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  1. @raziela, OMG! I can't see them, too. I just saw them now. Holy crap!!!! Wait, lemme re-upload!!! Anyway, only 3 more days before the start of "Item." So freaking excited!!!! LOL. Wish I could post here as often as I want, but life's being such a clingy BF, lmao. I gotta put food on the table. But Se Yeon and her projects are always on my mind, tho. Huhu... I see we all are quite busy right now. Oh, well. So, yeah, it's Jin Se Yeon's birthday on February 15! Wuhoo! I found this on insta. You can vote for her on the link provided at the caption. You can vote 10 times a day. Just refresh the page every time. Also, here's another insta clip of Se Yeon's scenes and interview for "Item:" ANOTHER NOTE: Soompi has more buttons now, just like before! So exciting!!!! Finally, the options are back!!!!!! Way to go, Soompi team!
  2. Before I share the photos for "Item," here are the ones from her Japanese fan meeting event. Check 'em out! https://post-phinf.pstatic.net/MjAxODEwMThfMjQ2/MDAxNTM5ODM5MjY5NDcx.RKgVWDOTyFfH61UODjPgzOX6b9WgKdmCVHDZZnylAbUg._1JiZXofuyquSxL2k_cW2Bi7SJea0h591MZqqZjc7RQg.JPEG/IMG_7830.jpg?type=w1200
  3. Hello, ya'll! Who's excited for Se Yeon's "Item" with Joo Ji Hoon??? I'm making noise over at the "Item" soompi drama thread. Y'all should join me. And there'd be romance as well!!! Hahaha... I never doubted that!!! I'm so hyped!!!!!
  4. So, is there gonna be a connection between Jin Se Yeon and Kim Kang Woo's characters? I know this drama is all about mystery and power and all, but complicated love triangle (or anything romantic, really) would be fascinating. Besides, all action and drama without romance is kinda boring. LOL. But that's just me, of course. Yup! I smell R.O.M.A.N.C.E. And yes, I'm shallow like that. LOL.
  5. Wazzup, ya'll! I've been lurking this thread since day one, and it's only now that I've decided to really get active, 'cause y'know, life is so hectic and all. Hehe.... Anyway, who's excited for this drama? I sure am!!!! First off, my fave Jin Se Yeon is here, and this is her very first ever fantasy tv drama. As for Joo Ji Hoon, this won't be his first. I think his first one was "Mawang." I'm not very sure for Kim Kang Woo, either. I'm just really excited because I have always wished for Jin Se Yeon to reunite with one of her co-stars. I was actually wishing for a rom-com for her, and when I first heard she would be doing this drama, the drama description didn't give me much joy. But after seeing the recent trailers (with all the cool graphics and stuff), oh, you better believe this richard simmons is now on-board! LOL. So, to get started, lemme contribute some photos. Here are the main cast: The posters (HD version):
  6. Hi! You should include Jin Se Yeon's name in the tag as she's been confirmed as the female lead.
  7. OMG! OMG, OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!! I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR SO LONG TO HEAR JIN SE YEON CONFIRM AND NOW THAT IT HAPPENED WHEN I LEAST EXPECTED IT, I AM JUST SHOOKETH!!!!! OMG!!!!! Ok, honestly, at first I'm excited because - hello!!!! Se Yeon-Ji Hoon reunion!!!!! BUT! Your worries/speculations/etc. are making me nervous right now. I hope this drama delivers 'cause like what you said, it seems impossible that a top actor such as Joo Ji Hoon will accept a so-so, pokemon-like drama, as one of you said. LOL. I swear, if Se Yeon's character in here became as stagnant as bottled water I will fvckin' throw a b**** fit! Someone should make the forum now, since both celebs are confirmed already. Anyone?
  8. Me, too! I can already imagine her in the role. Haha... Not to mention that Joo Ji Hoon is also such a hottie, LOL. They'll be such an eye-candy couple. It's so frustrating that we haven't still heard any update about this drama "Item." Like, come on, people! Get moving!!!
  9. And here comes my fave shot of her: I like this shot, but not so much 'cause she looks so thin in here. I mean, gurl, do yah still eat or what? I'm not trying to criticize but as someone in the medical field and as a diehard fan, I'm just concerned. Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5851881483
  10. More Se Yeon goodies: Source: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5851881483
  11. Hello to all!!! Miss me? I hope y'all doing great today. well, it's 9 am here in my place right now. I've been busy but not too busy to check Se Yeon updates, LOL. Anyway, as a contribution, here are the HD photos of Se Yeon from her latest stint. Check them out:
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