee Kang-hee (Baek Yoon-sik). However, he loses everything in the end.

Lee Byung-hun's role of Ahn Sang-goo shows the various turns of one man's life from being a gangster to an entertainment company director and even a failure. Lee Byung-hun also uses the Jeolla district dialect which is a comical thing to watch.



- Jo Seung-woo is back as Woo Jang-hoon

From a gambler from "The War Of Flower" to a fighter for national independence in "The Assassination", actor Jo Seung-woo plays Woo Jang-hoon.

This character didn't exist in the original web-toon but producer Woo Min-ho created him with Jo Seung-woo in mind. Jo Seung-woo was hesitant because the character was a non-existing one but he trusted the producer and decided to go along with it.

Woo Jeong-eun is always the best when it comes to performance but he became an investigator because he didn't want things in the way of his success for the reason that he didn't go to police academy. He gets the opportunity to shoot down a case of a secret fund with the elections coming up but he fails due to an unexpected incident. Ahn Sang-goo appears to his aid.

Lee Byung-hun said, "Jo Seung-woo was so good at acting that I was nervous and he's younger than me, but I still have a lot to learn".

- Baek Yoon-hee, editorial member Lee kang-hee

Baek Yoon-sik can be seen in movies and dramas. This time he is Lee Kang-hee, current editorial member and former political journalist.

Lee Kang-hee was once close with Ahn Sang-goo but when he finds out Ahn Sang-goo has a weakness of his, he stamps all over him. Ahn Sang-goo determines revenge and he knows it but he uses his network and media to side with power.

Lee Kang-hee in the original web-toon is weak and indecisive but Baek Yoon-sik added charisma to it.






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Thanks to the highlight at PlanetBH0712, here's a clip uploaded by KBS Scoop TV presumably from the production event yesterday. It shows the filming of the movie and interviews with the cast and crew. Looks pretty intense indeed.

Published on October 8, 2015 by TV특종 KBS

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