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[2012 KBS Sitcom] Shut Up Family (닥치고 패밀리)

Guest weetziebat

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i'm curling because of the overload cuteness in the latest episode...especially the back hug moment..ahhh..i want to have a boyfriend like JH tooooooooo

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GUYYYYSSSSWHY DO BONGJI HAVE TO BE SOOOOO CUTEthey're like oozing with cuteness, love.and i laughed SOOOO much today. the 'misunderstandings' heebong always had,hahahahaha. this show is so good.
thanks to them, the ratings spiked a lot!12.12.25

9.9%wonderful christmas present!


and not to mention those 3 kisses =). with one of them being from hee bonghehehehehe

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I just finished ep 87-89 today... DAE to the BAK!!!!I was practically squealing and giggling like crazy person with the overload cuteness from BongJi couple >.< I swear I love Jiho's straightforwardness toward Heebong. OMG!!!! Who doesnt want someone like him as bf. loving and liking you for the way you are... in his eyes, no matter what, HB is always pretty... KYAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! spazzing so much over this couple  :D
ep89's backhug.... awwwww..... so freaking sweet. the fact that JH also has always want to have skinship with HB too really make that it's not HB that thinking about it one-sidedly kekekeke XDI love this couple so freaking much!!!! I wonder when the other family members found out about their relationship... it must be so funny >.< just seeing how HB's father reaction towards JY and Al, it must much more hilarious when he found out about HB and JH ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 
like I said before, I just love this show as a whole. each and every character really compatible with the others. it really give off the family vibe. :)
닥치고 패밀리 화이팅!!! ^^

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in ep 91,,Makbong's grandma is leaving...
why?why?why?,,can somebody tell me,,,please...when will she back again?
oh nooo,,i dont want her leaving...

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she's leaving to finish up her business with the bad guys.they want an item and she's going to find it for them *sigh * i know right. I miss haelmonee already T_Thope she's OKAY!don't worry , she'll be back, but I don't know when. they have to wrap up her story..somehow. 
I've got to say , i'm anticipating the outcome of her story the most more than any one else [-O<

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Guest serenityx3

You know what I wanna see in a future episode??
Heebong getting jealous over Jiho...cause I believe I haven't seen that ever happen yet!
It'd be cute to see how Jiho deals with a jealous Heebong. :))

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OH MY GOSHLAUGHED TILL i couldn't breathe after watching ep.94 heebong's attempts at 'aegyo' were just too funny.and at the end , ji ho doing it too? these two are too adorable.
01.01.2013ratings (AGB):
what a way to ring in the new year~~~congratulations!!!

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Guest bluemoonlight

Happy New Year Everyone!  <:-P
OMG! I cracked up so much watching yesterday's episode...especially with Heebong's attempts at aegyo...it was hilarious! =))  And Jiho's aegyo at the end was funny too, but it was really cute. I wanna see their BTS for this episode. I'm sure they had a lot of NGs.
edit:Just watched today's ep and it's so cute as well. I think I need to seriously stop watching this, cuz Jiho is like the perfect boyfriend...so sweet, caring, charming, handsome, & the list goes on and on...I'll never find someone like him... :))

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just finished watching ep94. lol at Heebong's attempt at being cute I laugh so much at that part at cringe at the same time... huhuhuhu  =))my best part is when she accidentally hit her own head when doing that aegyo LMAO XD
i love how sweet Jiho wants to make Heebong's feelings better at that bus stand and Jiho's "Aing~" so cute >.< he's so understandable boyfriend ^^ just shows how he really like Heebong awww.... I'm dying in giggling watching them :D and Heebong calling him oppa so naturally after that... Jiho sure love it ^^ 
I also love Dayoon's new year resolution is to be closer to her family :) love her Gyiyeomi's song >.<
-not related to the sitcom but... :)  -

I love that Park Heebon is showing her support tweets for her junior, Girls' Generation comeback ^^ She even left a shout out to Taeyeon in her latest tweet >.< 


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