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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Imagini pentru lee bo young dance gif..and....99% of the women love mambo number 5...:blush::tounge_wink::innocent::heart:







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.and...1%...for me?!!!!!!!!:wub:

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I have been fascinated by Li Zhongshuo
’s ten

years andtenyears, and the trajectory of his polishing. 
I want to know how I can do it:

Time is on his face, always keeping the boy's clarity and solitude. 
Unconsciously, the corners of the eyebrows are imprinted with the firmness of adults. The skeleton shape exudes the wind and the role of an adult. 

Actually, in the ten years of growth, all the things people want are quietly owned. 
Quiet. Stay away from the bustling and bustling world. Occasionally, it is not isolated from the crowd. A quiet look of the years. 
There is no rush to grow up, and I have been determined to walk firmly. Always speaking with the work, the initial heart has never changed. 

Always looking good. But good-looking and low-key. 
I have been working hard all the time. Never slack off, but never rush to perfuse. 

A person who lives very well and understands. 
As early as, when you first chose scripts and characters, you knew what you wanted. 
So he would rather give up the production of the big production big card, because the role is repeated. 
Therefore, he will choose different works with different personalities under the premise of repeated probabilities. 
Therefore, he will continue to expand his play when he sighs that he always picks up the script of the same character and confirms that Li Zhongshuo can do it. Li Zhongshuo can go wider and wider in different ways. 

In these years, I watched him quietly and again and again. 
From the teenager to the towering tree. 
How to do it. 

There is a saying that tomorrow you will thank you for your hard work today. 
Think about it carefully. From the process of juveniles growing into towering trees. Feeling, Zhong Shuo walked through the step by step.

It is still fresh in the memory that after the school, the actor Jin Zhongxuan in the play made an Australian special. Jin Zhongxuan took the mobile phone to do the live broadcast. When they pushed the room of Zhong Shuo, they didn't look at the lazy bed or squat on the sofa to play the game. Instead, they sat on the floor and seriously read the script of Li Zhongshuo. 
In addition to acting, now think about it, as if acting amateur, so rare and precious moments that can be caught, between the lens, he always holds a thick script. 
While relaxing with friends on the beach, friends are resting, closing their eyes or playing games. He still has a thick book in his hand, looking down and staring. 

The degree of attention, people can not help but a little inexplicable worry, will not fall into the story at once, become the soul that can not be placed in the story. 
He is the only one I can find in his interpretation of the story of a person he and his character soul symbiosis. 

When I saw him in Hengdian, when I saw him, I always held the script in my hand. When I walked on a striding star, my eyes must not be separated from the script. 

Later, I realized that there are so many lines in the W worlds. I have already begun to work hard back when I was filming in Hengdian. 
So ah. Since there are desperately trying to remember every line in the world, and desperately trying to find out the subtle emotions of the characters from the stagnation and pause of each line, naturally there will be a line in the head. The existence of the number lady. In a different way, they prove to people the two different ways of life of the actors and the final different results. 
It is still the most thorough old-fashioned, one-point harvest. 

Outside of the role, Li Zhongshuo, staying in the most memory, is in front of the camera, carefully examining his own look in the lens. 
The stars are all flashing in the stars. 
I like to see people like this, such a kind of ecstasy and hot look, do what I love, be determined and persistent, and work hard. Winning is not arrogant, not proud or humble. Bright and bright. 

Recently, I turned over the Douban comments and saw that the audience commented on the praise of death. Dao, the man is a person with feelings. Deeply thought.
This is also the most happy and proud of being a fan. At first, a person is powdered, and it must be only a moment of love. As time goes by, the person who is powdered gradually reveals. 
Whether the stupid nephew is a thousand horses, it is still difficult to escape the baptism of the years. 
The height of a personality determines how far he can go. 
The size of a person's chest determines the length of his future path. 
The possession of a person's feelings determines the level of his vision and determines his poetic life and the infinite stretch. 

There is really no way I don't like this person. 
I like him from the silent voice of the young man to the silence that suppresses all emotions in a pair of stagnant waters. I also liked that when he looked at his heart, the whole person became clear and temporarily able to let go of all the inner peace and happiness. 
So plain and profound, people can't help but burst into tears. 

There are no ups and downs of story conflicts, just slow narrative strokes. It is easy to see people in the atmosphere of the story. 
It’s great. After an emotion, after taking the next emotion, I really can’t think of a more exquisite performance in the world. It’s important that the performance of the soul has been chosen one by one, let alone the soul is quite interesting. With spirituality, it is more and more precious. 

A person's ten years, step by step at the foot, walking down the ground, walking quiet. However, it is gratifying to be grateful and wonderful in the life of freehand life.:heart:
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....YES..!!!!!!.:wub:.................i'll be there for you...!!!!!!!!!!!:wub:

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