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[Movie 2014] Blood Boiling Youth 피 끓는 청춘

Go Seung Ji

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Lee Jong Suk reveals he is still not close to 'Young Blood' co-star Park Bo Young

Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young took part in the press conference for their movie 'Young Blood (Blood-Boiling Youth)' on December 30, where Lee Jong Suk was asked to grade his chemistry with his co-star. Surprisingly, the actor gave a rather low score of 50 points.
He explained, "Park Bo Young and I were in the countryside throughout the entire filming, but truthfully, we are still not that close. It is a shame because we are around the same age."
On the other hand, Park Bo Young chose a grade of 80 points, saying, "Looks like there will be a lot of article headlines today as well saying, 'They are not yet close.' Can I give another grade?" She laughed and added, "There were not as many scenes of us together as you might think. I gave a generous grade."
'Young Blood (Blood-Boiling Youth)', which centers on a rural romance set in 1982, will premiere on January 23!

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said: Was the other lead not present for the press conference? Omo ljs and his golden hair. PBy is so cute and look at the height difference bet her and ljs. Not yet watched the videos yet, will comment after seeing them. Tks for posting pix and videos. Fighting!!!

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Guest kiyeujay

Cant wait this movie. I love PBY and LJS, and hope their chemistry is excellent.Btw, LJS's hair is .... :))( no word to describe)I have just watched No breathing, i think it's good, and i have a crush on both leading actors, but don't know why it's not rated highly. 

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said: Cant wait this movie. I love PBY and LJS, and hope their chemistry is excellent.Btw, LJS's hair is ....


)( no word to describe)I have just watched No breathing, i think it's good, and i have a crush on both leading actors, but don't know why it's not rated highly. 

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Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young get into a love triangle in still cuts for 'Young Blood'

Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young made us feel the hotblooded emotions of youth in still cuts for the upcoming movie 'Young Blood' ('Blood Boiling Youth')!
The still cuts show Park Bo Young playing the rough-on-the-edges Young Sook who falls for Joong Gil (Lee Jong Suk), following him around and protecting him. The love triangle begins when Joong Gil gets attracted to So Hee (Lee Se Young), who responds coyly to his signs of interest, making Joong Gil chase after her even more.
'Young Blood', a teenage love story that takes place in the 1980s, will premiere on January 23!

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Wikipedia page~

Historical contextThis movie is set in a southern agricultural area of Hongseong County in the early 1980's. In 1982, the Korean Ministry of Education eliminated uniforms for middle- and high-schoolers. This created a sense of freedom and individualism for the young people of the time. Uniforms were reinstated in 1986.
CastPark Bo-young...as Young-sook, a female fighter/gangster who takes over Hongseongand has several 'little ones' alongside herLee Jong-suk...as Joong-gil, the legendary Casanova/playboy of Hong Seong High School, whom all girls just die for with a blink of his eyeLee Se-young...as So-hee, a transferee from SeoulKim Young-kwang...as Gwang-sik, the leader of an immortal gangPark Jung-min as Hwang-kyuKwon Hae-hyo...as Dae-pan, Joong-gil's fatherRa Mi-ran...as Nan-yeong, a teacherKim Hee-won...as Jong-pal, a teacher
ProductionFilming began on 1 August 2013 in Sunchang, South Jeolla Province. The press conference was held on 30 December 2013 in Lotte Cinema in Seoul Gundae.During the press conference, actress Park Bo-young revealed that she had a difficult time using the southern accent, which is a mix of Jeolla and Chungcheong dialects.

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‘Youth’ aims to bring back the past with a punch


Following in the stead of retro dramas and movies from last year, “Hot Blooded Youth,” starring Park Bo-young, Lee Jong-suk and Kwon Hae-hyo, will no doubt appeal to the young and old alikewith its nostalgic depiction of life and love of teenagers from 1982.

According to director Lee Yeon-woo, who was a student at the time, 1982 was a big year for students as the Ministry of Education eliminated uniforms from middle school and high school students across the country. Although in 1986, uniforms were again implemented in consideration of students from lower socioeconomic demographic, for the most part, 1982 went down as the beginning of freedom for the 45-year-old director, who was in his teens. 

At a press junket on Monday, Lee and the stars of the film talked about bringing back the 1980s with a punch. 

Lee said the story was the result of reminiscing about this and that, “wondering what happened to that popular guy who got all the girls. I wondered what he would be doing now.”

Lee thought it’d be fun to bring to life the experiences of his youth spent in the countryside of Chungcheong. 

In the retro rom-com, Park plays a role like you’ve never seen before. The 23-year-old actress, best known for her good-girl image in the hit film “Werewolf Boy,” will play Young-sook, a tough country girl who makes her classmates tremble, but who has a soft spot for schoolmate and lady’s man Joong-gil, played by heartthrob Lee Jong-suk, who is in hot pursuit of a new girl from Seoul, Soo-hee (played by Lee Se-young).

Park said that the potty-mouthed, hot-tempered party girl character was definitely a role that viewers would be shocked to see her take on, but it would also be far-fetched to call it a “transformation.”

“I do swear from time to time when I’m by myself, so it wasn’t that hard to act out those scenes,” joked Park. But the real killer for her was the dialect.

Although born in North Chungcheong, the young actress said that the southern dialect was still foreign to her, and something she had to ask the director for advice about.

“The accent is somewhere in between a Jeolla and Chungcheong dialect,” said Park, adding that she did have fun swearing in a dialect - “it sounds different than swearing in Seoul dialect.”

Meanwhile, for actor Lee, playing the “Casanova of his high school,” wasn’t all that hard to pick up.

“I did OK on the popularity radar,” said Lee, reflecting on his own high school days.

But there was one scene that did Lee dreaded: one of the highlight moments in which his friend, Kwang-sik, played by model-turned-actor Kim Young-gwang, delivers a blow to his face, all because of Young-sook. 

“He had trouble controlling the force of his punches,” said Lee, adding that after the first take, he found himself getting nervous at each retake. 

When asked how compatible they were on screen, Lee gave himself and Park a 50 percent rating [apparently they didn’t hit it off as much as Lee hoped for, given they’re just a year apart], while Park gave a generous 80 percent before seeing Lee’s numbers and asking to withdraw hers. 

Although the love may be unrequited, the film promises enough to keep you guessing as Park, the tomboy in love, chases after Lee and is chased by Kim. 

With supporting cast members like Kwon Hae-hyo (who plays Joong-gil’s father Dae-pan), Ra Mi-ran and Kim Hee-won (who play comical teachers), Park said she felt sure about the film, even if she and her co-stars are taking on characters from an era before they had been born. 

And although the new film has some tough contenders in her own filmography, Park said deciding on the film was an easy choice. 

“I guess because my two former movies were such big hits, people wonder if I agonized over my next choice. But I never felt burdened about the choices I made,” said Park. “The only time is when I’m on a new film set and about to kick off a project.” 

The film opens Jan. 23. 

BY CARLA SUNWOO [carlasunwoo@joongang.co.kr]


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Park Bo-yeong confesses her stress


Park Bo-yeong confessed she was stressed out because of acting.

The press conference for the comedy movie "Boiling Youth" was held in Lotte Cinema in Seoul Gundae on the 30th.

In the role of loyal woman Yeong-sook, Park Bo-yeong said, "I am from Chung-buk but it was hard to use the dialect. I practiced swearing when I was alone but it wasn't easy doing it in front of people. I relieved my stress by swearing".

Netizens say, "I am curious about the movie now that she mentions swearing", "No way, she gets stressed out?", "She's so cute" and more.

"Boiling Youth" is based in the 80s about a female fighter who takes over all of Hong Seong, Chung-nam, a legendary Casanova, the leader of a gang and a transfer student from Seoul. Starring Park Bo-yeongLee Jong-sukLee Se-yeongKim Yeong-kwangKwon Hae-hyoKim Hee-won and Ra Mi-ran, the move is directed by Lee Yeon-woo and the movie is released in January.

Source : www.tvreport.co.kr/?c...


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I guess i had wanted more that the hero would like the "inocent"girl first but fell in love and start following our gang leader heroine afterwards...to see the playboy that every girl likes chasing the tough heroine and fail to impress her with his looks that would have been fun :)) i guess guys love inocent maidens more ;))

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I've always like Park Boyoung since Speedy Scandal and I've been Lee Jong Suk fan since I watch him in high kick 3.. Never thought they're gonna starring in a movie together.. Seems like great movie. Are they gonna be paired together?

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Posters and trailer for Hot Blooded Youthby girlfridayHotBlooded31.jpg

This turned out to be more of a comedy than I expected, not that I’m complaining of course. The trailer for Park Bo-young and Lee Jong-seok’s ’80s youth movie Hot Blooded Youth shows a light, quirky bent to the story of a gangster girl who laments that the ladies’ man on campus doesn’t see her as a woman, while he in turn runs from her, constantly terrified that she’ll beat him up because he doesn’t like her. Cute.

Lee Jong-seok plays the “legendary Casanova” who takes after his smooth-talking father (Kwon Hae-hyoGoddess of Marriage) and can get any girl he wants, as we see at the start of the trailer. Park Bo-young is the loyal gangster who rules the school and gets greeted with bows at the waist like she’s a little mob boss in the making. She asks Lee Jong-seok why he doesn’t woo her, and he jumps back in fear, saying that she’s Kim Young-kwang’s girl, the bad boy gangster who loves her from afar.

The arrival of Seoul transfer student Lee Se-young shakes things up when she coolly rebuffs the hero for the first time in his life, making him crazy with determination to win her over. Meanwhile the fact that Park Bo-young likes him puts him on Kim Young-kwang’s bad side, and so she steps up to protect the pretty boy who can’t fight for himself. Ha, how else is the gangster girl going to win him over?

I’m especially looking forward to Park Bo-young’s badass transformation as a foul-mouthed, head-butting tough girl with swagger. The 1980s hair (so bad and yet so good), the thick country accents, the small-town high school angst and unrequited loves — it should make for a winning combination. Plus, I just love the reversal of the hero quaking in fear and flinching every time the heroine takes a step closer to him, like he’s afraid she’ll bruise his pretty face. What a hilarious departure from all the rebellious teenage gangsters Lee Jong-seok plays in dramaland.

Hot Blooded Youth hits theaters January 23.

Full article: dramabeans.com/2014/01/posters-and-trailer-for-hot-blooded-youth

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class="content-title" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Helvetica Neue', Arial, sans-serif; font-weight: 400; line-height: 1.4em; font-size: 26px; vertical-align: baseline; color: rgb(63, 63, 64); text-shadow: rgb(255, 255, 255) 1px 1px 0px; visibility: visible; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Lee Jong Suk Wants to Keep Hush Hush About Dancing in His Underwear for “Hot-Blooded Youth”

On the December 5 episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,” actors Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young were interviewed at the press conference for their movie “Hot-Blooded Youth.”

During the interview, Lee Jong Suk commented that there was scene in the movie in which he dances in his white underwear. He added that he couldn’t explain more because it could be a spoiler for the movie, to which Park Bo Young hilariously replied, “What spoiler?” At this, Lee Jong Suk commanded, “Be quiet,” as he grew red in the face and everyone started laughing. 

Following this, a scene from “Hot-Blooded Youth” was shown, which portrays Lee Jong Suk dancing in his white underwear in front of the camera. Everyone at the studio fell into laughter at this scene, raising expectations for the movie.


“Hot-Blooded Youth” is a romantic comedy flick set in 1982 where certain crazy events shake up the community of Chungcheong-do province. The plot follows the lives of four high school students, played by Park Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Se Young and Kim Young Kwang as they go on to figure out romance and life. “Hot-Blooded Youth” will hit theaters on January 23. 

Soompi News

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