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[Official] Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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Completing the "whisper", in general, this drama is very exciting, I have to admire Baoying's sister's selection of drama, the selection of very exciting IQ online drama, the faint emotional line of men and women I also I like it very much, and the ending is perfect. The only thing that feels a little unsatisfactory is that the mothers of the men and women don’t seem to know that they are together at the end. The lines don’t mention the other side. If the ending can show a little My family’s attitude towards them is better. 

Ok, I’ve finished the whisper, and I’m going to make Mother:heart:
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 Li Baoying #智宥宝贝生日快乐# It’s [cake][cake][cake]
time for our Zhisheng baby’s birthday. Today, wuli baby is 4 years old. (According to Korea’s calculation, it should be 5 years old.)
This year, the aunt also wishes buli baby to be healthy and happy. Big Oh ~ Ping An An worry-free ~ Auntie's careful heart today to us baby[Be careful for you][Be careful for you][Be careful for you]
everyone in the comment area to write to the baby's birthday blessing ##[Detective Pikachu smiles]智智宥宝贝的生日祝福#
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Image may contain: one or more peopleLee Bo Young signs an exclusive contract with J,Wide-company. J,Wide-Company is home to Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Tae Ri, Choi Daniel, Bae Jong Ok, Kim Tae Woo, Chun Ho Jin and more. She'll be at the agency with her co-workers Lee Sang Yoon (“My daughter So Youn”, “Whisper”, Chun Ho Jin (“My daughter Seo Young”) Kim Tae Woo (“God’s gift: 14 Days”). It’s really great!:thumbsup::heart:

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