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[Movie 2014] The King's Wrath / The Fatal Encounter 역린


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Title: The King's Wrath / The Fatal Encounter (역린)
Romanization: Yeongnin
Genre: Historical
Director: Lee Jae Gyu
Studio: Choice Cut Pictures
Distributed By: Lotte Entertainment
Release Date: April 30th, 2014
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean


King Jeongjo (1752-1800) was the 22nd ruler of the Joseon Dynasty. Nicknamed the "King of Misfortune," he witnessed the death of his father Crown Prince Sado, who was executed by a royal decree ordered by his grandfather, then-King Yeongjo, and was subsequently caught in the midst of fierce party strife between the Noron and Soron factions during his reign. © Wikipedia

  • Jung Jae-young as Gap-soo, an assassin sent to kill the king who goes undercover as a royal bodyguard, but who becomes convinced of Jeongjo's fitness to rule
  • Jo Jung-suk as Eul-soo, another assassin masquerading as a royal bodyguard
  • Park Sung-woong as Hong Guk-yeong, a politician who strongly supports Jeongjo


Hyeon Bin Returns with "The King's Wrath"
Hyun Bin to Act in a Historical Movie as His Comeback Project
Hyun Bin, Excited for Comeback, Shares Thoughts at Press Conference in Singapore
Hyun Bin Makes Acting Comeback in New Period Film
Hyun Bin Set to Appear in New Film
Hyun Bin's Comeback Movie is to be Yeongnin (The King's Wrath)
Hyun Bin Shares about His Military Stint, His Career Choice, and His Overall Appeal
Jo Jung Seok and Jung Jae Young Cast to Hunt Down Hyun Bin
Han Ji Min in Talks to Join Hyun Bin for 'The King's Wrath'
"The King's Wrath" Starring Jo Jeong Suk, Park Seong Woong, and Jeong Eun Chae
Kim Sung Ryung to Play Hyun Bin's Mother in 'The King's Wrath'
Han Ji Min Cast as Hyun Bin's Political Rival
Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min Will Be Enemies in "The King's Wrath"
Hyun Bin Gets Into Character as a King for Upcoming Historical Movie "The King's Wrath"
Heart-Pounding Trailer and Movie Posters for Hyun Bin and Han Ji Min's 'The King's Wrath'
Hyun Bin's New Movie 'The King's Wrath' to Premiere in April
Hyun Bin's Historical Comeback Premieres April 30
[Movie Behind] From Ryoo Seung Yong to Hyun Bin, Screen Predictions for April
Hyeon Bin Presents Jumpers to 'The King's Wrath' Staff
Han Ji Min to Play the Villainous Queen Jeongsun in "The Fatal Encounter"
Deciphering the Meaning Behind Hyun Bin's New Movie Title "The Fatal Encounter"
Hyun Bin Coming Back with a New Film Called "Yeok Lin"
Movie "The King's Wrath" Slowly Unveils, Releases Main Poster and Teaser Video
"The Fatal Encounter" Scores Biggest Korean Opening of 2014
Baek Ji Young Releases Music Video "Fervor" Featuring Scenes from Hyun Bin's "The Fatal Encounter"
Review" The Beauty of "The Fatal Encounter" is Only Skin Deep
[Giveaway] Win Special Screening Tickets to Hyun Bin's "The Fatal Encounter" in Chicago, Toronto
"The Fatal Encounter" Draws 3 Million Viewers
Kim Sung Ryeong Okayed Her Role in "The Fatal Encounter" Partly for Hyun Bin
She Would Have Dated Lee Min Ho and Married Hyun Bin But Instead Played Their K-Drama Moms
Hyun Bin Upset by Audience Reactions to His Movie
Review: "The Fatal Encounter": One Friend to Kill the King, One to Save the King
New Still Cuts from "The King's Wrath" Were Released
Hyun Bin Recalls Fitness Regime Fit for a King for Latest Flick
Hyun Bin Shows Interest in Making More Movies and Dramas
"The Fatal Encounter," The Girl Jeongjo Falls for is Kyeon Miri's Daughter




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Hyun Bin to Act in a Historical Movie as His Comeback Project

Hyun Bin has finally decided on his comeback project!

He’s been carefully looking over various scripts since his discharge from the army, and he has chosen a historical movie for his comeback. His label revealed, “Hyun Bin has been cast as the lead character Jung Jo in the movie ‘King’s Wrath‘.” This will be Hyun Bin’s first ever role in a historical drama.

The movie is set during the Chosun Dynasty, and he’ll be playing Jung Jo, the ‘unfortunate king’. Jung Jo witnesses his father’s death after orders by his grandfather, and it tells the story of Jung Jo fighting to keep his right to rule as king. The movie is slated to be released in early 2014.

Credits: AllKpop

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Hyun Bin, Excited For Comeback, Shares Thoughts at Press Conference in Singapore


Actor Hyun Bin returned from his military duty back in December of '12 but hasn't released any news on his next acting move until now. Fans of the insanely popular star have been counting down the days for the "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" and “Secret Garden” star to make a return to the big screen and it looks like the superstar is finally gearing up to make his long-awaited cinematic comeback.

In his return, via the silver screen, Hyun Bin will be collaborating with director Lee Jae Gyu on his first directorial film debut called "King's Wrath."  The film takes place during the Chosun dynasty era where Hyun Bun will play the role of King Jungjo. "King's Wrath" is the first sagaeuk film Hyun Bin has ever taken on, and I'm sure it won't be his last.

Hyun Bin recently held a press conference in Singapore where he opened up about his unexpected success with "Secret Garden," how he fell in love with acting, and what he would do if he wasn't an actor.

KpopStarz was fortunate to be part of the press conference and is bringing you some of Hyun Bin’s thoughts during the session. 

Check out some translated snippets below:

On the similarities and differences between himself and the "Secret Garden" character:

Hyun Bin: I am not that insensitive or selfish like the character in "Secret Garden". Like in terms of probably relationship with other people, (like the character) I tend to care for the one I love.

On wanting to become an actor:

Hyun Bin: I took up the dream of acting when I studied theatre in my high school and that's when I started having the dream of being an actor. And that's when I went on to study acting in my uni and that's how it started.

On what he would do if he wasn't a superstar:

Hyun Bin: Before I took on the dream to be an actor, I honestly wanted to go to the police university. So I would probably be a policeman...

On the most difficult scene he's ever done:

Hyun Bin: There was this movie called "I'm Happy," which I think I was involved in, in 2007 or 2008. In terms of understanding the character, I reflected a lot on myself, and it took a lot of time thinking about the movie and the character; it was definitely the most difficult role for me to play.

In the same press conference, Hyun Bin has hinted on his final selection for his comeback film.  He says, “I think you will be seeing me soon. This character will probably involve me having two characters, something like bipolar.” In a much later instance during the press conference in Singapore, he revealed that the choice was narrowed down to this particular character.

Looks like Hyun Bin is up for a challenge in his next project. As reported, his next movie is set to premiere in early 2014. You can catch the Hallyu star making his rounds on his "First Asia Fan Meeting Tour."

Writer: Ellie L | Reporter: Ong Melin

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Hyun Bin Makes Acting Comeback In New Period Film

Hyun Bin is making his acting comeback with the new film "King's Wrath." The period drama will be directed by Lee Jae Gyu and is Hyun Bin's first period film.

The "Secret Garden" actor has been serving his military duty in South Korea forcing him to place his acting career on hold. Hyun Bin was discharged in December 2012 and fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for his acting comeback.

Dramafever.com says, "Hyun Bin has been cast to play King Jeongjo, the 22nd ruler of the Joseon dynasty who has the misfortune of watching his father die by his grandfather's orders. The synopsis reveals that the story follows King Jeongjo's efforts to protect his power from the conflict of Noron and Soron."

Fans of Hyun Bin left comments on various websites exclaiming their excitement at his return.

Username Teryn says, "Yay! I feel like it's been so long."

"Nice! It would be awesome if Ha Ji Won was the main female lead, but that would be asking too much," posted username Aznjen96.

KdramaAddict writes, "So looking forward to see him in a period drama."

"That man, I've missed him like crazy," says RockPaperScissors.

The "King's Wrath" is scheduled for release in 2014.

Credits: KpopStarz

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Hyun Bin Set to Appear in New Film


Hyun Bin will return to the big screen in his first work since completing military service as a naval officer in December.

The star of TV dramas “My Name is Kim Sam-soon” and “Secret Garden” has chosen to play King Jeongjo (1752-1800) of the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).

In the movie tentatively named “Rage of the King,” Hyun will express the struggles King Jeongjo faced during fierce party strife in the nation.

“As Hyun chose this piece as his first comeback project, and it is a period film, it is expected that he will further expand his acting career in the future,” the movie production company said yesterday in a release.

Director Lee Jae-kyu of TV drama “The King 2 Hearts,” “Beethoven Virus” and “The Legendary Police Woman” will make his theater debut with this upcoming film.

The movie is scheduled to be released in local theaters in the first half of next year.

Fans are eagerly awaiting the star’s comeback after his time out of the spotlight.

By Lee Sun-Min

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Hyun Bin’s Comeback Movie is to be Yeongnin (The King’s Wrath)


 Actor Hyun Bin has chosen The King’s Wrath (directed by Lee Jae Gyu, Choicecut Pictures) as his first movie after being discharged from the military.

Yeongnin (The King’s Wrath) is a historical drama dealing with the period of political chaos during the conflict between the Old Learning (Noron) and the Young Learning (Soron) in the Joseon Dynasty.

There have been many TV series and movies dealing with the life of King Jeongjo. However, Hyun Bin is going to differentiate his character from the earlier portrayals, giving it a tough and charismatic personality. The movie is highly anticipated because it is the first time for Hyun Bin to attempt acting in a period piece.

The meaning of title, Yeongnin, implies “rubbing the scales on the dragon’s neck the wrong way,” which stands for the king’s wrath. It implicitly shows Jeonjo’s determination not to allow his royal authority to be undermined in the conflict between the  and the Young Learning.

The director, Lee Jae Gye, who directed such TV series as Damo, Beethoven Virus, and The King Two hearts, is making his debut as a movie director.

Credits: EnKorea

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@ebulli3nt: wow thanks for starting this thread...so excited for HB's new movie...God,i.soooo missed seeing him onscreen.glsd hes chosen a movie as his comeback,historical one at that.interesting storyline..i wonder who the female lead is going to be...looking forward to more updates... :x

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Guest satisfaction!

yayy our binnie is finally back <3 cant wait to see him in this movie. probably will be epic :)

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(x)clusive!: Hyun Bin Shares about His Military Stint, His Career Choice and His Overall Appeal


In Singapore two weeks ago as part of his first Asia Fan Meet Tour, Hyun Bin met fans at an open press conference in Bugis+ shopping mall. This is not the actor’s first time in Singapore as he previously filmed part of the Korean drama ‘The World They Live In’ here.

Life In Military – Like any other solider

Having been released from military duty just last year, questions about his military service were aplenty. When asked if he has ever been approached by other soldiers for autographs and photos, he maintained that his superiors were given strict orders to treat him like any other soldier and he is very thankful for that. However, as a consequence of his military stint, he has received feedback from photographers that his eyes are too intense and he looks too fierce during photoshoots. His body has been conditioned to be in that state for the past two years and he hopes his body will adjust itself soon.

Why do people love Hyunbin?

Ask him about his appeal and his cheeky reply is, “I don’t know… What do you all like about me?” Ask him to act cute and he gives a pained expression as he explains how he has received requests to show a different side of him for fans and has tried to learn things like ‘Gwiyomi Player’  but he does not think it suits him. However, he still acceded to the host’s request to do a victory pose, exciting the fans.


About Secret Garden and Love

Many of the questions asked during the press conference were related to his role as Kim Joo Won in Secret Garden, where he plays a rich heir with selective amnesia. Comparing himself to his character in the drama, he said that they are similar in that both of them care a lot about their loved ones but he said that he is not as insensitive and selfish as his character in the drama.

On the topic of love, Hyun Bin does not believe in grand romantic gestures and has never done a huge event for anyone before. Instead, he takes note of the things that his loved one is interested in and will gift that to the person during special occasions.

Hyun Bin the Policeman? – Career choices, challenges and perfectionism

Acting was not Hyun Bin’s first career choice. His initial plan was to go to the Police Academy and become a policeman. However, he participated in a theatrical play in high school which was how his interest began and he decided to further his studies in order to become an actor.

His most challenging role to date was his role in the movie ‘I’m Happy’ where he found a lot of difficulties understanding his character and hence spent a lot of time just trying to comprehend his character in order to portray him accurately. For his next role, he hopes to portray a character with a dual-personality. He also hopes to act with someone he has not previously worked with. As for doing production work such as directing, Hyun Bin has no plans yet to explore that career path because he is currently an actor and he wants to focus himself wholeheartedly on his job.

Known to be a perfectionist, Hyun Bin rates himself only a 30% and said he is working hard on the other 70%. Catch Hyun Bin in his next film, ‘The King’s Wrath’ which begins filming this August.

Much thanks to FaithND Entertainment for extending the event invite to (x)clusive.

Credits: (x)clusive.sg

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Jo Jung-Seok and Jung Jae-Young Cast to Hunt Down Hyun Bin


Hyun Bin’s army comeback project has finally started casting other people, which is a relief. I know we missed him and all, but my love does not extend to one-man plays. The Joseon-era sageuk is called The King’s Wrath, and stars Hyun Bin as King Jeong-jo, at the height of political discord during his reign in the late 18th century. Hot-streak star Jo Jung-seok (You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin) and go-to movie badass Jung Jae-young (I Am a Murderer) have joined the cast as a pair of assassins sent to kill the king.

It sounds like more of an action thriller than I was expecting, which is just fine by me. I’d rather see the king fight off assassins than give good speeches, though I fully expect some of those as well. Jung Jae-young plays a killer who goes undercover in the palace in order to get close to the king, but when he gets to know him, Jeong-jo actually inspires him so much that he starts to waver in his mission. That’s a really interesting conflict, and I already love the potential assassin-turned-loyal-soldier bromantic explosion waiting to happen.

It’s not a surprising turn, given that this is PD Lee Jae-kyu’s big screen debut, he of The King 2 Hearts’ heartwarming and soul-tugging king-and-soldier friendship (between Lee Seung-gi and Jo Jung-seok). I’m excited about his first film, and now more so because of the setup. Jo Jung-seok will be reuniting with the director, but this time he’ll be playing the other assassin — the badass mofo who’s trained for nothing but killing. But… look at that face. Is that the face of a killer?

So with one assassin’s loyalty wavering and another sent in Terminator-style, the king will have to decide whom to trust. Jung Eun-chae (Nobody’s Daughter Hae-woo) has also signed on to play an assassin’s first love. We don’t know which one, and I kind of hope it stays a mystery, if the romance has anything to do with the king’s survival.

The King’s Wrath starts shooting in August for a 2014 release.


Via Sports Hankook, Star News

Translation: DramaBeans

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class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 24px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Han Ji Min in talks to join Hyun Bin for ‘The King’s Wrath’

class="headline" style="margin: 0px 0px 10px; padding: 0px; font-size: 24px; line-height: 1.21em; font-family: arial, helvetica, clean, sans-serif; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"KpopFighting.comBy Korea Star Daily | KpopFighting.com


Actress Han Ji Min is a possibility for upcoming South Korean film ‘The King’s Wrath’.

A spokesperson for the film said, “We have extended an invitation to Han Ji Min to join our production, but she hasn’t confirm her participation as yet.”

‘The King’s Wrath’ is a film revolving a group of people that wants to assassinate King Jeongjo, and another group of people that would willingly die to protect him. The film marks the first comeback piece for Hyun Bin since his discharge from the military. Others who have confirmed their participation include Jung Jae Young and Jo Jung Suk. But the female lead role has yet to be decided and is thus leaving many curious as to who will be filling it.

Another film personnel said, “Han Ji Min is currently filming another film called ‘Plan Man’. She will definitely be able to join ‘The King’s Wrath’ if she is able to adjust her schedules. But she has yet to make a decision regarding ‘The King’s Wrath’.”

‘The King’s Wrath’ will mark the film debut of popular director Lee Jae Gyu who was behind hit dramas like ‘Beethoven Virus’, ‘Damo’, and ‘King 2 Hearts’. Filming for ‘The King’s Wrath’ is expected to begin once the rest of the cast members are ironed out.

By: Yoon Hyo Jung


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"The King's Wrath" Starring Jo Jeong-Seok, Park Seong-Woong and Jeong Eun-Chae


Jo Jeong-seok, Park Seong-woong and Jeong Eun-chae have been cast for the movie "The King's Wrath".

"The King's Wrath" is a movie about one who wants to kill, to save and to live.

Hyeon Bin takes on the roles of the king, Jeong Jae-yeong as Gap-soo and now Jo Jeong-seok, Park Seong-woong and Jeong Eun-chae.

Jo Jeong-seok takes on the role of Eul-soo, a killer born and raised. He is one who is assigned with the assassination of Jeong Jo the king.

Park Seong-woong takes on the role of captain Hong Gook-yeong. He is about to put on a totally different image from the movie "A New World".

Jeong Eun-chae takes on the role of Wol-hye, a palace maid who takes care of the king's costume.

Meanwhile, "The King's Wrath" will start filming later this year.

Credits: HanCinema

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Kim Sung Ryung to Play Hyun Bin's Mother in 'The King's Wrath'


Actress Kim Sung Ryung who found herself cast in the spotlight last year with her flawless acting and beauty through SBS TV dramas ‘The Chaser’ and ‘Yawang’, has confirmed her participation in upcoming South Korean movie ‘The King’s Wrath’.

‘The King’s Wrath’ revolves a group of people that wants to assassinate King Jeongjo, and another group of people that would willingly die to protect him. Kim Sung Ryung will be playing the role of Lady Hyegyeong in the movie.

Lady Hyegyeong is the wife of the late Crown Prince Sado, and the mother of Jeongjo (Hyun Bin). She goes through great lengths to push Jeongjo to the throne as king while enduring humiliation and threats, and is a strong motherly figure. This marks a return to the period genre for Kim Sung Ryung after a 3 year hiatus following her small role in 2010 movie ‘The Servant’.

At the same time, Kim Sung Ryung will also be filming for television drama ‘The Heirs’ (scheduled for broadcast in the latter half of 2013) and another movie called ‘Point Blank’. With so many productions lined up on her plate, Kim Sung Ryung is likely to become the most searched actress on the big and small screens in the coming months.

With ‘The King’s Wrath’ being Hyun Bin’s first comeback production since his discharge from the army, it will no doubt be a nice push for Kim Sung Ryung to rise to the top even quicker.

By: Lee Zhao Tam

Copyright @ KpopFighting.com

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Han Ji-min cast as Hyun Bin’s political rivalby girlfriday | August 13, 2013 


We finally have a leading lady for Hyun Bin’s long-awaited army comeback project, The King’s Wrath, where he’ll be playing King Jeongjo of Joseon. Han Ji-min’s name has been circling the casting stories for a little while as a maybe, but it looks like she’s signing on to star. It turns out not to be a romantic pairing though — I just assumed she’d be taking on a queen consort role, and thought it would be a retread of her days in Yi San (where she played King Jeongjo’s concubine Sung Ui-bin opposite Lee Seo-jin). But she’s actually playing an antagonist in the film: she’ll be the queen dowager, his step-grandmother and fierce political rival.

I know what you’re thinking: she don’t look like his grandma. But Queen Jeongsun, wife of Jeongjo’s grandfather King Yeongjo, was only seven years older than her step-grandson. She wielded a lot of power in the turbulent era in which Jeongjo took the throne, and even became the regent in his death; she was known for greatly opposing his political views. It’s nice to see her changing up her image to play the antagonist, especially since she’s already played a consort to the very same king in dramaland.

Han Ji-min will actually be having a movie reunion with her Plan Man co-star Jung Jae-young in this film, where he’s playing one half of an assassin duo sent to kill the king. Jo Jung-seok plays the other assassin, and they even have rhyming names. They go undercover to act as the king’s bodyguards, only in that time Jung Jae-young becomes convinced that Jeongjo is actually a good king, putting him in a royal pickle when it comes time to kill him.

It’ll be the big screen debut for PD Lee Jae-kyu of The King 2 Hearts, Damo, andBeethoven Virus, and the focus of the story will be on the king and the two men whose jobs are both to kill and protect him.

The King’s Wrath starts shooting in September for a 2014 release.

Via DongA

Source: http://www.dramabeans.com/2013/08/han-ji-min-cast-as-hyun-bins-political-rival/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

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by Joan MacDonald  Aug 14, 2013 11:28 AM EDT
class="cb b15" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; font-size: 27px; outline: 0px; line-height: 30px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); clear: both; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Hyun Bin And Han Ji Min Will Be Enemies in "The King's Wrath"

Han Ji Min
Hyun Bin


The upcoming historical film, "The King's Wrath" not only offers Han Ji Min a chance to play Hyun Bin's grandmother. It offers her a chance to play his deadliest political enemy.

Han Ji Min has signed on to be the queen dowager, Queen Jeongun, a role that will place her in direct opposition to Hyun Bin's character King Jeongjo.

Han Ji Min knows her way around that particular Joseon dynasty palace as she previously played Lady Seong, King Jeongjo's concubine, in the drama "Yi San: Wind of the Palace." This time around she will play King Jeongjo's step-grandmother, a woman who is only seven years older than the young king. The real-life Queen Jeongun was a powerful opponent of the king's political views.

Like Us on Facebook  

It will be Han Ji Min's first role in two years since she appeared in the film "Detective K: Secret of the Virtuous Widow." Besides her work in period dramas, she is also known for her roles in "Cain and Abel, "Padam Padam" and the comedy "Rooftop Prince."

King Jeongjo is Hyun Bin's first role since returning from military duty and he is currently studying martial arts and horseback riding for the part. Hyun Bin is well known for his work in the dramas "My Lovely Kim Sam Soon," "Secret Garden" and "Worlds Within."

"The King's Wrath" focuses on the story of the Joseon dynasty ruler and the two men who plot to kill but also protect him. King Jeongjo's rule was threatened by endless political intrigues. His reign began with a dare. His grandfather sentenced his father, the Crown Prince, to death and King Jeongjo's rule began by his reminding everyone that he was that Crown Prince's son. King Jeongjo worked to restore the honor of his father's name. When he named his mother Queen Dowager, because she was widow of the crown prince, this threatened the position held by Queen Jeongun.

Actors Jung Jae Young and Jo Jung Suk will also appear in the film. They play  assassins who plan to kill the king and pretend to be bodyguards to get closer to him. But one of them has a change of heart.

Actress Jung Eun Cha also appears in the movie as the first love of one of the assassins. She is known for her roles in the film "Nobody's Daughter Hae Won" and the drama "My Bittersweet Life."

Lee Jae Kyu, who directed the dramas "The King 2 Hearts," "Damo" and "Beethoven Virus" will direct. It will be his first film. Filming begins in September.


© 2013 KDramaStars.com All right reserved.

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