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Jin Se Yeon 진세연


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I really like this pic 




Does anyone know about whether there will be a press conference for web drama or not? Seem like Seyeon and JIW don't do any promotion for this web drama together? 

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New still of our girl, credited to Jung Il Woo's account.

Hmm... I like the fact that this photo was taken from Il Woo's account. :)

OTP alert right there, folks! ;) :D 

And oh, yes, Yeon bear seem to really get along well with canines. Remember when she was shooting her Japanese - Korean movie "language of love," and as a BTS, she took a photo there with her dog, too? She seems to me like an animal lover.


Anyway, in this photo above, I totally love Jung Il Woo's photo inserted below. LOL. It was like this photo was copyrighted by him, LOL.

:D :D :D 


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