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[Drama 2014] Doctor Stranger 닥터이방인

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  • Drama: Doctor Stranger (literal title)
  • Revised romanization: Dakteo Yibangin
  • Hangul: 닥터 이방인
  • Director: Jin Hyeok
  • Writer: Park Jin-Woo
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: May 5, 2014 --
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 21:55
  • Language: Korean
  • Country: South Korea
  • tumblr_n3r8xevNsV1sl7awmo3_1280.jpg


    As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) and his father were kidnapped by North Korea. In North Korea, Park Hoon was trained to become a doctor by his father who was already a doctor. Park Hoon became a genius like chest surgeon. He then flees to South Korea.

    Park Hoon begins to work as a doctor in South Korea's top hospital Dongwoo University Hospital, but he feels like a complete outsider. To bring his love from North Korea, he does anything to make money.


    Cast & Characters

[*]Lee Jong-Suk - Park Hoon[*]tumblr_n4fymqiqam1sg2018o1_1280.jpg
[*]Jin Se-Yeon - Song Jae-Hee / Han Seung-Hee[*]tumblr_n4fymqiqam1sg2018o2_1280.jpg
[*]Park Hae-Jin - Han Jae-Joon[*]tumblr_n4fymqiqam1sg2018o3_1280.jpg
[*]Kang So-Ra - Oh Soo-Hyun
[*]Cheon Ho-Jin - Prime Minister Jang Seok-Joo[*]Jeon Kuk-Hwan - Oh Joon-Gyu (Soo-Hyun's father)[*]Kim Yong-Geon - President Hang Chan-Sung[*]Park Hae-Joon - Cha Jin-Soo[*]Choi Jung-Woo - Moon Hyung-Wook[*]Jung In-Gi - Kim Tae-Sool[*]Kim Ji-Young[*]Goo Seung-Hyun[*]Kim Sang-Joong - Park Cheol (Park Hoon's father)[*]tumblr_n4e2mwzkac1qm3h6go6_250.gif
First Teaser

Second Teaser

.tumblr_n42w3dOrqu1swi9bzo4_250.gif,Special EpisodePhotos/Links/Videos

Long Teaser

  Official Stills Park Hoon (Lee Jong-Suk) 
Song Jae-Hee / Han Seung-Hee (Jin Se-Yeon)
Oh Soo-Hyun (Kang So-Ra)
Han Jae-Joon (Park Hae-Jin) 
tumblr_n4de4eLe1z1sl7awmo8_500.jpgOST Part 1
id="watch-headline-title" class="yt" style="text-align: center; margin: 0px 0px 5px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-size: 24px; background-color: transparent; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); font-weight: normal; line-height: normal; overflow: hidden; white-space: nowrap; word-wrap: normal; text-overflow: ellipsis; font-family: arial, sans-serif;"Bobby Kim (바비 킴) - 이방인 (Stranger)Doctor-Stranger-OST-Part-1.jpg
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 All photos are courtesy of SBS Korea and SBS Global. All information, translation, fanarts must be taken out with permission.

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Will Lee Jong-suk become ‘Stranger’?

Actor Lee Jong-suk is considering taking part in a future SBS drama, tentatively named “Doctor Stranger.”

Lee’s agency, Wellmade Entertainment, said that the actor has been offered a role in the drama and has received a script. 

However, the agency declined to comment further in regard to the drama. 

The medical series will tell the story of a doctor named Park Hun from North Korea who ran away from the repressive regime. Lee was offered the role of Park.

The drama is scheduled to go on the air in March, after “One Warm Word” completes its run. 

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Quite curious if he will accept the role,not so much into medical dramas and we had our fair share of them the past year but the role looks intresting if we pass the genius,we know dramaland loves genius but i guess it's already a normal thing so curious about the casting progress

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1441518_245012968995278_1962876972_n.jpgLee Jong-seok considers new medical drama

Yay, Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice) might be coming back to dramaland! Thank goodness because I really really missed him for those 2.5 seconds he was gone. The downside is that he’s considering a medical drama, which doesn’t excite me in the least. But who knows; this one’s got a premise that might shake things up a bit. It’s called Doctor Stranger (stranger meaning foreign, alien), and it’s being shopped at SBS for a possible spring broadcast to follow Warm Words.

On the upside, the series is being produced by PD Jin Hyuk of City Hunter and Master’s Sun, and writer Park Jin-woo of Conspiracy in the Court. They’re courting Lee Jong-seok to play the lead, which would be a Prosecutor Princess reunion for him and PD Jin Hyuk. But his reps have made it clear it’s far from a done deal, and that it’s just one of many projects he’s considering. I’m not sure I’m behind him taking on a medical drama, not least of which because he’d look like Doogie Howser in a lab coat. Unless that’s the point.

The drama is about a North Korean doctor who defects and ends up in the South, and it tells the story of his life as a stranger in a foreign land. If he signs on, Lee Jong-seok will headline as the titular defector doctor. I’m not sure what kind of setting that means for him as a doc—does he practice medicine in a South Korean hospital? Because that seems unlikely. It’d be fun if they did what Covertly, Grandly did with spies, and made him a small town doctor practicing on the down-low. At least the North/South divide sets us up for a much richer conflict than just another medical drama about a super doc… I hope?

Doctor Stranger is angling for a March broadcast on SBS.

Source-Doctor Stranger FB page

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Park Hae-jin in talks to join Doctor StrangerParkHaeJin2.jpg

So remember that North-Korean-doc-in-South-Korea medical drama Doctor Strangerthat’s courting Lee Jong-seok to headline? It’s still angling for a March broadcast on SBS (though with God’s Gift – 14 Days premiering in February, it might not be till April). Lee Jong-seok is still considering, and now so is Park Hae-jin (You From Another Star). It’s weird to see someone in a current drama lining up his next project the week after his new show premieres, but can more of Park Hae-jin really be a bad thing?


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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 26px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Lee Jong Suk Reviewing Genius Surgeon Role for Upcoming Medical DramaLee_Jong_Suk33.jpg

Lee Jong Suk is reported to be favorably looking through his next project: a medical drama.

According to broadcast insiders on December 5, Lee Jong Suk is planning to join the cast for a new SBS drama “Doctor Foreigner” (working title), which is to air next year.

Lee Jong Suk will be playing the role of Park Hoon, who gets kidnapped to North Korea with his father, who is also a doctor, and grows up to become a doctor himself. If Lee Jong Suk confirms his casting, this will be his first medical drama.

Lee Jong Suk’s agency commented, “It is true that we received the offer and are looking through the script but a decision has not been made yet.”

Park Hoon is a thoracic and cardiovascular surgeon, who escapes to South Korea after being kidnapped to the North. Although he is a genius doctor and works for one of the best hospitals in South Korea, he is not able to be listed as an official doctor because he is a “foreigner.”

“Doctor Foreigner” will be directed by Jin Hyuk, who has worked on “On Air,” “Shining Inheritance,” “The Chaser” and “Master’s Sun” in the past.

Since Lee Jong Suk seems to be climbing higher and higher in popularity, many are interested in his next steps.

“Doctor Foreigner” is planning to air in March of next year.


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Oh this looks interested as well and hoping a good lead actress fit the roll and seeing that the director who helped in The Master's Sun did a wonder job with that drama so I'm looking forward seeing how this one plays out as well :)>-

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class="post-title" style="margin: 0px 0px 25px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-size: 24px; vertical-align: baseline; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); color: rgb(66, 66, 66); line-height: 1.2; font-family: 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif;"[ARTICLE] Lee Jong Suk, to become an escapee doctor from North Korea in Jin Hyuk PD’s “Dr. Foreigner”

Source: Star

The greatest ‘trend guy’ in 2013 is going to challenge himself with a medical drama.

On the 5th, according to many industry sources, Lee Jong Suk has been slated to star in the new SBS mon-Tues drama ‘Dr. Foreigner’. (Writer Park Jinwoo, director Jin Hyuk).

In ‘Dr. Foreigner’, Lee Jong Suk will be playing the role of Park Hoon, who was kidnapped to North Korea along with his father who was also a doctor. While living there, Park’s father trained him to become a doctor. If his casting is confirmed, this would be Lee Jong Suk’s first medical drama.

His representative agency has stated that “we have received the offer for this drama, but we have not confirmed to accept the offer yet”. They also remain cautious, expressing that “there are other dramas and movies we are considering”.

In the drama, the genius brain surgeon Park Hoon managed to leave North Korea and works at the best hospital in Korea, but finds himself to be different from all the other factions in the hospital, thus living as a complete foreigner. He has left a lover back in the North.

The collaboration is highly anticipated by industry insiders, since it is between Jin Hyuk PD and Lee Jong Suk, the 20s actor who has garnered much attention from ‘I Hear Your Voice’, ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘No Breathing’. Jin Hyuk PD was the director for such famous works as ‘On Air’, ‘Wind Garden’, ‘Shining Inheritance’, ‘Master’s Sun’… a name that surely inspires trust in viewers.

'Dr. Foreigner' is about the main character who is completely isolated and his relationship with the hospital and other doctors. It will be a medical drama that is rife with mystery and tension. It will be written by Park Jinwoo, who wrote the script for 'Seoul Farewell', and will be aired Mon-Tue timeslot starting around March of this year.




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Doctor Stranger: Lee Jong-seok in, Park Min-young outby girlfridayLeeJongSeok2.jpg
Casting confirmations are in for SBS’s spring Monday-Tuesday drama Doctor Stranger, with a yes from Lee Jong-seok (I Hear Your Voice) to play the hero, and a no from Park Min-young (Dr. Jin), leaving him without a leading lady for now. Is it wrong that I care more about whether or not he’ll still have that blonde hair for the drama? It’s breaking my heart, that hair. He couldn’t possibly keep it to play a North Korean defector surgeon, right? Just nod and tell me it’ll all be okay.
Read more here: Dramabeans

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Park Hae Jin To Film New SBS Drama “Dr. Stranger”

Actor Park Hae Jin confirmed his role as the genius doctor in the new SBS Monday Tuesday drama "Dr. Stranger."Park Hae Jin's agency said on January 21, 2014, "Park Hae Jin is to appear in the new SBS Monday Tuesday drama 'Dr. Stranger' as Han Jae Joon."
Han Jae Joon is a 30 something genius doctor who is a little bit secretive. It is amassing a lot of expections of the fans because "Dr. Stranger" would be Park Hae Jin's first medical drama.
Park Hae Jin is currently filming the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "You Who Came From The Stars." He is to finish filming the SBS Wednesday Thursday drama "You Who Came From The Stars" this February and concentrate on filming the new SBS Monday Tuesday drama "Dr. Stranger."
Copyright ⓒ 2012 KDramaStars.com All rights reserved. Do not reproduce without permission.

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Lee Jong Suk confirmed to take on his first medical drama 'Doctor Stranger'

Lee Jong Suk will be returning to the small screen as a doctor as he has been confirmed to take on his first medical drama 'Doctor Stranger' (working title)!
His agency Wellmade StarM stated on the 5th, "Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Park Hoon on the new SBS Mon-Tues drama 'Doctor Stranger' following 'God's Gift -14 Days'."
The actor shared his excitement with fans, commenting, "I am looking forward to it and feel thrilled about acting out the charming character of Park Hoon. As the character has a specialized profession as a surgeon, I am preparing a lot to show a good image to viewers. I am working hard to show more mature acting so please look forward to it."
'Doctor Stranger' will be directed by 'City Hunter' and 'The Sun of My Master's PD Jin Hyuk and will portray the story of a genius North Korean defector, Dr. Park Hoon, who enters Korea's top hospital and adjusts to life as an outsider in his workplace.
'Doctor Stranger' is set to premiere this coming April!

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 26px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Lee Jong Suk Confirmed for New Medical Drama “Doctor Stranger,” Also Starring Park Hae Jin

Lee Jong Suk will be returning to dramas as a lead for SBS’s upcoming “Doctor Stranger,” his first medical drama, according to Wellmade Entertainment  in an announcement made on February 5. Also starring in the drama is Park Hae Jin, who is currently appearing in “Man From the Stars.”

“Doctor Stranger” is a story about Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk), who was kidnapped and taken to North Korea with his doctor father, and was raised as a doctor. He then escapes to South Korea and finds a job at a hospital, but doesn’t fit in and spends his days at work as a stranger.

Following his recent characters from the SBS drama “I Hear Your Voice,” the movies “The Face Reader” and “No Breathing,” and others, it will be exciting to see Lee Jong Suk in his first role as a doctor. The actor said, “I’m really excited about the opportunity to portray the character of Park Hoon. As my character is a surgeon and has a very specialized job, I’m doing a lot to prepare for the role. I’m doing my best in order to portray a mature character, so please stay tuned.” 

“Doctor Stranger” will air in April following the end of “God’s Gift – 14 Days.” It is a collaboration between director Jin Hyuk (“Brilliant Legacy,” “Prosecutor Princess,” “City Hunter,” “Master’s Sun”) and writer Park Jin Woo (“Conspiracy in the Court,” “The Kingdom of the Winds”).


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Lee Jong Suk Confirms Role In Medical Drama “Doctor Stranger”

Lee Jong Suk makes his small screen comeback with the medical drama "Doctor Stranger".On February 5, his management agency Wellmade StarM confirmed his participation, "Lee Jong Suk will play the role of Dr Park Hoon in the upcoming SBS Monday-Tuesday drama 'Doctor Stranger' which will follow after 'God's Gift - 14 Days'."
The actor expressed his excitement towards his new role and said, "I look forward to portraying the charming and interesting character of Dr Park Hoon. Since he is a doctor who specializes in surgical procedures, I will do my best to learn the required knowledge to give the viewers a good and accurate medical image. I am working hard to mature as an actor, so please look forward to the new drama."
The story revolves around a genius North Korean doctor named Park Hoon who learns how to cope with the unfair treatment he receives as he finds a job in one of the top medical institutions in South Korea."Doctor Stanger" will be directed by "City Hunter", "Shining Inheritance", "Prosecutor Princess" and "Master's Sun" director PD Jin Hyuk. Meanwhile, actresses Park Min Young and Kang So Ra are rumoured to be taking part in the production, but their participation haven't been confirmed as of yet.The drama is expected to premiere in April.

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fanmadecr ljs dc 

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class="single-title" style="margin: 0.5em 0px 0.3em; padding: 0px; border: 0px; outline: 0px; font-weight: 400; font-size: 32px; font-family: 'Myriad Pro', 'Trebuchet MS', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif; vertical-align: baseline; line-height: 1.4em; color: rgb(78, 78, 78); text-shadow: white 1px 1px 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); clear: both;"[News] Lee Jong Suk Cast as Lead Actor in ‘Doctor Stranger’

Lee Jong Suk Cast as Lead Actor in ‘Doctor Stranger’

Lee Jong Suk is confirmed to star in the upcoming drama Doctor Stranger.

The actor’s agency revealed on February 5, that Lee Jong Suk has been cast in SBS’s new drama Doctor Stranger, scheduled to air after God’s Gift-14 Days.

Lee Jong Suk will be acting as ‘Park Hoon,’ a genius doctor who escapes from North Korea and ends up in one of the best hospitals in South Korea.

About taking on the role of ‘Park Hoon,’ Lee Jong Suk said, “I’m very nervous and excited to be acting out such a charming character. I’m preparing as much as I can in order to act out the doctor character. Please show your support as I’m working hard to present good acting.”

Doctor Stranger is a medical intelligence melodrama and is set to air in April. 

Photo credit: Newsen
Source: EnewsWorld 

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Lee Jong Suk, confirmed to be in ‘Doctor Stranger’… his first medical drama.


Actor Lee Jong Suk is to make a comeback on tv screens with the role of a doctor who has escaped from North Korea.

On the 5th, his representative company Wellmade Ent has confirmed that Lee Jong Suk will be playing the lead role of Park Hoon in SBS’ new Mon-Tue drama ‘Doctor Stranger’ (written by Park Jinwoo, directed by Jin Hyuk). It is his first time to take up the challenge of a medical drama.

Park Hoon was brought to North Korea along with his father, who is a doctor. While he lived there, he was raised into a doctor at his father’s hands. After leaving North Korea, he works at the most prestigious hospital in Korea, but His lover was left in North Korea, so he uses any method he can to earn money, in order to free her.

Last year, in the SBS drama ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and movies ‘The Face Reader’ and ‘No Breathing’, he has proved himself to be a ‘trend guy’ of the 20s. Now that he is challenging his medical drama acting, it natrally attracts a lot of attention.

Lee Jong Suk expressed his dedication, "I am very excited to be portraying a character as charismatic as Park Hoon. Since this is a professional role of a surgical doctor, I am currently preparing a lot in order to bring an even better side of myself to the viewers. I hope I can present my matured acting, please look forward to it."

'Doctor Stranger' will be directed by Jin Hyuk, who was behind such works as 'Shining Inheritence', 'Princess Prosecutor', 'City Hunter' and 'Master's Sun', and written by Park Jinwoo, who was behind 'Hansung' and 'The Kingdom of the Winds'.

'Doctor Stranger' will be aired this upcoming April, after 'God's Gift - 14 Days', headlined by Lee Bo Young and Jo Seung-woo.

Source: Naver

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