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Soo-Ha & Hye Sung Couple (Lee Jong Suk & Lee Bo Young)

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 Lee Jong-suk, then super # # Lee Jong-suk getting better
[ @ Lee Jong-suk ] 20,200,122 "Good Morning 
150518 [STARCAST] "My Valentine"Behind the Scenes "like her ~" ~  full confession before the excitement Lee Jong-sukO link to this page

each Japanese small tasks, the touch of the sun early in the morning, moving moving little finger ah:
[Flowers]microblogging words directly over the point Lee Jong-suk, then super- attendance
[Flowers]microblogging members receive a monthly flower flowersO web links


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Whenever people new to drama ask me for suggestions, I always list what I think are the BEST dramas. Then I realize that all I have done is give them the resume of Jong Suk...  He's not just an excellent actor...he also has a sense for stories that mean something and that linger with you long after the last 끝 shows up on the screen:wub:

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Li Zhongshuo Chaohua # 李钟硕 #Ershuo is
really a fan, I am happy to say hello to the fans and then indifferently drive away the "bodyguard?" Hahaha, anyway, it ’s that cute, warm heart L works hard and quiet acridine Jing microblogging video

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Top  Lee Jong-suk, then super # # Lee Jong-suk getting better
 Wuhan donated PART.1 progress report :thumbsup::heart:

to support the Wuhan region is a threat in the struggle for all workers in the first line of prevention and control of epidemic, is protecting the vast land of raging against the disease In the name of Li Zhongshuo's fans, we designated emergency support medical supplies to Wuhan Frontline Hospital. Work together to overcome difficulties and walk with kindness!
JShine, together with 16 fan support / support stations, purchased 30 boxes (12,000) of disposable medical rubber gloves and sent them to Wuhan Dongxihu District People's Hospital in an emergency!
Among them, @JShine 李钟硕 会 会 will subscribe for 2 cases (800) for a total of 4,000 yuan.
Thanks to @energy 中国 官方 and @ 青春 湖北 @ 湖北 希望 工程 for their help!

In addition, the second batch of 100 sets of medical goggles sent to Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital who
wish to continue to participate in donations should be able to poke:O JShine Lee Jong-suk support team

We once again pay our highest respect to the heroes who are tirelessly fighting for the medical front line Work together to overcome the difficulties, Wuhan, come on!
In the name of Shuo, do good. @ 李钟硕
天佑 江城, China come on!


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 李钟硕超 话#Come and more beautiful Li Zhongshu #
[ @李钟硕] 20200125 "Happy Chinese New Year[Be careful of you]"
resigns from the winter snow, bringing warm spring wind.
On the first day of Chinese New Year, pray for peace and good luck.
Farewell to the nostalgia of the past years, to welcome the new year. We wish you all a Happy New Year!
I wish you all good health and good luck in the new year!
In 2020, I hope that the mountains and rivers will be free and that everyone is safe!
Like Zhong Shuo's 2020 message written on the signature cup, I wish the big guys all good things this year, and I look forward to the good year 2021.

Small daily task, a touch of morning sun, a small touch of a finger ah:
[Flowers]microblogging words directly over the point Lee Jong-suk, then super- attendance
[Flowers]microblogging Members receive a monthly flower flowersO Web links
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