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[Variety] The Return of Superman 슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다 7th anniversary NOV 2020

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Seol Ah, Soo Ah, And Daebak Get The Hallyu Star Treatment During Trip To Thailand

The Return Of Superman” siblings Seol Ah, Soo Ah, and Daebak were greeted by huge crowds outside Bangkok airport during their recent trip to Thailand.

return of superman

On the January 29 episode of the show, Lee Dong Gook and his children arrived to the Bangkok airport to find that the terminal was full of waiting fans. The kids were a little shy at first, but with a little help from their father, they got the courage to properly greet the crowd, waving to fans and collecting presents that were specially prepared for them.

return of superman

Meanwhile, in another part of the episode, Lee Hwi Jae’s twin boys Seo Eon and Seo Jun take to the streets of Seoul to sell magazines to raise money and help the homeless.





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Oh sweet Mingukie...  

This scene: I watched the latest ep raw so pretty much everything went over my head, but then someone pointed this out. Minguk knows it's King Sejong's picture on the bill. And I was like, just what

Oh Mingukie.... you and your cute expressions!!! hahaha. 

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Beloved siblings So Eul and Da Eul, the adorable children of actor Lee Beom Soo, go sledding in the next episode of the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman”!

The February 5 episode of the show features the concept of “daddy is the best playground” and shows Lee Beom Soo’s family going to Gangwon province to enjoy a short vacation.

So Eul Da Eul Lee Beom Soo

Lee Beom Soo decides to take his kids sledding but it’s not just any regular sledding! He fashions a sled using old fertilizer burlap bags and decides to show his kids how its done.

Once the SoDa siblings get to sled, they sure enough have a lot of fun. So Eul slides down fearlessly like an action star, making her father exclaim in surprise, while Da Eul yells out, “I’m not scared!” as he enjoys the speed of the sledding.


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Daebak Has No Trouble Eating Durian, Unlike His Horrified Sisters

occer player Lee Dong Gook’s family continued their story in Thailand on this week’s episode of “The Return of Superman.”

On this episode, Lee Dong Gook took his five children to a night market where they encounter a particularly fragrant fruit called durian. As soon as Seol Ah came close to the fruit, she crinkled her nose and exclaimed, “It smells like fart!” Soo Ah waved her hand in front of her face and said, “What is this?!”

Soo Ah Seol Ah

They tried different foods with durian in it, including a durian pancake and a durian smoothie, to which Soo Ah and Seol Ah all shrieked and refused to eat further. Even Lee Dong Gook found it difficult to enjoy the food.


However, Daebak surprised everyone when he not only was able to eat the food, but he enjoyed it! He gulped down the smoothie and even gave a thumbs up, saying, “It’s yummy!”



A Mysterious “Goblin” Steals Seo Eon And Seo Jun’s Toys On “The Return Of Superman”

One family on “The Return Of Superman” was visited by their very own goblin!

On the February 5 episode of the show, Lee Hwi Jae became frustrated when his twin sons, Seo Eon and Seo Jun, continued playing with their toy cars instead of eating their breakfast. He finally put his foot down when something during playtime caused the boys to start fighting.

“If you start fighting because of your toy cars, a goblin is going to come and take them away,” he warned.

However, Lee Hwi Jae noticed that the boys were not taking their father’s words very seriously, so he hid their toys later that night.

return of superman

Upon discovering his toy cars were missing in the morning, a surprised Seo Eon asked, “The goblin didn’t take them away, did he?”

Lee Hwi Jae took out his cell phone and pretended to report the case to the police, who was actually just a friend helping along the prank by pretending he was a cop.

“The children didn’t eat their meals or listen to their parents? These days, goblins steal because of that. Breakfast is essential,” the policeman insisted, adding that goblins are always watching.





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I so love Seungjae but I also see that his father is a bit guarded even around his son it seems. I hope he can bond more with the little cutie. I absolutely love the Lee siblings now, bunch of awesome kids with unique persona and Dong Gook seems so much more at ease with them now compared to before. He really knows how to handle them effortlessly now compared to his early days. Makes me root for the family more.

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Holy smokes, I can't believe they let 3 1/2 year old kids go parasailing, even if it was with a professional (also -- wow, no harnesses for the employees who went with the girls!). Seola and Sua were so brave and calm. I could see how proud of them Dong Gook was. I wonder what his wife thought about it, though! Also, it was very cute that Daebak kept saying, "I'm strong/brave, too!" And when he squatted down and said, "I'm jealous," it was SO adorable.

It was so nice to see Hwi Jae go back and visit that family again. It just seems kind, and it's nice that neither he nor the show forgot about them.

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staff /vj always on segment 5 siblings married yesterday (he maybe  famous time he helped sua learn  bicycle ) 5 siblings attend his wedding and also as flower boy/girls & they also filming for upcoming epi tros 

i dunno what his jobs on tros 




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this video so cute include video wedding donggook & his wife... maybe they will attend wedding staff on this epi 

episode 174 170319









twin seojun- seoeon celebrate their birthday .. 5 years old (korean age)


daeul also celebrate his birthday (late updated ) 



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