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[Movie 2014] Blood Boiling Youth 피 끓는 청춘

Go Seung Ji

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[HanCinema's Film Review] "Hot Young Bloods"


It's the eighties in rural Chungcheong. These are violent times- remember that there was a tight-fisted dictatorship going on. If any message is clearly imparted to the teen students here, it's that violence is a good way of letting off youthful energy. That's certainly the opinion of Yeong-Sook, at any rate. Park Bo-yeong infuses the perpetually angry, mean looking young woman with a sense of brimming rage. She's straight up looking for fights to get into. It would be funny if she wasn't so scary-looking.

Yeong-Sook sets her sights on Joong-Gil (played by Lee Jong-suk), a young man who has made it his goal to kiss every girl in the class, and has developed all manner of smooth talking and magic fingers to bring out the aura of Casanova that lies in his soul. What I really loved about the characterization here is that Joong-Gil is not, in fact, that amazingly suave. We consistently see him as a dumb teenager with dumb teenage ideas about romance that work mainly because his targets are teenage girls who are about as clueless about this stuff as he is. Ah, the ignorance of youth, those lucky few blessed enough not to know how dorky they look.

If nothing else "Hot Young Bloods" makes excellent use of its eighties settings. Not just in the corporal militaristic relationship between the school gangs, not just in how the characters learn about the opposite sex from reading magazines, but the music too is brilliant. The soundtrack really sells the film as being from a time period about rage and teen spirit, where social interaction is crude because that's how we do it in the eighties.

Storyline wise this is also clearly a movie about teenagers, in the sense that they're so bad about communicating their feelings it's never totally clear what they want. It takes some time, for example, to establish whether Yeong-Sook actually likes Joong-Gil romantically or is sabotaging him out of spite for being a heartbreaker. The distinction is obvious to her, of course, but we (and Joong-Gil) can't see inside her head. Joong-Gil as well seems to have no idea whether he actually likes a girl or just thinks she's another conquest, and has difficulty figuring out what they want when his smoothness and magic fingers fail him.

The movie's first half is its strongest in terms of replicating this level of kinetic energy. For all their general quirks and failures the characters in "Hot Young Bloods" are very good about being able to take action. Well, for awhile anyway. The second half is a bit slower in parts, as our heroes slow down and start to face genuine danger and fear. The conflict shifts away from general teen insecurities to exisential worries as the characters starts to redefine themselves completely in that ever elusive search for adulthood.

It's boring compared to the antics up until that point. But luckily "Hot Young Bloods" is still able to deliver on a powerful climax in an impossible situation that, yes, only a teenager with the boiling fury of youth could possibly to crazy enough to try and fight out of it. This movie is filled with fun good stuff- it's a heavy dose of action and comedy rolled up in a story about growing up in the days before the Internet.

Review by William Schwartz


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4 Big Releases March Into Theaters for Korean New YearKorean Winter's Big FourBy SONG Soon-jin

As one of the two main holidays of the year along with the Korean Thanksgiving ‘Chuseok,’ the Korean Lunar New Year holiday is one the most lucrative times for theaters. Last year’s box office hits raked in a whopping 12.8 million admissions for Miracle in Cell No. 7, and seven million for The Berlin File, driving the local film industry into a wave of excitement. Looking at this year, a line-up of Korean films aiming for families who will spend the four-day holiday together are ready to rock theaters. Consisting of diverse genres and themes as well as a distinct local flavor, it will be quite interesting to see which film will have the last laugh. We drew up a list of four New Year’s titles from the major Korean distributors: CJ, Lotte, Showbox and NEW. Big 1, Hot Young Bloods (literal translation)Release Date January 23rd, 2014 | Genre Comedy, Drama | Director LEE Yeon-woo | Starring PARK Bo-young, LEE Jong-suk, KIM Young-kwang

Hot Young Bloods is a teen romantic comedy with a special premise. Filmmaker LEE Yeon-woo’s directorial touch displayed in his 2009 film Running Turtle shines once again in this new film. Running Turtle, which told the story of a country detective who sleuthes around to capture a notorious escaped convict, received public acclaim by incorporating the slow ‘Choongchung’ dialect-ridden dialogue and a realistic, survival-oriented character into the crime comedy genre. This time, the director brings along the comic elements of his previous film to create this high school comedy once again based in the ‘Choongchung’ province.
The year is 1982. Young-sook, played by PARK Bo-young, a notorious female high school gang member in the Choongchung province, falls head over heels in love with local heartthrob and Casanova Joong-gil, played by LEE Jong-suk. Young-sook’s devotion to Joong-gil never wavers despite the persistent courtship of the neighborhood’s top fighter Gwang-shik’s (played by KIM Young-kwang), that is until she meets her match: the innocent-looking transfer student from Seoul, played by LEE Se-young, who captures Joong-gil’s heart. 
Hot Young Bloods boasts a star cast featuring PARK Bo-young of Scandal Makers (2008) and A Werewolf Boy (2012), which each attracted 8.2 million and 6.65 million admissions respectively, and LEE Jong-suk from As One (2012), The Face Reader (2013) and No Breathing (2013). With a cast targeted for teens to twenties along with its retro style and local flavor, the film hopes to appeal to various age groups. Distributed by Lotte Entertainment, Hot Young Bloods was pre-sold to Hong Kong ahead of its Korean theatrical release.
Full article: koreanfilm.or.kr

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class="entry-title" style="font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; font-weight: normal; line-height: 1.375; font-size: 2.4em; margin: 0px 0px 20px; padding: 0px; border: 0px; vertical-align: baseline; font-family: 'Lucida Grande', 'Lucida Sans Unicode', Helvetica, Arial, Verdana, sans-serif; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"New Lee Jong-suk Film Pre-Sold to 3 Countries0

Popular actor Lee Jong-suk’s new film “Hot Young Bloods” has been pre-sold to three countries, its distributor said on Wednesday.

The film, released in Korea today, was sold to Hong Kong at the American Film Market last November, and recently sold to Singapore and Malaysia as well, a press release by Lotte Entertainment announced.

An official with Deltamac, set to distribute the film in Hong Kong and previously also the distributor for Lee’s last film “No Breathing,” was quoted as saying, “We’re looking forward to ‘Hot Young Bloods’ succeeding in Hong Kong because we’ve seen the potential Lee has as the hottest rising star.”

Lee has been popular throughout Asia for his roles in a number of projects including KBS’s “School 2013” and SBS’s “I Can Hear Your Voice.”

Actress Park Bo-young of box office hit ““A Werewolf Boy” will also star in the movie revolving around the romance and memories of high school students in 1982.

Reporter. Jessica Kim

Courtesy of Lotte Entertainment

<ⓒ Korea Entertainment Media Co., LTD. (www.tenasia.com) All rights reserved.>


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Congrats!!!!!!!!!! :D

"Hot Young Bloods" reaches second place


According to the Korean Films Commission, "Hot Young Bloods" rounded up a total of 156,864 audiences in 555 cinemas on the first day of release on the 22nd.

"Miss Granny" and "When A Man Loves A Woman" were also released on the same day but couldn't defeat "Hot Young Bloods".

This movie ranked first place in ticket sales even before its release and foresaw this result. "Hot Young Bloods" is a youth romance drama about a legend that shook up Choongcheong-do in 1982. Starring a female gangster, a legendary Casanova and Seoul transfer student, Lee Jong-suk and Park Bo-yeongco-starred the movie. The movie has also been pre-sold to Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia.

"Miss Granny" gathered 142, 604 people in third place and "When A Man Loves A Woman" came in fourth with 98,542.

Meanwhile, the first place was taken by the animation "Frozen" with an accumulated number of more than 1.7 million audiences.

Source : www.osen.co.kr/articl...


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Park Bo Young – Boiling Youth (피끓는 청춘) Boiling Youth OST

I couldn’t wake up from this sad dreamAnd I’ve been wandering all this timeI thought I’d never love againI deceived myself like that
In a corner of my heartThe painful memories of the past still remainSo my growing feelings for youI tried to hide them like a fool
I tried to ignore it and close my eyesBut the more I did that, the clearer you gotNo matter how much I shook my headMy heart keeps calling your name
For a long time, in my heartWords that I deeply hid inside and couldn’t sayI’ll say it to you nowThe one person in my heart, the one and only you, I love you
Even after the struggles barely passedThe longing still lingers and won’t leaveI just can’t hide my feelings for you anymore
I tried to ignore it and close my eyesBut the more I did that, the clearer you gotNo matter how much I shook my headMy heart keeps calling your name
For a long time, in my heartWords that I deeply hid inside and couldn’t sayI’ll say it to you nowThe one person in my heart, the one and only you, I love you
Words I swallowed like my cries and held deep in my heartWords that I held in for until now
For a long time, in my heartWords that I deeply hid inside and couldn’t sayI’ll say it to you nowThe one person in my heart, the one and only you, I love you

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