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Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || [Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들


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July 24, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ To Premiere Next Month

Source: BNTNews


[by Woorim Ahn, photo by Hwang Ji Eun] Movie ‘Memories of the Sword’ held its production conference at Konkuk Lotte Cinema in Kwangjin-gu, Seoul on July 24.

The film is the story of a man’s betrayal who once dreamed to be a king in Goryeo Dynasty and two swords’ story after 18 years. Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon, Kim Go Eun, 2PM Junho, Lee Kyung Young, Kim Tae Woo and others appeared.

Meanwhile, ‘Memories of the Sword’ will premiere nationwide on August 13. (photo by bntnews DB)



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July 24, 2015

‘Memories of the Sword’ set to join summer box office battle

“Memories of the Sword” is set to hit the big screen next month, intensifying summer box office competition with “Assassination,” “Veteran,” “The Beauty Inside” and the Hollywood blockbuster “Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation.” 

Starring a stellar ensemble cast of actor Lee Byung-hun, actresses Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun and directed by Park Heung-sik, the film is a martial arts epic about a man of humble beginnings (Yu-baek, played by Lee) who uses his swordsmanship and cunning betrayal to gain power in the royal court. 

Years after his initial betrayal, he is hunted by two women who were victims of his actions -- the blind swordswoman Wol-so (Jeon) and her protege Hong-yi (Kim), who trains herself to take revenge on her parents’ killers. 

The film has been creating a buzz not only for its all-star cast but also because it is the first domestic film starring Lee Byung-hun since a scandal. Last year, the actor was blackmailed by two young women who taped him allegedly making inappropriate comments to them and behaving untowardly.

The movie was initially slated for release last December, but had to be pushed back due to the backlash from Lee’s scandal.

(From left) Lee Byung-hun, Jeon Do-yeon, Kim Go-eun and director Park Heung-sik of "Memories of the Sword" pose for press at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University, Friday. (Yonhap)

“To be honest, I’m not a fan of martial arts epics,” Lee said at a news conference in Seoul on Friday ahead of the film’s Aug. 13 release. Adding that he did not want to do another historical film after “Masquerade” (2012) because of the difficulties stemming from historical makeup and costumes.

“But when I read the script, I loved the story. It has very strong drama.”

Actress Jeon agreed with Lee. “The drama was very appealing. I thought of it as a melodrama, because although Wol-so devotes her life to finding justice, she could not have been so determined if she hadn’t been in love.”

The action in the film is intense -- actress Kim said she had to do wire action on every one of her 80 days of filming -- but according to director Park, the true appeal of the film is in its characters.

“I thought that martial arts movies needed more density in their narrative,” Park said. “I paid more attention to the narrative in this film.” 

“The audience will enjoy the film just watching the excellent performances of these three actors,” he added.

Jeon and Kim are two of the most sought-after actresses in Korea, both having made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival this year for “The Shameless” and “Coin Locker Girl,” respectively. 

By Won Ho-jung (hjwon@heraldcorp.com)

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Congratulations to Kim Go Eun for special mention and the Bucheon International Film Festival

BiFan2015 Award Announcement!

Bucheon Choice: Feature

  • Best of Bucheon : Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
  • Best Director : Turbo Kid (Directed by Francois SIMARD, Anouk WHISSELL, Yoann-Karl WHISSELL)
  • Best Actor : Chino Darin of Death in Buenos Aires (Directed by Natalia META)
    Special Mention : Michael Ning of Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
  • Best Actress : Jessie Li of Port of Call (Directed by Philip YUNG)
    Special Mention : Kim Go Eun of Coin Locker Girl (Directed by HAN Jun Hee)
  • Jury's Choice : Coin Locker Girl (Directed by HAN Jun Hee)
  • NH Nonghyun Citizen's Choice : The Master Plan (Directed by Alain DARBORG)



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Source: Nate

Captures from Section TV Interview




Please watch the 'Section TV' Interview with Lee Byung Hun, Jeon Do Yeon and Kim Go Eun regarding 'Memories of The Sword' HERE.

Thank you to the fans sharing this. We really appreciate it very much.

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July 23, 2015

No More Hollywood: Big 4 Korean Films in Summer War
Assassination, Veteran, Memories of the Sword, and The Beauty Inside at the Starting Line.

by Ha Sung-tae / KoBiz

Korean cinema in the first half of 2015 was certainly in a crisis. It was quite different from the usual “crisis panic” that emerges every time Korean film shares drop. It was much more tangible this time due to issue of downward-standardization of Korean commercial films.
The only two films to have attracted more than 3 million viewers were Detective K: Secret of the Lost Island and Twenty. Gangnam Blues, The Chronicles of Evil and The Classified File narrowly met the break-even point with 2 million viewers.
According to the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) report on ‘Korean cinema in May 2015’, the share of Korean films in the first 5 months of the year was 43%. It may seem like only a 3% decrease compared to last year, but if examined closely, it is apparent that this figure owes greatly to the success of Ode to My Father, referred to as a “10 million viewer film,” which was released in December 2014.
Still, some maintain that the sense of crisis is over exaggerated, and argue that the 'Big Four' may sweep the box office in July and August.
Starting with Assassination by CHOI Dong-hoon to be released on the July 22nd (distributed by Showbox), Veteran on the August 5th (distributed by CJ Entertainment), Memories of the Sword on the August 13th (distributed by Lotte Entertainment), and lastly, The Beauty Inside on August 20th (distributed by New Entertainment World), all four will be released during this period, to fight the assumption of so called the “crisis” of Korean cinema.
Let us check out the central selling points of these Big 4 films that the Big 4 distributors are making every effort to promote. 
Assassination: Splendid cast, Even More Splendid Action
Could there be any more attractive tag-line than "the next film by CHOI Dong-hoon of The Thieves“? At least in Korea, CHOI is one of the rare directors whose work has been successful both commercially and critically. His films are very engaging for viewers and, at the same time very well made in terms of dramatic completeness. This 18 billion won (USD 15.6 million) budget film by CHOI got its inspiration from a photo of the National Independence Army in the 1930s. 
CHOI said in an interview that he tried to focus on “the people who are not different from us, but had to live differently to follow their beliefs in the historically tragic time.” Unlike Tazza: The High Rollers, which was a noir, or The Thieves, which was a caper movie, Assassination is distinctively different from his previous films. Here, CHOI attempts to deliver a more focused theme and serious drama, dealing with s revenge plot by an assassination team under Japanese Occupation.
To be sure, the splendid cast and their splendid acting are also at the center of attention for this film. Gianna JUN, the muse for CHOI since The Thieves, shows her superb presence as the leading female gear of the film. LEE Jung-jae, HA Jung-woo, OH Dal-su, CHO Jin-woong, and CHOI Duk-mun certainly live up to their name value as well.
The open studio in Shanghai which runs as large as 1,980,000㎡ Mitsukoshi Department Store and the old streets of Seoul built in Goyang city, are all great settings for splendid action to attract viewers. With all these strong points, Assassination is already expected to garner “at least 10 million viewers” even before release.
Veteran: Cool, Thrilling and Fun!

In 2011, RYOO Seung-wan practically made a grand slam of major awards at the 32nd Blue Dragon Awards with his film, The Unjust, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Script. RYOO is now back two years after his film,The Berlin File , was viewed by more than 7 million. Veteran has quite a few similarities with The Unjust. RYOO confesses that he himself sees “quite a bit of relation between the two films, as if they were different sides of the same coin.“
According to the director, “while The Unjust tells a story of those defeated by power, Veteran shows their resistance against power.” To be sure, the vivid dichotomy of police vs “chaebol” is pretty much the same as in The Unjust. Whereas RYOO Seung-bum’s prosecutor is replaced by YOO Ah-in’s third generation chaebol, the police role is still played by HWANG Jung-min. And this duel between the two main characters is supported by YOO Hae-jin, OH Dal-su, JANG Yoon-joo, KIM Si-hoo and so on.
It is also good news that the action scenes are further strengthened thanks to JUNG Doo-hong, the best known martial art and action director in Korea, who helped build the reputation of RYOO as an “action specialist”. If The Unjust can be classified as a social noir, Veteran is promoted as a crime-entertainment-action film. In RYOO’s words: “I wanted it to be cool, thrilling and entertaining like a refreshment.” It is expected to be his brightest and most upbeat entertainment movie, and to be a quite a success in theaters along with Assassination.
Memories of the Sword: A Korean Style Martial Art Movie


Memories of the Sword is certainly an eye catcher. First of all, it is a martial art action drama whose genre has rarely been attempted in Korean cinema. It would be already enough to attract movie goers to feature JEON Do-yeon, LEE Byung-hun and KIM Go-eun in martial arts action, which, until now, could only be found in foreign films like KING Hu’s A Touch of Zen, LEE Ang’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon or Hero by ZHANG Yimou. 
“In the last years of Koryo Dynasty where the sword is power itself; a man who dreamt of being a King turned into a traitor; and 18 years later, two swords are pointed at him. Three swordsmen with different paths and their inevitable destiny.“ is the tag-line. Among the notable features of the film is wire action. The teaser film demonstrates more audience friendly emotional acting that differs from the Chinese style. '
The performance of action scenes and the display of emotion by JEON Do-yeon who proved herself one more time in The Shameless and KIM Go-eun who was in the center of attention again in Coin Locker Girl are also noteworthy. The actress-geared Korean style martial art action genre is certainly interesting for many people. Could Memories of the Sword open a new landscape in the Korean style martial art action genre?

The Beauty Inside: The star of Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity becomes a movie

Lastly, The Beauty Inside is based on the Intel-Toshiba joint funded social film The Beauty Inside, which made a huge impact on the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity three years ago. This social film runs 40 minutes in total and consists of 6 episodes, featuring a man who transforms into different personas everyday. This unique theme was told in a sympathetic narrative and won the heart of numberless people in the CF business worldwide in 2012. Director BAIK (real name: BAIK Jong-yeol), who has an ongoing reputation of sensitive and sensual directing in the CF business, has turned it into a feature film with the same title.
Interestingly, The Beauty Inside might as well be referred to as an “actor blockbuster.” To play the role Woo-jin who totally transforms into different appearances every morning, as many as 21 actors and actresses have been invited. From rookies to top stars, including a Japanese actress Ueno Juri, along with PARK Shin-hye, CHUN Woo-hee, LEE Beom-su, LEE Jin-wook, KIM Joo-hyuk, YOO Yeon-seok, and KO Asung, they all agreed to be in the movie as they were fascinated by the unique idea and script.
BAIK explains that he thought hard whether to extend and change the original, but then he finally decided to keep the original as it is and just add some more episodes. Whereas the original focuses on the ways in which a man falls in love, BAIK added other stories to it. 
The Beauty Inside is drawing attention thanks to the unique theme, sensual frames, a whole variety of actors and their unique performance. it is also the only work among the Big 4 that has a distinctive love story, adding some variety to the field of other big movies geared to action and blockbuster style. 

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Kim Go Eun Confirmed to Star in “Cheese in the Trap” Alongside Park Hae Jin

Kim Go Eun Confirmed to Star in “Cheese in the Trap” Alongside Park Hae Jin

After initially turning down the casting offer for the starring role in the upcoming webtoon-based tvN drama “Cheese in the Trap,” it has been confirmed that actress Kim Go Eun has ultimately taken up the offer.

While a number of female stars had been placed on the list of candidates for the female lead character of Hong Seol, Kim Go Eun has been finalized to act alongside actor Park Hae Jin (role of Yoo Jung) in the drama.

On July 28, a representative of the actress’s agency revealed, “Kim Go Eun thought she shouldn’t pass up on a character as charming as Hong Seol. She will show good acting in return. There was a definite love call from the director. [Kim Go Eun] was able to accept the offer thanks to their willingness to further adjust filming schedules.”

Meanwhile, “Cheese in the Trap” is expected to begin airing on Mondays and Tuesdays on tvN around the middle of October.

What do you think of this casting?



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July 29, 2015

Actresses lead Korean film industry this summer

SEOUL, July 29 (Yonhap) -- Korean films have changed. Unlike traditional action films where actresses usually take supporting roles as lovers of the male leads, they now lead films as heroines.

Leading the trend conspicuously is big-budget commercial films backed by large distributors for the summer high season.

The historical action film "Assassination" that surpassed 4 million in attendance earlier this week has top stars Lee Jung-jae and Ha Jung-woo, but Jun Ji-hyun actually takes the lead role.

In the new film set in Shanghai and Seoul during the 1930s, when Korea was a colony of Japan, Jun plays An Ok-yun, a female sniper in the Korean independence army in China who must assassinate Japanese colonizers.

"I thought it's a character that can hardly be found in Korean films and a rare chance for me to play it," the 33-year-old actress said in a media interview ahead of the movie's release in local theaters last week.

She successfully did the film's major action scenes, jumping between roofs with a heavy gun and desperately chasing a car carrying a target.

The next runner in this trend is the Korean period action film "Memories of the Sword" with two actresses in the main roles.

Set in the turbulent late years of the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392), the martial arts film depicts the story of a master swordsman, who becomes a man of supreme power through acts of betrayal, and the two swordswomen seeking revenge on him 18 years later. The three warriors are played by actor Lee Byung-hun and actresses Jeon Do-yeon and Kim Go-eun.

Although Lee's character is unignorable, the two actresses are expected to lead the film as, according to the director Park Heung-sik, it started from his idea of making a martial-arts film led by women.

Kim previously was acclaimed for her role in the local crime flick "Coinlocker Girl" praised as a "fresh noir film led by women" along with its other lead, Kim Hye-soo.

Actress Han Hyo-joo stands in the center of "The Beauty Inside," a fantasy film set to open Aug. 20.

The movie depicts the story of a woman who falls in love with a man who changes to different people every day.

During a news conference to promote the film, Han said she chose it because she had the feeling that she would never again get a chance to appear in such a film when she read the script.

This trend can also be found in low-budget films.

Actress Lee Jung-hyun plays female lead Soo-nam, a poor working woman who takes revenge on the world in "Alice in Earnestland," a Korean film set to open Aug. 13.

"Office," a thriller set to open Aug. 27, is led by actress Ko Asung. She plays the role of an intern who traces mysterious things happening to her co-workers after their boss kills his family and disappears.


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Kim Go-eun-I, a little cutie when she was young


Last year, Kim Go-eun-I posted a photo on her Instagram account.

In the photo, Kim Go-eun-I as a very young girl was holding hands with a young boy. She looked very cute with her well defined facial features.

Kim Go-eun-I has been cast as Hong-sul, the female protagonist of the new tvN Monday-Tuesday drama "Cheese in the Trap" scheduled to start airing in October.


source: http://tr.im/58Rlc

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Kim Go-eun snaps up major film, TV drama roles


South Korean actress Kim Go-eun has been boosting her profile in the local film and TV industries by snapping up much-coveted roles.

Kim has been linked to “Cheese in the Trap,” “Memories of the Sword” and “Coin Locker Girl.”

Kim is to play the female lead for TV drama “Cheese in the Trap,” set to air in October. Suzy, a member of K-pop girl group Miss A, had been tapped for the character, but she turned down the offer following protests by fans of the original web-based cartoon series.


Kim also stars in “Memories of the Sword,” a period action film, as a vengeful swordswoman, alongside actors Lee Byung-hun and Jeon Do-yeon.

Park Heung-sik, director of “Memories of the Sword,” praised Kim’s energetic acting. The movie hits theaters Aug. 13 in Korea.


Kim played the lead role alongside veteran actress Kim Hye-soo for “Coin Locker Girl,” released in April this year. The film was screened in the International Critics‘ Week section of the 2015 Cannes Film Festival and earned her a special mention in the Best Actress category last week at the Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, held in Gyeonggi Province.

Kim made her impressive debut as the female lead in “Eun-gyo” in 2012, drawing the attention of both critics and the media.





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July 29, 2015

‘Coin Locker Girl’ grabs international award


Korean noir film “Coin Locker Girl,” directed by Han Jun-hee, bagged a prestigious award from Europe’s Giffoni International Film Festival, organizers announced Sunday. 

The film was given the Gryphon Award for best film in the Generator +18 section.

Giffoni’s administrators commented, “The abandoned child Il-young’s transformation into maturity is remarkable to note. The advanced film techniques brought the dark plot to life and created scenes that were difficult to take eyes off from. Quick cuts made total immersion into the film possible.”

The annual film festival took place in Giffoni Valle Piana, southern Italy, from July 17-26. 

“Coin Locker Girl” garnered 1.4 million domestic ticket sales in April when it came out, and was featured in the 2015 Cannes Film Festival as well. 

The film also won the Jury’s Choice at the 2015 Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival last week in Gyeonggi Province, while lead actress Kim Go-eun (Il-young) was specially mentioned in the Best Actress category. 

By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com)

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July 29, 2015

'Coin Locker Girl' wins top movie awards

Source: The Korea Times 


Kim Go-eun in a scene from "Coin Locker Girl" / Courtesy of Naver

Korean crime movie "Coin Locker Girl" has drawn global attention, winning awards at two international movie festivals.

The movie won the Jury's Choice Award in the Bucheon Choice: Feature category at the 19th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival that ended Sunday. The movie also won a Gryphon Award and the British Film Institute Certificate at the 2015 Giffoni Film Festival in Italy that ended Sunday.


The Italian film festival said the movie, directed by Han Jun-hee, dramatically portrayed the life of the movie's protagonist, Il-young (played by Kim Go-eun), who was abandoned as a baby at a subway station and grows up to work for a criminal gang. It praised the film's storyline, actors' performance and camera techniques that worked together well to captivate viewers.

The film has attracted more than 1.4 million viewers in Korean theaters.

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A couple of awesome 'Memories of The Sword' clips shared by fans, highlighting a highly-anticipated 2015 summer movie


Published on July 29, 2015 by Min Ji Seo 

Published on July 29, 2015 by babochan bear

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  • gm4queen changed the title to Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || [Drama 2021] Yumi's Cells 유미의 세포들
  • Lids changed the title to Kim Go Eun ♥ 김고은 ♥ 金高銀 ♥ คิมโกอึน ♥ キムゴウン - Variety Show: Sea of Hope || Upcoming Drama 2021: Yumi's Cells

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